SFR 304: Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic

**We had some technical difficulties on this show, which will result in some audio imperfections in the first hour.  Stick with it.  It DOES get better.**
–Ebola has hit the United States and people are freaking out.  Best we can tell, we are on the verge of an oubreak and it’s all Obama’s fault.  AAAHHHH!!
Police officer shot and killed outside Philadelphia during, of all things, a gun safety class. languagemythsGuess it just goes to show that, no matter how well-trained you are, one mistake can cost someone their life.
–Duggar daughter, in a stunning display of ignorance and illogic, manages to link the Holocaust with evolution and abortion.
–Breaking down the previews for the upcoming Ouija movie
–Bobby’s article on the history of the Ouija board and spirit communication is featured on the James Randi Educational Foundation’s “Swift” blog.

In hour 2, we spoke to linguist and skeptic Karen Stollznow about her newest book, “Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic.” Surprisingly to some, many issues involving society and pop culture have a relevance to linguistics. We touch on a range of issues, from Foreign Accent Syndrome to Bigfoot language, in a fun and very interesting discussion.

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