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  1. Matei Stanca says:

    Hey, do you guys have an RSS feed that I can use to download the show as a single episode? When I try to plug into Winamp, it’ll only download the first hour by the looks of it. Thanks!

    P.S. Just discovered your show because of the whole Denver insect debacle. Awesome so far.

  2. Osric Hitt says:

    Hello, Bobby and Jason. I first want to say that I’m a very big fan Of the show. I listen to new episodes regularly and have you saved in my podcasting app to auto download every week so that I don’t forget. I especially liked the recent episode about the debate between Sam Harris and Cenk Uyger (hope I’m spelling that right) it really helped me tosspare through Sam Harris’ position which I have to admit I have in the past perceived to be narrow minded.

    But today I’m writing you about another matter. I recently began hosting a podcast of my own and it has yet to enjoy any serious success in listenership. I currently have about 60 regular viewers but I’m desperate to expand that number. I’m curious any advice you can give me to help expand my audience. The show is called Tuesday Night The Basement and you can find it at Soundcloud or Facebook.

    I know that you get alot of messages like this one and so I will end it here. But I’d like to let you know thag I take this endeavor seriously and any corrective criticism or advice will be taken to heart and utilized.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for the show.


    • Jason Korbus says:

      Hey Oz!

      First, thanks for the kind words. We really appreciate you listening to the show, and are glad you dropped us a line.

      We started SFR nearly 6 years ago now, and it took us some time to develop any kind of traction as far as gaining an audience goes as well. The most important things you can do from a personal standpoint is to stay passionate, have fun, and keep plugging away. When we first started, we got basically that same advice from a couple of veteran podcasters we looked up to, and I’ve always come back to it when I needed inspiration. It sounds like you are passionate and having a blast with TNTB, which is great. Now just keep going and don’t be afraid to try new things on the show to keep yourself energized. If you are engaged and excited with what you’re doing, the audience will be too.

      Another thing we did was put the show on iTunes, which of course allowed a wider variety of people to find it. If that is a possibility for you, I say go for it.

      We also solicited attention from local media here and there when we first started out. Any news programs, weekly papers, etc in your area are often going to be looking for a local interest story to feature. When we started, we talked mostly about the paranormal. So, we would get some attention around Halloween time in those days, as well as an occasional interview the rest of the year.

      All those things have helped us along the way, but I believe our most important partner in all of this is the audience. The longer we do the show, the more people find us. And the more people that find us and like what we are doing, the more those people tell their friends, or post on their Facebook pages about us. So, word of mouth has been huge.

      We’re certainly not the biggest podcast in the world, but I think the people that stick around do so because they like us and appreciate what we’re doing. The longer you stick with TNTB, the more you’ll find that be true for you as well.

      Hope this helps. Thanks again!

  3. Kestrel says:

    Hey guys. Love the show. Just wanted to say you guys land some of the best interviews around.

    I totally respect that you interview skeptics and new age looneys, let them both have their say, and treat them all respectfully and critically. I can’t think of any decent podcast that does the same.

    Do you guys think that an intro theme would add value to your show? That’s not meant to be a criticism; I’ll enjoy the show with or without, I just didn’t know if you’d given it much consideration. I’m sure you have talented listeners that would gladly put something together for you.

    • Jason Korbus says:

      Haha, as a matter of fact we do, and we think it’s pretty nifty. We used to play it, then kept forgetting off and on. Now we haven’t played it in months. We’ll try to start that back up again.

      Thanks for writing! Happy to hear from you!

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