Episode 182 – We spend the first hour discussing the not so great Grant Wilson and his announcement to leave Ghost Hunters and then we are joined by Nigel Kerner to talk Grey’s and 2012

Episode #182 – Nigel Kerner

In our first hour’s free talk segment, we talked about the “big announcement” on Ghost Hunters, and how it ended up being what most people expected.  In other words, yes, Grant Wilson announced his departure from the show.  We discussed his legacy in the paranormal, both the good and the bad.  But mostly the bad.  I mean, let’s face it, the guy has been a part of the team who has faked more televised investigations than anyone.  He is also partially responsible for creating this arbitrary system of “rules” for investigating that has led countless number of people to perform really harmful and really inept paranormal investigations.    Listen here:  http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show182_hour1.mp3

In the 2nd hour, we welcomed Nigel Kerner on to the program.  Nigel is a guy with really different ideas about what the year 2012 may mean for mankind.  Don’t worry:  he doesn’t think the End of Days is at hand.  No, he thinks 2012 could signal the coming of transhumanism; the merging of human biology with technology.  That may sound spooky enough to some.  But what about the bad news?  Well, the bad news is, Mr. Kerner thinks this has scary consequences for humanity, including “smart drugs” and artifical implants.  He also speculated that Grey aliens could be sponsoring this whole movement in an effort to hack the technology, thus leading to a harvesting of our souls!   Listen here: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show182_hour2.mp3

About Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic

Bobby Nelson is a skeptic, writer, and co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio. His personal blog can be found online at www.porkrhine.com At one time, Bobby was what could be called a "true believer" in paranormal phenomenon. Having been an active investigator of the paranormal for 12 years with several different Toledo based teams, he has examined countless claims of activity. But years worth of research and investigation proved to him that the evidence for these claims are generally lacking and, furthermore, the vast majority of so-called scientific paranormal investigators were using improper methodologies which caused them to draw both false and misleading conclusions.
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