Episode 204 – David Fitzgerald speaks about Jesus mythicism

Episode #204 – David Fitzgerald

Welcome back to Strange Frequencies Radio!  Can our stories of dumb ghost hunters and cryptozoologists top last week’s?  Melvin Morse responds to the waterboarding story – what does he say?  And get our take on the JREF calling out Priceline.com for using the “Long Island Medium” Teresa Caputo in a new ad campaign.  All that and more in this week’s “free talk” segment!

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David Fitzgerald, author of “Nailed:  Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All,” joined us today to talk about Jesus mythicism.  If Jesus was so important and performed so many miracles during his lifetime, why was nothing written about him by those who knew him?  Could it be that Jesus was just a myth?  If he WAS real, how might the world be different?  Tough questions are asked and they are answered by Fitzgerald in a fun and engaging discussion on this controversial topic.

Listen at:  http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show204_hour2.mp3


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6 Responses to Episode 204 – David Fitzgerald speaks about Jesus mythicism

  1. This guys book is full of old arguments and has been completely debunked.
    I have have included a couple websites that give a better understanding of all the issues from another perspective.


    • Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      I think you might have a bit of a fallacious argument here, because Fotzgerald never claims these are new ideas and second apologetics have not proven these questions false.  In order for apologetics to work they have to use presuppositions…that in itself tells me they have no argument. 

    • Jason Korbus says:

      I just read part 6 about the “Eyewitnesses.” It concludes:

      “I could easily find a million books in a library today written by authors still alive that don’t mention the wildly famous actor Will Smith…at all, about anything. So should we really assert that because of this, Will Smith doesn’t exist? Of course not. So then why does Fitzgerald make the same kind of argument with Jesus and ancient authors in the first century?”

      What an amazing strawman fallacy! And such an obvious one! That isn’t Fitzgerald’s argument at all. No one expects “millions” of books in modern times to mention Will Smith, but we do have plenty of sources for Will Smith. Interviews he has given, actual copies of film with him on it…but Jesus has NONE of that. Not one single book from a contemporary of Jesus’s time saw fit to mention him. Not one single interview. Nothing. How is this not obvious?

      I’m sorry, but if the RealApologetics site can’t even get Fitzgerald’s actual argument right, and stoops to attacking a strawman, why should I take anything else they might say about his book seriously?

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  3. Many of the individuals traveling with Jesus wrote about him but many of those writings were collected by the Roman Catholic church and never included in the bible (some later scrolls were)but all treated as religious relics. Most individuals Jesus visited were poor and back then did not have the means or reason to write. Jesus often visited the children and the wretched and sick….those with nothing but the clothes on their backs at times and more important things like struggling to survive and make ends meet when it was hard to do so. A straw man approach is simply that…no proof. In addition anything to do with Jesus was at the time and years to come most likely destroyed or stricken from records in Jerusalem and the surrounding area by the Jewish priests, the very ones who placed him in the hands of the Romans to be crucified because he challenged their hold on the people.

    • Jason Korbus says:

      You call this a straw man approach and complain about lack of proof offered. Where would your proof be? You’ve explained that there were writings, but they were stolen, other writings that were destroyed, and still more accounts from people who weren’t able to write. So, no evidence whatsoever from you. Just conjecture.

      Jesus may or may not have existed. I have no idea. I really don’t even care one way or another. But if the best that you can offer is faith, and recapping Bible stories, your argument is already meaningless.

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