SFR 270: Eve Siebert on the Shakespeare Authorship Question

–How we spent our Christmas vacation
–Edward Snowden declares “mission accomplished,” and shares a Christmas message about the importance of privacy, just before federal judge says NSA collecting phone records, etc. is constitutional.
–Phil Robertson, recently reinstated by A&E, goes all-in on his anti-gay comments, recently calling homosexual behavior “sexually Eve-Siebertimmoral,” the “number one sin,” and the source of “debilitating illness.”  Seems like a great guy.
–Uganda passes “anti-Homosexuality bill” into law, thus threatening lengthy prison sentences for “repeat offenders,” doctors who treat gay people, and those who fail to report homosexual activity, among others.
–In what Dr. Steve Novella calls the “trifecta of pseudoscience,” Dr. Oz asks Dr. Amen to demonstrate, on television, that the Long Island Medium is legitimate by using poorly validated testing procedures.

In Hour 2 we spoke with Eve Siebert about the Shakespeare authorship debate, and got her take on why the truth is that Shakespeare did, indeed, write Shakespeare.

Stay tuned after the conversation when all hell breaks loose, and we’re joined briefly by an Oxfordian that issues a rebuttal.

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1 Response to SFR 270: Eve Siebert on the Shakespeare Authorship Question

  1. Sakon says:

    I recall seieng the RSC videos at the BFI somes years ago, and they are still very impressive. However, this series sat between two other major productions.The BBC’s AGE OF KINGS, which gave me my first taste of the Henries, with a terrific cast including Paul Daneman as Gloucester/Richard III.And later, there was the magnificent English Shakespeare Company Henries and Wars of the Roses to complete the cycle. This was also recorded and I was delighted to present the series for the Friends of Shakspeare’s Globe, ending with a Q&A with Michael Bogdanov.

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