SFR 447: Slippery When Wet

–We missed this past Sunday’s show because Bobby went on a quick getaway. We’re back with this Minisode to make it up, and should be back again Sunday, too!
–After our last live show, we posted a picture of Jason on his back at the bottom of some stairs. Now hear the story of how he slipped and fell…and what happened next.
wolfpig–The next IT movie appears to have its Beverly Marsh, as Jessica Chastain is in negotiations to play the part. Seems most fans are happy with the news.
–Obama’s official portrait was revealed, and there were a couple things that weirded people out. First, was that a sixth finger on the former president’s left hand? A trick of the eye? Opinions vary.
–But the real weirdness over the portrait started when there was a freakout about some “secret sperm” in Obama’s temple. Could be patternicity, could be seeing what you want to see. But there really are cases from this painter’s work where he inserted sperm in his paintings.
–A flight from Dubai to Amsterdam had to be grounded last week when a passenger kept farting, leading to four people being kicked off. We aren’t 100% sure this really happened, but we are sure that Bobby can relate to almost being kicked off a plane.


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SFR 446: Destination Weird

–The live show started about a half hour late today. Why? Because the Nelson family kitten came down to the SFR studio and chewed through a bunch of cords. Bad kitty!
–If you need some good news: a Maryland “psychic” has pled guilty to multiple counts of felony theft after scamming clients out of 340k. #LockHerUp
–Have you heard that eating McDonald’s french fries cures baldness? Some viral stories and local news programs put forth some research they said indicated just that. But it’s not true. The authors of the study can’t even believe people have misconstrued things so badly.
–Is practicing yoga a form of cultural appropriation? Or is it *gasp* actually Satanic? Christian writer Matt Walsh recently put forth the idea that it is pagan worship and that, like messing with a Ouija board, you are “playing with fire.” We’ll tackle these arguments, and ask “Do you really need to do historical research before you stretch?”
SFRfingerprint–Remember the guy who planned to launch himself into space on a rocket, partly in an effort to prove the Earth is flat? His second attempt was also a “failure to launch,” and we are done giving this guy any attention until he actually does something newsworthy…
–Besides, we think it’s a better idea to get excited by the things Elon Musk and SpaceX are doing. I mean, did you see that awesome Falcon Heavy launch? The boosters returning and landing in unison? And who could forget Starman?!?
–Last week, Bobby expressed serious doubts about the Han Solo movie. Well, he has now seen the teaser and, well, talk about a 180 degree shift…he loves it, and he’s bought some merch to prove it.
–What’s weirding us all out this week? Jason is concerned about Pope Francis likely lying about sexual abuse, as well a professor who didn’t know Australia was a country. But, then again, this is the Smiley Faced Spokesman for the World’s Largest Child Sex Ring. Bobby is troubled by Trump’s assault on checks & balances.
–Listeners are weirded out by everything from Gloria Copeland saying that you don’t need a flu shot when you have Jesus, to confusion over how many holes a straw has.
–Jason brings up the case of Cristina Garcia, a California Assemblywoman, and #MeToo advocate, who is on an unpaid leave after recently being accused of sexual misconduct by two males. We discuss the difference in media attention, but also highlight why male victims of female aggressors are typically not in the same kind of danger as female victims of males.
–Bobby gets into an immigration debate with the Mexican side of his family, and it’s a doozy involving the “mother of his cousin’s husband” being deported despite living here for 30 years. Jason has some thoughts on immigration reform and the heroism of breaking unjust laws.


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SFR 445: Superb Owl

–The much ballyhooed Nunes memo ends up being a flop – more nonsense from a partisan hack – but Trump still says it “vindicates” him, and Bobby wants to know why he keeps using that word. Jason shares a few of his favorite “Yo memo” jokes.
–Speaking of Bobby, last week he was in a foul mood, and he went off on the prospect of another Bernie Sanders campaign. We received a thoughtful email from Canada Matt disputing his premise, and take a few moments to respond.
Bill Nye attended the State of the Union as the guest of NASA’s Administrator nominee, and gets excoriated by a Scientific American opinion piece. We break down the argument, and find it completely ridiculous.
–What’s weirding us out this week? Listeners are disturbed by everything from an upcoming Winchester Mystery House movie, to Tom Brady kissing his son on the mouth.
–Was the “shower rat” video really of a rat taking a shower? No. But what was thought to have been animal cruelty now looks to have incorrect as well. Jason relates a story involving another local news anchor.
–The Han Solo movie trailer is set to drop on Monday. Bobby is expecting to hate it.
–Bobby calls Target to inquire about flu shots, and ends up surprised to find himself being recommended homeopathic remedies…by their pharmacist!
–The Lizzie Borden house popularly known as Maplecroft has been sold. It leads us to talking about “haunted” properties for some reason.
–New linguistic analysis indicates that at least two popular letters purported to be authored by Jack the Ripper were actually hoaxes perpetrated by journalists. Jason says it’s nice to have this information, but shows that the “journalist hoax” idea is now new, and has been well-known to Ripperologists and other crime junkies for quite some time.


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SFR 444: The Power of Four

–According to the Doomsday clock, we are now two minutes away from “apocalyptic midnight.” Just what does all this mean? And is it worth worrying about at all?
–What’s been weirding you out this week? Jason brings up a 2005 photo of Obama with Louis Farrakhan, and discusses the cover-up story, as well as the subsequent reactions to it. Bobby seems weirded out (and angry) by the notion that Bernie Sanders is thinking of running for president again.
SFR_Eye–The Freqs are weirded out by a lot this week, and it provides much fodder for conversation: Here we touch on everything from Pterodactyl Mike’s concern about cuckolds and Bryce’s thoughts on the state of mental health treatment, to Austin bringing up camels being disqualified from beauty pageants and Richard wondering when we started naming people.
–More weirdness: AJ finds out that there is a serious debate online over whether Alexa is a feminist (and maybe even a radical leftist!). We think people should calm down, and maybe get a new hobby.
–Even more weirdness: Kenny attends a paranormal lecture and learns that the crowd was solidly behind the idea that there is a connection between transgenderism and UFOs. All that, and more is on the table and, yeah, it’s definitely weirding us out too!
–Are there hidden messages of spirituality in the Star Wars saga? Resident Star Wars nerd Bobby weighs in.
–Bobby uses a recent CNN interview as a talking point to discuss a, shall we say,  Immaculate Misconception?
–Jason is pleased when Bobby kills some time by wanting to discuss the unsolved Zodiac Killer case.


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SFR 443: Shut It Down

–We start off with some sad news: Bobby’s college classmate and friend, Jessie, dies in a snowmobile accident that also took the life of her cousin.
–Our area of Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan experienced a meteor/fireball that freaked a few people out and became national news, to boot.
–It’s always good news for us when another psychic scammer gets put behind bars. This story involves Sally Ann Johnson, who relieved an elderly Martha’s Vineyard woman of over $3.5 million after convincing her that the symptoms of her dementia were caused by demonic spirits.
SFR_Eye–So what’s been weirding us all out this week? One emailer told us an odd way his co-worker has been using the bathroom. Chris mentions Trump having enough time on his hands to create his Fake News Awards, and A.J. brings up Ohio Medicaid covering acupuncture. What the?
–The #MeToo movement has, we think, been an overall big step in the right direction for women and men, both. But we are concerned that it may be turning into a bit of a witch hunt at the same time. A couple recent cases have us wondering.
–We go back to the case of Pastor Andy Savage, whom we discussed last week, and concluded that while his “sexual incident” 20 years ago was improper, we couldn’t say for certain that it was illegal. Strange Frequencies listeners were in complete disagreement, and so we use the time here to respond to some of the arguments we encountered.
–Next we move to the Aziz Ansari case, wherein he was accused of sexual assault in a magazine article. We go over the details of this case as well, and express some surprise that he is getting as much support as he has from so many.
–Before we sign off, Tindell wants us to talk about what books we are reading. Bobby just got a copy of Michael Shermer’s latest, while Jason is reading Nick Hornby.


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SFR 442: Our Shitholes, Ourselves

–Big news: Strange Frequencies Radio has a “new” chatroom. Our live show links have been updated. So hit up this page here, create yourself a username, and chat with us!
–The talk of Oprah running for president heated up this past week. We’ve talked about this kind of thing before, but we are still saying “nope” to the Ope…not just because she has zero public service experience, but because she is the Queen of Woo. Although, will many still be against her if she were the Democratic nominee?
–Gillian Anderson says that she is definitely leaving the role of Dana Scully behind after this season of the X Files. We asked the audience, now we’ll give our answer: should the show continue without her, or has the time come to end it all?
–One show that IS coming back is Cosmos. That’s right, Neil deGrasse Tyson will be back for another round, scheduled to begin airing in spring of 2019.
–Charlie Daniels sounds very concerned about Taco Bell and the Illuminati. As he said, it is not a frivolous subject!
–So, what’s weirding the SFR audience out this week? Kevin is concerned about Trump and shitholes, Lou is worried about iguanas, and Brad is still fighting with anti-vaxxers. Let’s discuss!
–A pastor at a Memphis megachurch admits to a “sexual incident” with a high school student in Texas 20 years ago, when he was 22 and she was 17. His congregation gave him a standing ovation after the admission. Bizarre? Yes. But there is more to this story than most people are talking about, and we are having some big disagreements.


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SFR 441: Fire and Fury

–We’re back! It’s a new year, and there’s a new look for our studio as well. The live viewers are seeing a whole new angle, with Bobby’s autographed photos just within frame. Jason, meanwhile, is worried this rickety chair he is sitting on will collapse beneath him.
–The first thing Bobby wants to talk about is the Netflix documentary Jim & Andy, about Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman, and he gives it a hearty recommendation. We discuss some of our favorite scenes, and Jason piggybacks off Bobby to make it a dual recommendation.
CSM–Hey, did you see the new X-Files episode? A plot involving Cigarette Smoking Man impregnating an unconscious Scully had many crying foul. “Rape is not okay,” they said. And they’re right. CSM is a villain, folks. We remark that there is a lot of murders depicted in entertainment as well, but it doesn’t get the same outrage.
–A Phoenix area family is being bothered by a pesky poltergeist, and a Yiddish one at that! Do we believe this is truly a paranormal event? No, we do not. But we do give these folks bonus points for coming up with a new twist on old woo.
–What’s weirding you out this week? It’s a question we try to ask our Facebook page followers each week, and the answers usually run the gamut of funny and intriguing. This week doesn’t disappoint! Everything from how cyclones became weaponized from AJ, climate change issues from Ian, and one listener even has the “perfect cult leader name,” and we love them for it.
–Two of our friends got engaged a while back, broke up for a couple weeks, and are now back together and re-engaged. Jason wondered if that’s even necessary, but asks for feedback from listeners.
–Bobby ordered the “Fire and Fury” book about the Trump White House, but has not received it yet because it is on backorder. However, we discuss some of the stories that have come out, and wonder how many are as true as they may appear.



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