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Strange Frequencies Radio returns today!  We will be going live on-air at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.  Log on by clicking on “Listen Live,” where you can also enter the chat room.  See you then!

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SFR 335: Bull Session


After two weeks off, it’s great to finally be back.  While we’ve been gone, we have missed out on talking about some of the biggest stories of the year.  So, for this return episode of Strange Frequencies Radio, we toss out the notes, forget the preparation, and just have a good, old-fashioned bull session.  You can expect to hear our thoughts on:

–The Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality
–Reactions to the SCOTUS decision, positive and otherwise
–Will polygamy be the next battle to be won for love?
–The mass murder at a historic black church in Charleston, SC.
–Debate rages on about the Confederate battle flag
–Typical American reaction: let’s ban a flag, but not even talk about guns
–And, of course, whatever else pops into our head


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While We’re Away…

Here we go, folks!  Over the years, many of you have asked to hear the episodes we did back in the early years of the show.  Some of those shows are a little embarrassing, but they’re also really entertaining in parts.  So, since we are on a brief hiatus, we decided to release a select few for you to download and listen to.

First up is SFR Episode #37 which originally aired on August 9th of 2009.  It features Bobby and Jason, of course, but you’ll also hear our original announcer Matt McGuire as we chat about the goings-on in the paranormal world.  Our guests on this show are “psychic medium” Gavin Cromwell, as well as one of the early appearances of Sanni Ceto, a woman who claimed to be a reincarnated hybrid alien who had crashed at Roswell.


Next, we have SFR Episode 73.  which aired in January of 2010.  In this interview, we revisit the concept of extraterrestrial visitation, specifically the idea that aliens are visiting or abducting human beings.  We speak with the now late Budd Hopkins, a notable artist who was also a prominent proponent of alien abduction phenomenon.


Finally, SFR Episode 89, which aired back in March of 2010, and featured some “technical difficulties,” as well as a conversation about Spontaneous Human Combustion with Larry Arnold of Parascience International.  We were advertising an interview with Dr. Ciaran O’Keefe, but he didn’t end up appearing.  You’ll hear why.



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SFR 334: Kill Her, Mommy!

Caitlyn Jenner appears on the cover of Vanity Fair and the reactions run the gamut from kind to kind of disgusting.
–Dennis Markuze (aka Mabus) has been ordered to follow psychiatric treatment for 3 years following his ongoing campaign of harassment and issuing death threats to a variety of skeptics and atheists.
–We once again open our old ghost hunting case files, this time reviewing our actual investigation reports and “peer reviewing” ourselves.
SFR_Eye–Bobby relates an exchange about religion and “free will” that he recently had with his father during a 90 minute road trip.
–Outspoken defender of gay rights, Patrick Stewart, takes the side of an Irish bakery who was fined for not writing a pro-marriage equality message on a cake.  We talk about the difference between discrimination and personal freedom, while also admitting we don’t always know where to quite draw the line ourselves.
–Actress Betsy Palmer passed away recently.  She was a horror legend, yes, appearing as Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th, but she was also so much more.


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SFR 333: Summoning Spirits

–We take a skeptical look at the Charlie Charlie Challenge divination game that’s sweeping the interwebs and ask why Mexican demons are taking American demon’s jobs? And what Mexican demon goes by the name Charlie, anyway?
SFR_Eye–Using an old ghost box from our “paranormal investigating days,” we attempt to summon some spirits live on the show.  You’ll see how well that worked…
–We open up the old Phase 3 Paranormal files, and laugh at how serious we were about our belief in, and investigations of, ghosts. Included are our old “theories about ghosts,” and our thoughts on EVP.
–As a lead-in to the EVP Listening Party, we play a few of the EVPs we collected during our years as ghost hunters, and discuss how we reacted upon hearing them back then, and how we react hearing them now.
–It’s EVP Listening Party time! During this segment, as we have a few times in the past, we play a variety of EVPs for the folks in the chat room, and try to guess what the discarnate entities have to say. Along the way, we show how the ghost hunters who recorded them, and the people we play them for, often have very different ideas on what they hear. Doesn’t this, if nothing else, show how little stock should be placed on this technique in the ghost hunting world?


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SFR 332: Duggar Family Values

–TLC pulls “19 Kids and Counting” after a sexual molestation scandal is revealed which implicates reality show star, and anti-LGBT campaigner, Josh Duggar.
–Has the time come to stop referring to ourselves and others as black, white, etc? An article seen on Addicting Info prompts a discussion about the social construct of race, and why, despite the objection of many, we think it can still be useful.
–Shootout between rival biker gangs in Waco disproves the idea of more guns leading to polite society. But it also prompted us to think about the era of the Wild West, and finding out it wasn’t as “wild” as we once thought.
SFR_Eye–Recommendations: Bobby does his best to insert Star Wars into every discussion by recommending…Star Wars.  Meanwhile, Jason thinks many will find value in the HBO documentary “Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall,” which he feels is an insightful and moving portrayal of compassion during the dying process.
–Thinking more about life inside prison led us to wonder whether higher education should be made available to more prisoners. Our initial reticence about it led to us asking if educating prisoners at taxpayer expense would actually be cheaper and more ethical in the long run.
–After a debate at Stony Brooke University between an Atheist and a Christian apologist, the participants are surprised to learn that an LGBTQ community group was demanding an apology and censure of administrators who allowed the apologist a venue to speak. We talk about the issue of free speech on campus, and discuss whether it is better to fight bad arguments with good arguments or with censorship.
–Well publicized sexual assault allegations involving two prominent members of the skeptical community have been resolved after the accuser signs a statement more or less admitting the charges were untrue.


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SFR 331: A New Beginning

–We are glad to be back, and recording/broadcasting with a new soundboard. Plus, we have a plan in place to prevent Patches the Button Chewing Cat from destroying it.
–Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will receive the death penalty, and Bobby is fascinated by the whole scenario.
SFR_Eye–Children are sick, and others have died after receiving vaccinations in Chiapas, Mexico. The vaccine itself was not the cause. So, what happened?
–So-called “smoking gun” evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, “Roswell slides” claiming to show an alien body, turn out to be a big, fat, stupid hoax. Of course they do!
–A new Pew Research poll shows that Christianity is losing ground in the United States, while atheists and agnostics are growing. We discuss what could be the cause of this finding.
–Bobby attended a Catholic “welcoming ceremony” Saturday evening, and was taken aback at how strange it all was.
–Recommendations: Not sure if this is a recommendation or not, but Jason talks about seeing a new HBO documentary on Gilberto Valle, AKA “the Cannibal Cop,” an New York police officer who was arrested and convicted of plotting the kidnapping, murder, and eating of women, before subsequently having his conviction overturned. What do we make of this compelling story? And could Valle go on trial again?
–Have you heard of Periscope? The app that lets you broadcast live from anywhere you have internet or cellular connection? Jason has been checking it out, and thinks it may well change the world.
–Massimo Pigliucci, in a recent post on Scientia Salon, reflects on some of the problems within the skeptic and atheist movements. We talk about where we agree and disagree (though we’re pretty heavy on agreements) and think about where we might go from here.

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