SFR 432: Axe Murder Mania | Guests: Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James

–Many feel that Trump’s policy proposals are ridiculous at best, and even harmful. Well, one group of witches is trying to do something about it by casting “binding spells” on the president.
–A “Mad Pooper” in Colorado Springs is dropping deuces all over the place during her jogs. It reminds us of another couple “pooper” cases that have plagued communities over the past few years. This calls for an SFR investigation!
–RECOMMENDATIONS: Bobby has taken to the study of Stoicism as of late, and as such, recommends Massimo Pigliucci’s latest book, “How to be a Stoic.” Jason, ever the true crime nerd, asks people to check out a Netflix documentary series called “The Confession Tapes” about people sent to prison based on, at least in part, questionable confessions.
jamesbook–A Texas State Rep. facing corruption charges, Dawnna Dukes, also reportedly sought psychic assistance online to the tune of 51k. Of course, by the look of the other accusations, that may be about the least of her problems.
–POST-INTERVIEW: Bobby talks about his experience at Cedar Point on Saturday for their Halloweekend festivities, and he and his wife get the ever-loving shit scared out of them.

In the 2nd hour of the program, we are joined by Bill James, and his daughter, Rachel McCarthy James. We discuss their new book, The Man From the Train, which purports to solve the Villasca Axe Murders case of 1912, pinning it as one of a series of related serial killings that happened across the country. Does Bill’s revolutionary take on baseball statistics play any role in crime investigation? What do the unique circumstances of the crimes say about the person who might have committed them? All this and more in today’s fascinating interview.



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