SFR 411: Directory Assistance

–Another Saturday night broadcast! This time, before we got together in-studio, we hit the bookstore for our first hangout in at least a few months.
–President Trump, the great deal maker, the man who was going to fix Obamacare, and make sure everyone was taken care of…utterly failed to do any such thing. Why? Because he doesn’t understand the policy, is full of hubris, and is a terrible leader.
–Think it’s only the political left that has snowflakes? Think again! Right-wingers across the country were triggered and in need of safe spaces when conservative commentator Tomi Lahren said she was pro-choice on The View. Tomi has been suspended from her show in the wake of her comments.
–Jason recently told Bobby a story he had never heard about a huge conflict that occurred between America’s most beloved scientist, Carl Sagan, and America’s most beloved technology company, Apple, back in the early 90s. If you didn’t know about it, it involves hurt feelings, buttheads, and lawsuits.
–SFR listeners Bryce and Jeanne have a unique challenge for us. Bryce wants us to name things we like about each other, while Jeanne wants to hear more about topics that we disagree on.
–Rob Lowe is going paranormal! That’s right, this fall on A&E, Rob Lowe and his sons will be starring in a television show where they travel to paranormal-themed hotspots and investigate mysteries. Is this a new lowe for Rob’s career? Is he trying to get exposure for his kids? Maybe it’s brilliant, who knows? We’ll probably be watching.


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SFR 410: Chicken Riddle

–So much crazy Trump news this week! We almost don’t know where to begin. Do we start with the news that TrumpCare (or is it Weathcare?) is going to leave millions uninsured? Do we talk about Trump standing by this “wire tapping” nonsense? And what do we make of his foreign policy adviser, Sebastian Gorka, who may have strong ties to a far-right group with Nazi ties in Hungary? Our heads are spinning.  Do we need President Oprah?
wolfpig–Rachel Maddow bumbles bigtime by hyping Trump’s 2005 tax returns, and then having it not show much of interest. Did the president himself leak the return and pull one over on liberals? We wouldn’t be surprised.
–Bobby reviews the second episode of Reza Aslan’s CNN series. This entry had Aslan hanging out with an apocalyptic cult in Hawaii led by a guy with a familiar name.
–Memphis Meats, a Silicon Valley-based food tech company, announced that they have created “clean meat” chicken tenders. That is, meatless chicken created in a lab that was never hatched and never slaughtered. So, is it really chicken? Would you eat it? Either way, this may be the beginning of a big step forward in human ethics.
–This past week was the 20th anniversary of “the Phoenix Lights,” one of the most talked about events in modern UFOlogy. We recap the sightings, and give our skeptical interpretation on the available evidence.


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SFR 409: She’s Real Fine

–It’s a short notice late-night recording of Strange Frequencies Radio here on a Saturday.
–This past Wednesday was International Women’s Day. Did everyone survive the “Day Without A Woman”?
–Wikileaks releases “Vault 7,” a collection of thousands of files and confidential documents from the CIA that detail efforts to spy on people through smartphones, televisions, and other household technology.
rezabrains–RECOMMENDATION: Jason highly recommends a documentary called Accidental Courtesy, about a black man, Daryl Davis, who befriends klansmen and nazis in an attempt to talk them out of their racism. And he has succeeded! Meanwhile, Bobby enthusiastically recommends the new CNN program Believer with Reza Aslan, and talks about watching Aslan interact with a fringe Hindu sect known as the Aghori.
–Backlash to the Reza Aslan program was swift, with Hindus and others saying Aslan’s depiction was unfair, and deeming him “Hinduphobic.” Bobby defends Aslan, and Jason can’t help but recognize the irony, since Aslan himself so often paints critics of his own religion as Islamophobic.
–Word is that President Trump likes his steak cooked well-done and doused in ketchup. Bobby and Jason once disagreed on the right way to eat a steak, though they both laugh at how outraged some are over this.
–Bryce emails to ask why ghosts seem to so often haunt white people, and shares a few thoughts of his own on the matter. Jason and Bobby wonder if it isn’t that black people and others don’t believe they’re haunted, it’s just that you don’t often see them on television trying to talk to and play with the ghosts.
–Bobby is curious if gravesites that are no longer visited should be dug up and the interred removed to make room for the newly deceased. Jason says no. But we also wonder about each other’s wishes for our own bodies after we die.
–Spring ahead!


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SFR 407: Saturday Night’s Alright For Podcasting

–We won’t be broadcasting Sunday because Bobby will be enjoying a birthday celebration with his family, so we’re going on-air late on a Saturday night. Bobby received a Bernie Sanders action figure from Jason, and they both just wish it talked.
–Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos loses his CPAC speaking gig, big money book deal, and resigns from Breitbart after a year-old interview resurfaces showing him make questionable remarks about relationships between older men and “young boys.” Is this really the end of Milo?
bernielaugh–Remember Dr. Melba Ketchum? The veterinarian turned Bigfoot researcher? Recently she took to Facebook to show photos of Bigfoot in a tree at night. The thing is, it was most likely an owl!  And going back through her Facebook posts over the last year, she is using human DNA evidence as proof-positive of Sasquatch. How does that work?
–Nonbelievers applaud when the Pope suggests that atheists are better than hypocritical Catholics. But is that really what he said? And isn’t “atheist” being used as the baseline for bad behavior in this scenario?  Ah, screw it.  This pope coddles child molesters, who is he to trash anyone?
–Heads explode when a local story involving an anti-Arab “hate crime” turns out to be anything but when police arrest a young man named Osama.
–NBA player Kyrie Irving set off a tweetstorm with his comments about the Earth being flat, and some within his circle are saying his opinion must be respected. No. While Kyrie may have just been trolling, the truth remains the same.  People may deserve respect, but ridiculous beliefs do not.


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SFR 406: London Calling

–We met up with our buddy Tony from Chasing Midnight yesterday for a few fizzy drinks, some paranormal gab, and we learned to give more serious thought to vegetarianism.
–Trump talk: National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns after concerns about his dealings with Russia. Is this story much ado about nothing, or will the controversy only grow? Plus, Trump holds his first press conference, and it’s hard to believe this is real life.
chasingmidnight–The court ruling against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has come back, and while it isn’t quite the defeat we were hoping for, he will likely have to face a lot more regulations.
–Antivax conspiracy theorists, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Robert De Niro, are offering a $100,000 challenge for proof that vaccines are safe. If it sounds like a scam, well, of course it is.
Dozens of dead owls are being spotted along I-84 in southern Idaho, and it’s creeping motorists out. But like a lot of weird news, the reason behind it is a little mundane.
–Has the Large Hadron Collider disproven the existence of ghosts? Professor Brian Cox seems to think so.
–Jason recounts a story about a discussion he had with his “ex-wife” about the belief in ghosts, demons, and other paranormal phenomena.

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SFR 405: In the Dark

–President Trump’s travel ban has been shot down, we think rightly, but it may be only a matter of time before it is either rewritten as a new executive order, or ends up before the Supreme Court.
SFR_Eye–Anti-abortion protests have sprung up at Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation, and new counterprotests are in motion. This is what free speech looks like. So let’s examine both sides of the arguments and see who makes more sense.
–We briefly discuss a bit about religion, including the power, or rather the lack thereof, of prayer. We also touch on religious education and what, if anything, can be demonstrated by a believer that a nonbeliever could not also demonstrate.
–Royal Commission survey reveals the extent of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Australia, and the numbers are staggering.  But we don’t believe the story gets the attention it deserves.  Imagine that, instead of a religious institution, there were decades worth of abuse and coverups at Starbucks.
–We get off the heavy stuff for a minute, and only a minute, as Bobby takes a big fat dump on a proposed segment involving the return of Jay and Silent Bob by writer/director Kevin Smith.
–Occasionally, we will get questions about our non-belief in ghosts, and what, if anything, would make us believe again. Since we love this kind of stuff, we are happy to discuss it again. The first step is defining what a ghost is supposed to be.


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