SFR 324: Haunted By Stupidity

–Bobby baby update:  there is no baby yet.
–With Friday the 13th being this past weekend, we talk about how we celebrated by reminiscing about the Friday the 13th game for Nintendo, as well as watching our favorite Friday the 13th movies at home.
–While many of us can agree that the racist ditty sung by the Oklahoma frat was stupid, some are conflicted over the idea that their expulsion may well be a violation of their First Amendment rights.
–Rescuers hear a mysterious voice calling for help from an overturned car in the water, but find the only adult who would have been able to say anything dead inside. What could possibly explain this event that paranormalists are considering proof of the paranormal, guardian angels, etc?
wolfpig–Over the last week we have seen a video of toddler falling down that parents are blaming on ghosts, as well as a picture of a family swimming that they believe shows a demonic child in the water with them.
–Recommendations:  With Easter fast approaching, and more nonsensical religious specials to come, Jason recommends Joe Nickell’s book, “Inquest on the Shroud of Turin” for a more balanced skeptical view of this particular religious relic.
–The devious Akron Pooper remains at large, despite recently being photographed in the act of poopitrating his unique brand of crime.
–Zak Bagans has purchased a cauldron said to have belonged to Ed Gein. He intends to use his “expertise” to “help the spirits” attached to it.
–Sony intends to franchise the Ghostbusters project, with even more upcoming films, television series, and merchandise involved. Not unlike Star Wars, really.
–Barry Sonnenfeld has signed on to direct a feature film about Project Alpha, the infamous hoax involving James Randi and two young magicians, which fooled a scientific laboratory into believing they had genuine psychic abilities.

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About Jason Korbus

Friend, family member, possible werewolf. I co-host Strange Frequencies Radio, blog at Confidential Korbus, and generally walk among the weird. When I'm not doing busywork, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, my eyes glued to a glowing screen, or my ears tuned to The Ramones.
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