The Hosts

My name is Bobby Nelson and I’m the creator and co-host of Strange Frequencies BNbentspoonRadio.  I’m currently studying psychology at the University of Toledo, where I hope to gain a better insight into how people perceive paranormal experiences.  I have investigated dozens of paranormal mysteries as both a believer and a skeptic, and have come to the conclusion that so much of what passes as positive evidence is mostly nonsense.  Send me a friend request on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or email me at

Hi, I’m Jason Korbus, the other co-host of Strange Frequencies Radio.  When I started out bentspoonpicchecking into paranormal claims many years ago, I simply wanted to know the truth.  Along the way, I’ve met many interesting people, had a variety of cool conversations, and even found myself in a bunch of wild adventures.  Aside from embracing positive skepticism and science, I’m also an avid sports fan, a rock n’ roll junkie, TV and movie geek, and enjoy discussing comedy, crime, and pop culture.  You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, check out my blog, Confidential Korbus, or just email me at

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