Episode 202 – Parapsychology with Loyd Auerbach

Episode #202 – Loyd Auerbach

Since the last time we took the air, both of us have moved to new places.  Bobby to a $200,000 place in a nice neighborhood and Korbus to…a gated community.  Okay, it’s a trailer park.  Fuck you.  But instead of broadcasting from the new studio basement at Bobby’s, we did this show live from his kitchen…all because of an electrical wiring problem in the basement.

Throughout the free-talk hour we spent a little time talking about Korbus’s debate he had over faith and atheism through Twitter and also got into the recent debacle over Chik-Fil-A’s corporate stance against gay marriage.  Of course, we don’t have very kind words for the people who swear they are for equal rights…expect for this thing or that thing that our gay friends would like to participate in.

Listen here:


We then welcomed back to the show Professor Paranormal himself, Loyd Auerbach.  Loyd filled us in on what he has been up to and told us about how his beliefs have or haven’t changed over the years.

We also discussed the experimenter effect in parapsychological research.  But isn’t this and the topic of “psi missing” just a convenient way for parapsychologist’s to excuse themselves when they don’t get the results they like?  And if we don’t understand what PK is or whether it exists, saying that the PK from skeptics or other “negative nelly’s” influences experimental results just begs the question, doesnt it?

Then, we talked about EMF hypersensitivity and how Dr. Roll’s thoughts on that have influenced many.  But why is it so difficult to prove?  Study after study after study shows that people who claim a sensitivity to it can’t seem to detect EM fields above chance.  Yet, many investigators still blame paranormal experiences on it.  Why?

Next we got into the topic of how many investigators react to fakery on an investigation different depending on who the client is.  For instance, in the Enfield and Tina Resch poltergeist cases, the investigators acknowledge there was fakery present, yet still stake their reputation on the idea that true activity also occurred.  But how many would give the same free pass or benefit of the doubt to a client who was an adult you caught faking activity?  Wouldn’t many investigators feel lied to and walk out?

Finally, Loyd gave us a few of his thoughts on the “dumbing down” of paranormal conferences and how the people who go to events with TV stars generally aren’t interested in the paranormal so much as they are in just mingling with people they consider celebrities.  And that, if they were really interested in the paranormal, they would support parapsychological associations.

Listen at: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show202_hour2.mp3 

All in all a fun and informative conversation with one of our favorite guests.  Tune in again next week!

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