Episode 180 – Technical Difficulties and True Crime Memorabilia (Murderbilia) with William Harder

Episode #180 – William Harder/True Crime Memorabilia

On today’s show, we spoke with William Harder, the owner and administrator of one of the internet’s most controversial websites, Murder Auction.  Here, users can buy, sell and trade true crime memorabilia.  Do you think this hobby is moral or ethical?  Would you want a sweater belonging to Charles Manson?  A lot of people, including victim’s advocates, say no.  They want to shut sites like this down.  But Mr. Harder gives a few counterarguments and, at the very least, makes you think.  Before the interview, please enjoy about 15 minutes of Bobby and Jason dialoguing directly after Ravenwood Studios suffered a brownout.   Listen here:  http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show180_hour1.mp3

About Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic

Bobby Nelson is a skeptic, writer, and co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio. His personal blog can be found online at www.porkrhine.com At one time, Bobby was what could be called a "true believer" in paranormal phenomenon. Having been an active investigator of the paranormal for 12 years with several different Toledo based teams, he has examined countless claims of activity. But years worth of research and investigation proved to him that the evidence for these claims are generally lacking and, furthermore, the vast majority of so-called scientific paranormal investigators were using improper methodologies which caused them to draw both false and misleading conclusions.
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6 Responses to Episode 180 – Technical Difficulties and True Crime Memorabilia (Murderbilia) with William Harder

  1. SickPeople says:

    Very sick way to make a living. But if there is any justice in the world William Harder will be a victim of his sick hobby !

    • Jason Korbus says:

      Did you even listen to the show? It’s not how he “makes a living.” You might also be interested to know that the federal government and major media outlets trade in true crime memorabilia. At least listen to the show before offering an opinion on what he said.

      PS: Hoping someone becomes a “victim” because you don’t like their “sick hobby” is, in fact, pretty sick.

  2. Skittles35 says:

    If my husbands letters turn up on that site again..Might be time to take a run to California…Due is a sick MF

  3. kevin marchant says:

    Moral advocacy is almost always wrong and usually ends up imposing on another persons rights. A person has a right to collect anything they choose, and my opinion would not be swayed in the event that a person in my family was a victim of a serial or mass murderer.

  4. Ted Tom says:

    Gerry is a fucking leech. Making a living off of someone else’s misery – I don’t care how you shake it. He leeches off of society’s leeches. He has every right to collect it, but to sell it is another thing. He is also known for fabricating memorabilia and is trying to do it right now with a ring he planted in the dirt at Spahn’s Movie Ranch and now telling people it was Charlie Manson’s!

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