SFR 479: Hoaxing Hate

–Strange Frequencies Radio is back in your life, and before we get to the world of the weird, Bobby gives a PSA on flu shots. Turns out that, after years of getting the flu vaccine himself, he skipped this year, and got hit hard with the flu.
–While looking for weird news, Jason stumbled across the knowledge that it has been 65 years since President Eisenhower first met with aliens. We have some fun playing along.
SFR_Eye–We run through some of the different alien races and their attributes. Which would you most want to meet? We think we’re riding with the Nordics.
–Former MLB slugger, and all around weirdo Jose Canseco, is promising to take you on a Bigfoot hunt and to meet a real alien for only $5000.
Jussie Smollett’s hate crime story seems to have totally fallen apart. He is now a suspect in the filing of a false claim, and has been indicted by a grand jury with a felony. We discuss how the story came about, why we were suspicious, and how it started to come apart.
Hate crime hoaxes are in the news more and more since the election of Donald Trump. Jason runs through a few as catalogued by journalist Andy Ngo. But he asks why, if racism and sexism and homophobia are supposedly so prevalent, do so many people feel the need to invent instances of it?
–Bobby is in a political mood, and brings up Trump’s declaration of a national emergency over border security. We seem to agree that this will be tied up in the courts and, if it makes it to the Supreme Court, it will fail.
–Also, Bernie is back in the presidential running and Bobby is none too happy. Jason, however, is. But not for the policy. He just wants a couple more years of doing the impression of Bernie’s voice!
–Has Bobby become a Republican? Or has his tribe, the left, gone so extreme that he is feeling like a conservative? Here he is talking about things like opening borders, the “wealth tax” and other higher taxes, plus government run healthcare. There are drawbacks that people may not be considering.


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SFR 478: WTF Moments

–The boys are back in studio, but not before discovering shattered glass all over the floor. Who, or what, could have done this?!
–Jason tried to cheer Bobby up by giving him his belated Christmas gift, a field manual for Bigfoot hunting.
–Bobby is excited about the upcoming Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark movie. Jason remembers the book fondly, but perhaps not as terrifying as others.
photo-1–We discuss the Northam controversies, from his abortion comments through his blackface kerfuffle, before moving on to the Lt. Governor and Attorney General’s scandals as well. Bobby is incredulous, while Jason laughs like a hyena.
–In other political scandal news, Bobby brings up the latest in the downfall of Elizabeth Warren and thinks she is “done.”
–Jason brings up the Jussie Smollett hate crime story, and speaks honestly about his reasons for being suspicious initially. Bobby hopes the story is true, and Jason agrees, because the alternative is in some ways much worse.
–The FBI released their final report on the Las Vegas mass shooter, ultimately finding no clear cut motive. Jason wonders if he just wanted to experience an adrenaline rush that money couldn’t buy. But regardless of what the answer is, it would ultimately be unsatisfying.
–We also discussed a listener question centered on where it is Impossible to be happy in a society that focuses so much on the nuclear family and materialism.
–RECOMMENDATION: If you want to watch a documentary that has many “WTF” moments, and may even have you yelling at your screen, check out Abducted In Plain Sight, streaming now on Netflix.


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SFR 477: How To Get Away With Racial Slurs

Unsolved Mysteries, the show the got Jason into the paranormal and true crime, is being rebooted by Netflix. The good news is that the original production team is involved. The bad news is, we don’t know who will host. Bobby is pretty excited, while Jason has a few reservations.
–What’s on Bobby’s mind? Politics, as usual. RIght now he is enamored with the idea of Trump not being able to deliver his State of the Union address as planned.
pigandwolfSFR–He’s also thinking more about how much he pays in taxes, and is now reconsidering his political viewpoints. Jason talks again about the freedom of being tribeless and how political parties should die out.
–It’s time for us to talk about the latest viral outrage story of the week: MAGA kids vs Native American. We discuss how quickly the narrative fell apart, and how disappointed we are that political activists find it perfectly acceptable to demonize teenagers. Plus, how is it that the Black Hebrew Israelites, who were the one group there actually shouting racist and sexually derogatory terms, got such a big pass?
–CNN analyst Areva Martin accuses David Webb of “white privilege” before learning he, too, is black. Jason’s favorite story of the previous week!
–We received an email from “a true gentleman” who disagreed a bit with our take last week that consumers should buy the best products for the lowest prices, saying that political viewpoints should be more involved. Bobby talks about how, while he used to feel revulsion at shopping at a place like Hobby Lobby, for instance, he now is so concerned about saving money that he overlooks the CEOs views.
–We end the show with a recommendation and a reminder. Bobby recommends the show YOU on Netflix, a story of handsome stalker Joe Goldberg who inserts himself into the life of his love interest, Beck. Jason says that, by the time this podcast is made available, Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, will be streaming on Netflix. So there ya go. Two good looking bad guys; one fictional, and the other very much not.


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SFR 476: After the Shutdown

–Hey, we’re back after our hiatus and guess what? Tech problems were waiting for us. Typical SFR, in other words…
–So why did we go on hiatus, anyway? It centered on Bobby’s job interfering with our recording times. After he spent half of our 10yr anniversary podcast either away from the mic, or mentally checked out, we knew it was time to step away until things cleared up.
–Are Jason and Bobby going back into ghost hunting? It’s possible! Not because we believe in ghosts again, but because an acquaintance of Bobby’s is reporting some classically interesting issues at a house he has been working on. Might be get the chance to experience it ourselves? If so, it will definitely make good show fodder.
–A new Ghostbusters movie, this time an actual sequel to the 80s films, is in production and set to be released in the summer of 2020. We’re definitely pumped. As Jason said, “it’s what I wanted all along.”
–Bobby got caught up in one of his wife’s favorite shows on Bravo. Learning that it was a true crime story, he read more into it and find out there is a podcast telling the story, and he’s really enjoying it. Today he recommends that podcast, Dirty John.
–A smorgasbord of topics, be it the “controversy” of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and the Baby It’s Cold outside song, Jason tells Bobby that it feels so good to be a lone wolf, without a club, and not feeling the pressure to defend your tribe when they are being stupid.
–We also get into the government shutdown and its ramifications, and the possibility that Trump will not be delivering a televised State of the Union address. Bobby doesn’t think that’s such a bad idea, and Jason openly hopes for a return to the days of Thomas Jefferson.
–Bobby brings up the “toxic masculinity” ad that Procter and Gamble recently released, and doesn’t understand why people are angry about its message. Jason thinks it is because people are tired of being lectured to by corporations. “Corporations aren’t your friends,” they just want to sell you stuff. And if you buy into it, you’re a mark. Bobby does have one criticism: where are the Mexicans?


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Hey there, fellow weird traveler!


We are fun loving, skeptically minded dudes who still like talking about the paranormal, monsters, pop culture, true crime, and a variety of other weird things that weirdos like us enjoy.

Check us out on Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe to the weekly podcast and join in on the conversation.

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SFR 475: Cheers To Ten Years

–This week marks the 10th anniversary of Strange Frequencies Radio! As Jason is so fond of saying, “they said we wouldn’t last.” Who ever said that? No one.
–Cheers to ten years! Bobby and Jason share a couple cinnamon sugar rimmed glasses of beer.
cheers10years–We start our walk down memory lane by surfing over to the original blog of SFR, and reminiscing about some funny memories of our early shows and announcer.
–Bobby flips through a couple old SFR notebooks, and we are astounded at our guest lists. But we can’t help but laugh at the notes we would write to each other during the show.
–Jason is wearing the shirt he thinks he was wearing when we recorded the very first episode of Strange Frequencies Radio. He is happy that it still fits, but Bobby makes clear how much it stinks.
–Jason fills time while Bobby runs off to deal with work-related issues.
–Next, we open up our old case files from back in our ghost hunting days, sharing funny stories of our adventures together, and talking about the mistakes we made.
–OMG, EVPs! Yes, we’ve talked about them for years. Now you can listen to a couple pieces of audio we captured ourselves.
–There is no way we can get through all the stuff we want to today, so there is definitely going to have to be a follow-up episode next week.
–Jason closes the show by reciting his “ghost rap” once more. See you next week!


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SFR 474: Solid Rod of Pain

–It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been with you, thanks for sticking with us. Bobby spent the past few days in Florida, while Jason still awaits an invitation someday.
–There’s UFOs over Ireland, and we’re not surprised.
–A quick reminder that next week is our 10 year anniversary episode! Holy crap!


Don’t feed us after midnight!

–Election results and what it means for the immediate future, complete with Breakfast Club references
–Is Hillary running again? A former Clinton aide sure thinks so.
–Who could beat Trump in the next election? Will it have to be a celebrity?
Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95, and while his last years seemed sad, the legacy he left is undeniable. Excelsior!
–The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix, claiming copyright infringement related to a statue of Baphomet.
–Carol asks our opinions on “Incels,” and we respond. Bobby finds it hard to believe they exist. Jason feels bad for some of them, but has a few suggestions.
–Nathan and Pterodactyl Mike want to hear quotes from Bigfoot erotica. Jason is happy to oblige, while Bobby gets more and more uncomfortable.
–Stay tuned for next week’s 10yr Anniversary show!


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