SFR 376: The End of the Beginning

–This is our last regular live broadcast.  No, the show isn’t ending, it will just be available as a podcast only.  However, it is likely we will still do an occasional live special when time and opportunity permits.  In other words, you haven’t heard the last of us!
–The largest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred early this morning, when a radical Islamist who had pledged allegiance to ISIS opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando.
–Shockingly, Ghost Hunters star Jason Hawes announces that the upcoming season will be their last on SyFy. What do we expect will happen from here?
Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman in history to become the likely nominee of her party for the office of President of the United States. We think that’s pretty cool. She will face off against Donald Trump in the general election, and boy are we in for a crazy ride.
3306_05–Stanford rapist Brock Turner receives a light sentence, as the judge feels a longer prison sentence would “have a severe impact on him.” There is no end to how pissed off we are about this.
–New horror flick, “The Conjuring 2” digs up the story of the Enfield poltergeist. The true events, of course, are surely much more banal (and predictable) than they will appear in the film.
–RECOMMENDATION: Jason recommends “The Fear of 13,” a documentary now streaming on Netflix about the life and imprisonment of former death row inmate Nick Yarris.  He also gives a “heads up” about an Investigation Discovery channel special on the Adnan Syed case.
–We end our last regular live broadcast with a few closing thoughts, and touch on some issues listeners asked us to speak about today. Strange Frequencies Radio will be off next week, but will return Sunday, June 26th in podcast form.



About Jason Korbus

Friend, family member, possible werewolf. I co-host Strange Frequencies Radio, blog at Confidential Korbus, and generally walk among the weird. When I'm not doing busywork, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, my eyes glued to a glowing screen, or my ears tuned to The Ramones.
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2 Responses to SFR 376: The End of the Beginning

  1. Slim says:

    First woman running for president was Victoria Woodhull in 1872, with Frederick Douglass as VP. She was an incredible woman- a suffragette (in)famous for her protests for equal rights for all sexes and races. She got no votes from the electoral college, but she may have gotten a good chunk of the popular vote. Fun fact, though- she made a fortune as a traveling spiritualist! Not so fun fact- she was also in support of eugenics, including forced sterilization of those deemed unfit to breed. I’m all for people personally deciding not to pass their shitty genes on, but forced sterilization of the “unfit” is literally genocide.

    As for Clinton, my concern outweighs anything else. I want the right candidate, not a token candidate.

  2. I was glad you covered the Orlando shooting and then a little disappointed that so much information is coming out since you recorded this and will be be away a week before you can hopefully talk about it some more. It’s something that affected me more than most things in the news and your back and forth helps me be clearer with my thoughts on some subjects more than I realized!

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