SFR 470: Werewolf October

–It’s the first show of Werewolf October!
–We asked our audience what they wanted to hear on Strange Frequencies Radio, and the results were clear. People want the woo! Well, more woo they shall get. Both today, and throughout the coming weeks culminating in our 10 year anniversary show coming at the end of November.
–Bobby’s dad saw an “alien big cat” at Swan Creek Metropark, sometime over twenty years ago. Bobby calls him up, and we hear the tale firsthand. Jason can hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of paranormal portals.
–The original Cottingley Fairies photos are going up for auction, and we both wish we owned them. Here’s to hoping they are purchased by a skeptical researcher, or perhaps donated as a gift to a couple of very appreciative podcast hosts.


photo credit: Michael Adamek

–We dig through a new Pew Research study about New Age beliefs, and how both the religiously affiliated and unaffiliated tend to hold a belief in at least one.
–What kind of “super power” would you like to have? Jason seems to remember Bobby discussing this very thing on the show not long ago. We also discuss what kind of animal we would like to be, and Jason realizes he’s already a cat.
–Bobby delves into his very unique Beatles theory, explaining how the band was actually from the future, and that we wrote the songs. You know what, just listen for yourself, because it’s wild.
–Is Paul really dead?
–Night of the Living Dead premiered 50 years ago this week, and we talk about our favorite movie in the “Dead” franchise.
–Since it’s Werewolf October, we discuss some of ours and the “Freqs” favorite werewolf movies. Jason and Bobby, of course, agree on Silver Bullet.
–Bobby says there is hope of Toys R Us coming back. Could this be true? Kinda sorta maybe.
–Bobby recently learned that Faces of Death was mostly fake, and talks about an interview he heard with the director.
–At a recent rally, Trump mocks the foggy memory of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford.
–Does Trump owe a lot of money to the IRS?
–Is Democratic enthusiasm waning? The Kavanaugh topic is charging up the base in different ways. Bobby thinks Kavanaugh comes across as too partisan by taking digs at Democrats. Jason brings up an anti-Trump quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to make the point that partisanship swings both ways.



About Jason Korbus

Friend, family member, possible werewolf. I co-host Strange Frequencies Radio, blog at Confidential Korbus, and generally walk among the weird. When I'm not doing busywork, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, my eyes glued to a glowing screen, or my ears tuned to The Ramones.
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