Episode 201 – We talk about how paranormalists and skeptics can better communicate with each other w/ guest Tiffany Hnatiuk of PRS Radio

Episode #201 – PRS Radio’s Tiffany Hnatiuk

The road to episode #300 began by expressing our thoughts about the times Real Life interferes in both the paranormal world and our leisure time.  While the news is months old, it’s really only recently the paranormal community started talking about Ryan Buell’s cancer diagnosis.  We share our best wishes for Ryan and explain (though it doesn’t need explaining) that our disagreements and criticisms over the years were never personal and wish him only a speedy recovery.

We also get into the recent tragedy in Aurora CO that left a dozen people dead and 50+ more wounded when a gunman opened fire at a premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Sadly, the incident itself as well as the aftermath has turned political.  We also give our thoughts on how the wrong people somehow feel the need to portray themselves as victims in situations like this.

Finally, the somber and political moments were over so we could get down to the fun stuff…making fun of people!  On that note, we again rip into the morons at Ghosts of New England Research Society for the illogical and demonstrably untrue claims made on their website.  Oh, and how could we forget that The Amazing Meeting took place in Las Vegas this past weekend?!?  A claimant took part in a LIVE Million Dollar Challenge Demonstration and…spoiler alert:  failed miserably.

And dare we give a teaser on a new podcast idea we are working on?  You’ll have to listen to learn more.

Listen here:  http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show201_hour1.mp3

In our second hour we spoke to Tiffany Hnatiuk from PRS Radio.  Being that Tiffany is the host of the official radio show and podcast of the Paranormal Research Society, we got her thoughts on what the best evidence for ghosts is and the mistakes people make while investigating.  Then, we got into her thoughts on how skeptics and paranormalists can better communicate with each other.

Bobby was actually on PRS Radio a few weeks back with Tiffany in a discussion about whether skeptics are friends or foes of the average paranormal investigator.  So we definitely delved into that, talked about standards of evidence and generally had a fun time “talking shop” with one another!

Listen at:  http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show201_hour2.mp3


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