SFR 279: Dr. Todd Disotell Talks “Bigfoot Bounty” and More

Harold Ramis – writer, director, star of many movies, including “Ghostbusters,” passes away.  We pay tribute with love and appreciation, and discuss the future of Ghostbusters 3.
–UFO nut Stan Romanek, fresh off his arrest for possession of child porn, now says he was violently attacked on the way to his mailbox.
–A man who was pronounced dead “comes back to life” in the embalming room, rightly freaking everyone the f#@k out.
–A crystal ball left in the sun sparks fire at couple’s home.  You don’t have to be a psychic to see that is dangerous.
td0Mormons declare war on masturbation.  No, seriously.  They are actively enouraging friends to not let friends masturbate, and giving tips on how to avoid accidentally masturbating in your sleep.  Or something.
–The Zodiac Killer case is back in the news.  Two men say that their friend confessed to being the infamous serial killer, and some are intrigued.  We’ll explain why we are staying skeptical for now.
–POST-INTERVIEW We break down Sunday night’s Academy Award telecast, giving our picks for the big awards and guessing who we think will win instead.

In Hour 2, we spoke with anthropologist and NYU professor Dr. Todd Disotell about cryptozoology and his time on Spike TV’s “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.”  Should scientists appear in cryptozoology shows?  What would it really be like to discover Bigfoot?  How can cryptozoological expeditions be more scientific?  These questions and more are answered by Dr. Disotell in this very interesting discussion.

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