SFR 418: Spooky Geology | Guest: Sharon Hill

–Bobby has invested in a beehive, and this time they’re in no danger of him taking care of them. In return, he has honey! Lots of honey!
shill–TMZ is reporting that Chris Cornell had “fresh track marks” on his arm, and a close source says Cornell was “high” and “fucked up” during show, but not depressed.
–Time for Trump Talk, y’all! We have some laughs this week at our president’s expense, like reading the guestbook note he left at Yad Vashem. Also, is it just us? Or do you kind of feel bad for Sean Spicer?

In the second hour of the show, we welcome longtime friend Sharon Hill to walk us through some “spooky geology.” In particular, we discuss the Stone Tape Theory of ghost hunting, where the idea came from, and if there can be any validity to it at all from a geological perspective. Also, Sharon offers some thoughts on the current state of the skeptical community, and gives Jason and Bobby some advice on their own upcoming skeptic group meetup.


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SFR 417: Breaking Down Unbreakable

–The suicide of Chris Cornell Wednesday night after a performance in Detroit has shocked the music world, and there are many who doubt it was a suicide at all.
unbreakable–A lot of Trump Talk to catch up on. Between the unexpected firing of James Comey, to the appointment of a special prosecutor to oversee the Russia probe, how can anyone be expected to keep up with it?
The remainder of today’s show is devoted to a review of the 2000 M. Night Shyamalan film Unbreakable. We give a synopsis, talk about the cast and crew, and give a near scene by scene analysis of the movie, talking about our favorite moments and dialogue along the way. Enjoy, but remember: no shooting friends, Joseph!


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SFR 416: Satanic Panic

–It’s a lovely spring day in Toledo, so we start the show with what we hope is a refreshing watermelon beer. Bobby is not happy with it. Jason asks for a refill. Has Bobby finally found a beer Jason will enjoy?
–We share our thoughts about the “Trumpcare” vote in the House, and are perplexed as to why there was a celebration on the White House lawn. Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer, who hated Obamacare, thinks it nevertheless changed how people see the concept of healthcare, and predicts a single-payer system within 7 years.
SFR_Eye–Did Stephen Colbert go too far when he joked that Trump’s mouth is only good for being Vladimir Putin’s “cock holster”? Or is this another bullshit distraction?
–Bobby gives an update on his sale of the “Joe’s Box” from last week, and Jason enjoys learning more about why people think Bobby is a fraud.
–We have been invited to hang out and speak with a local skeptic group about how we “gave up the ghost” and we’re really excited!
–Bobby shares some thoughts about how he has begun to disassociate himself from the skeptical community at-large. Jason says that, while he never wanted to be part of a clique, he still enjoys the people, and continues to appreciate the work they do.
–Local “prophetess” Opal Covey’s campaign van goes up in flames. Was this the work of Satan?
–Stephen Fry is being investigated in Ireland on charges of blasphemy. Bobby thinks the whole thing is ludicrous, and Jason wonders if God should be compelled to testify.
–Jason somehow became a horse race reporter when he tweeted about Thunder Snow during the Kentucky Derby.
–A town in Minnesota has agreed to allow the Satanic Temple to display a monument in their public park.
–Bobby is furious as the parents behind the “Daddy of 5” videos whose Youtube channel was devoted mainly to playing vicious pranks on their small children. One in particular has drawn enough ire that the children have been removed from the home by authorities.
–Jason wants to ensure that we wish the citizens of Earth a good night.


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SFR 415: Joe’s Box #1

–Former Paranormal State television star, Ryan Buell, is arrested after a domestic dispute with his boyfriend. This being the latest in a series of legal issues Ryan has gotten involved with, we truly hope he is able to bounce back and live a happy, healthy life. But it may be a long, hard road ahead.
SFR BLOG–Bobby tells a story of selling a paranormal item from his collection called a “Joe’s Box,” marked #1 by creator Joe Cioppi. He found out the following behind these items is very passionate, and they will borderline threaten you if they believe you are passing off a forgery.
–Jason wants to know what you do when you are eating at a restaurant and find a hair in your food? Some are disgusted and immediately send it back. We’re the opposite. We just pick it out and keep chowing. Jason likens it to human garnish.
–Bobby will be going back to Florida in June, and will visit Key West. Jason is mad that, while he has been to Orlando twice, he has not visited a specific true crime location, of even the WWE Performance Center, to send him photos.
–Televangelist Benny Hinn has been raided by the Feds, possibly related to issues involving tax evasion, though no charges have been filed. This leads us into talking about Peter Popoff, and the other “unsinkable rubber ducks,” as James Randi liked to call them.
–Bobby shares a couple Star Wars fan theories involving the background of Rey, and how she may be the daughter of Luke Skywalker. Jason dislikes that there are so many relatives in the Star Wars Universe, and that they all seem to have daddy issues.
–The topic of teen suicide comes up right before we are about to end the show, and Bobby wonders if it has increased because of social media. Jason mentions the book/Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why, and how some are warning parents of teenagers about the graphic suicide depicted.
–Jason tries to end the show, but Bobby can’t let an old bad movie review go.


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SFR 414: Smorgasbord

–We’ve been gone for two weeks, and there is a lot to catch up on. Let’s start with this: why did a couple of non-believers like us take Easter off?
–Bobby recounts his trip the 40th anniversary Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, meeting Mark Hamill, seeing John Williams conduct his orchestra live, and much more. Along the way, we learn the benefits of having MS.
Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News after ongoing sexual harassment scandals. We talk about the statement from 21st Century Fox, why it’s complete bullshit, and lament that it took sponsors dropping out before anything was done.
–We missed a few viral news stories while we were gone. One of the big ones was the United passenger being dragged off his flight. We also talk about how any viral star, whether they ask for it or not, will have their past investigated.
Ghost hunters were arrested after breaking into an old middle school building in Union, SC. But instead of EMF detectors and digital recorders, the ringleader “Woo Woo” brought a gun and weed. Party on, dudes!
–As if there were ever any doubt, The X Files is coming back for another 10 episode run. We reminisce about interviewing “The Cigarette Smoking Man” last year.
–In a custody battle with his wife, Alex Jones’ lawyer argues that Jones is a performance artist. We don’t believe that, but nor do we think his wacky views are enough for him to lose his son over. Jason hates this story for making him defend Alex Jones.
–This past Thursday night, Bobby and his old partner reunited onstage as their horrorcore rap alter-egos Skitz and Alchemy. This was the first performance by The Sycoz in 17 years, and Jason not only got to experience it, he even filmed some! You can check it out by clicking here.


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SFR 413: The Missiles Are Flying

–The U.S. launches 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria airfield in retaliation for Assad’s chemical weapon attack on civilians earlier in the week. When Bobby first heard the news, he was concerned about Russia reacting and kicking off WW3, but now he and Jason talk about the wisdom of seeking congressional approval for such actions. Also, we look at how President Trump and other American politicians responded to aggression against Syria in 2013 and now.
missilesflying–Feedback on our last episode, including The Burbs movie review and song, has been positive. Still, we are hoping to streamline the next movie party podcast we do to make it a little less “all over the place.”
–A biographer of Ed and Lorraine Warren is suing Warner Brothers for infringing on his exclusive rights to produce content with the Warrens. Warner Brother responded to his earlier legal claim saying that the Conjuring films are based on historical fact, and now the biographer, Gerald Brittle, is saying the events can’t be considered factual since the Warrens fabricated stories.  Will Warner Bros. be forced to prove prove ghosts and demons exist? Get your popcorn ready!
–Reports have hit the news about Bill O’Reilly and Fox News settling multiple claims against him involving sexual harassment and verbal abuse, and now advertisers to The O’Reilly Factor program are dropping like flies. Will Fox be forced to part with their flagship star?
–A Toledo pastor, along with a second man, have been arrested on charges related to the sex trafficking of children.


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SFR 412: Movie Party – The Burbs!

–Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn requests, but is denied, immunity in exchange for his testimony by the Senate Intelligence Committee.
theburbs–Noam Chomsky thinks that, in an effort to maintain his popularity, Trump could soon create a “false flag” terrorist attack to rally support around him.
–A woman in Idaho blames her car crash on Bigfoot.
–The trailer for the upcoming remake of IT has been released. As usual, opinion vary. But forget that. What do YOU think?
–The remainder of the show today is taken up by an in-depth and (hopefully) humorous discussion of one of our favorite movies: The Burbs. Written by Dana Olsen, directed by Joe Dante, and starring Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, and more, The Burbs revolves around a group of stressed-out suburbanites who believe their oddball neighbors are part of a murderous cult.
–Conversation is all over the place about this movie. Jason remembers the first time he ever saw it. Bobby dazzles with his obscure knowledge of set design, while Jason counters with other interesting factoids. It all builds to a dramatic conclusion where we do a live performance of a song we wrote inspired by the movie called “Ricky Butler Says.”



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