Episode 235 – Sharon Hill on the Scope of Skepticism

SyFy renews “Ghost Mine,” and adds two series starring Meatloaf and Joe Rogan.  Will these at least be entertaining?  Or more of the same?
–The other side of the “stomp on Jesus” story is out – the professor’s.  We decide to do a better job of covering it.
Animal psychic can’t communicate with elephant because the pachyderm was “too depressed.” Sure, that must be it.
shill–House Republican proves global warming not caused by human beings…by pointing to the story of the Great Flood in the Bible.  Right.
–More news about Dr. Burzynski’s cancer quackery from CFI’s “Conspiracy Guy” columnist Bob Blaskiewicz.
NRA gun safety instructor misses event due to literally shooting himself in the foot.  Brilliant.
–Atheists mock the suicide of evangelical pastor Rick Warren’s son, Matthew.  We do not approve.

In our second hour, Sharon Hill of Doubtful News stops by to discuss the scope of skepticism, and what it means to be a Skeptic.  Great discussion!

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About Jason Korbus

Friend, family member, possible werewolf. I co-host Strange Frequencies Radio, blog at Confidential Korbus, and generally walk among the weird. When I'm not doing busywork, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, my eyes glued to a glowing screen, or my ears tuned to The Ramones.
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4 Responses to Episode 235 – Sharon Hill on the Scope of Skepticism

  1. Chew says:

    I have been trying to download the .mp3 for the last four hours (on Firefox and IE). It will download about a meg then freeze up. I have to pause and then resume to get it to start downloading again. Listening on iTunes isn’t much better. It will stop to buffer and then never resume. For the love of God, fix your shit!

    • Bobby the Paranormal Skeptic says:

      Chew, everything seems to be working…I was able to download the show from multiple machines…my cell phone, my computer and my work computer.

    • Jason Korbus says:

      For what it’s worth, I have also been able to download and stream the show on multiple devices (phone, tablet, laptop) on different WiFi networks without an issue. Thus far, no one else has mentioned having a problem.

  2. idoubtit says:

    Use Downcast. Use Downcast. Use Downcast.

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