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***The live show returns this Sunday.  Read below to find out what’s going on.***


For nearly 9 years, we have been doing a live broadcast nearly every Sunday afternoon.  But with Bobby’s work schedule in flux for the next couple months, that is likely going to change.  The reality is, the live show won’t be happening as often during this period of time.

Now, the good news is that SFR isn’t going away.  While we will still try to pop in with a broadcast when we’re able, we’re going to be recording podcasts off and on for the foreseeable future.  You can still get these shows through your favorite podcast app, or by streaming them on our site.  Nothing there is changing.

Thank you so much for your support.  Keep your eyes here on our website, or on our Facebook page for more updates.  We’ll be back with regular live broadcasts as soon as we’re able.  So stay tuned!

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SFR 431: A Trip to Crazytown

–Hurricane Irma has come and gone, with less death and destruction than was anticipated. But were people really threatening to take up arms against it? And what about those that think tropical storms and the like are government conspiracies?
–A North Carolina woman has created a spray for “attracting Bigfoot.” We goof on the ridiculousness of it, but take a serious skeptical look at the claims being made at the same time.
–Police receive a tip (via a film crew) from a psychic about a missing persons case. Shockingly, the tip leads directly to bones. The problem? The bones aren’t human. Another psychic fail. Who could have predicted it?!
–Jason brings up a disgusting story so he and Bobby can tell you another disgusting story. While browsing the internet, Jason came across an article about a Swedish girl who has made a shrine on her bedroom wall of used condoms. It reminds us of our last investigation as ghost hunters, when we found the daughter of our client had a similar collection. Talk about gross.
–In a related story, how about Ted Cruz’s Twitter account “liking” a porn video? Hilarious! And with his lengthy record of attempting to repress and oppress the sexuality of others, it was all so deliciously hypocritical. He blames a “staffer,” of course.
–Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode in a new Halloween movie, which is seemingly going to pretend the last couple decades of Halloween movies didn’t happen, acting as a sequel to the original. And we say good!


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SFR 430: An IT Review

Hey, gang!

We spend the entirety of this podcast reviewing the movie IT, which debuted in theaters this past weekend.  We’ll talk about our impressions of the acting, the directing, and discuss several of our favorite scenes and lines.

pennywiseThough plot points are revealed, we do our best to avoid “spoiling” much for those who haven’t seen the film yet.  However, if you have read the book or watched the 1990 miniseries, you probably won’t find a whole lot to be surprised by.  A few changes, sure, but nothing too dramatic.  So if you haven’t seen it yet, we think you can still listen to our review.

If you have seen IT, feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you thought.

In the meantime, enjoy!



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SFR 429: Another Live Show

–Bobby’s work schedule will be wacky the next couple months, and we’re not exactly sure when we’ll be able to do live shows during this period. But we’ll try our best, and if we can’t do it, we’ll still record something. So please keep your eyes on our Facebook page and website for updates.
–The biggest story of the week involved the devastation in Texas and surrounding areas by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey. Bobby and Jason each received a “Houston prayer chain” email. As atheists, how did we respond?
–One of the villains to come out of the news coverage has been Joel Osteen, who people claim didn’t do enough to open his doors to people seeking shelter. Jason is aware of his anti-Osteen bias enough to be unsure exactly what to make of it all.
–Should people be criticized for not donating more to relief efforts when they are rich?
–Bobby recently paid a visit to an Amish village, and has some amusing stories from the experience.
–Jason tells a story about his mom and her belief in psychic phenomena. We conclude that so much of so-called “psychic powers” aren’t very impressive.
–We open up the SFR mailbag, mostly to complain about angry emails we have received over time that totally misinterpreted what we said on a particular episode. Jason encourages people to write with questions before “calling us out” improperly, and Bobby asks for offending quotes or approximate time stamps when possible.
–The Los Angeles city council recently voted to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. We talk about how uncomfortable it can be to celebrate a man responsible for so much brutality. But Jason wonders if, in our rush toward more political correctness, we are substituting one set of atrocities for another.
–The release of IT is finally upon us, and both Bobby and Jason will be seeing in in the theater on opening day. We hope to have a great time. Tune in next week for a movie review!


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SFR 428: Mmm Brains

–What started out as us trying to record a podcast to fill-in while Bobby worked Sunday shifts became quite an ordeal when we lost all recorded audio. 
–We recap last weekend’s pig roast, and talk about how Bobby, along with a few other attendees, ate pig brains. Jason wonders why eating animal flesh doesn’t have the “yuck factor” that eating animal organs does for some people.
–Monday’s solar eclipse gave this country at least a couple minutes of unity before we all hated each other again. Trump was said to stare at the sun, but so did we!
We’ll talk about how the experience was in our neck of the woods, and why we are looking forward to 2024.
–The original creators of Unsolved Mysteries say that it is likely new episodes will be produced by the end of the year. Once again, we wonder who can fill the shoes of the great Robert Stack.
–A “demon goat” in India is frightening villagers with its human-like face. As our friend Sharon Hill pointed out, the deformity will likely lead to a short life, which is sad. But what may be even worse is the number of people thinking this animals is the result of sex with a human.
–One of the “Slenderman stabbing” girls have taken a plea deal in the case; one that will, if nothing else, lead to a reduced sentence should she be convicted in the upcoming trial.
–A local “haunt” popular among paranormal enthusiasts is actually saying they are done catering to ghost hunters. Bravo! Bobby has a story about his visit there once upon a time.


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SFR 427: Hog Wild

We weren’t able to do a live show on Sunday because of a party at Bobby’s house, so instead we recorded this:  a podcast featuring multiple drunk and/or high people (as well as a couple sober ones) discussing weird things.  There’s some politics and religion (sorry, but what do you expect when sitting around a table of drunks?), a bit about Alex Jones being attacked with coffee, and someone tells a story about seeing a pterodactyl.  No, seriously!

I don’t think any of the participants can really recommend this one.  The general consensus was that it will be either our least downloaded podcast ever, or go down in SFR history. Regardless, it’ll be one that lives on in our memories for quite a while.

Listen at your own risk!


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SFR 426: Wash Your Hands

Charlottesville demonstrators, ranging from Alt-Right to Antifa, clash. Multiple people are dead. Trump fails in an attempt at leadership. Jason is heartsick, both because he saw it coming, and because one man charged in a death is from our backyard. We’ll break down the events, and offer some ideas on how to prevent these situations in the future.
–A norovirus outbreak in our area has sickened approximately 400 people. We end the segment with some words of advice. Namely, wash your goddamn hands.
Stan Romanek has been found guilty on one count of possession of child pornography, but not for distribution. We wonder how Netflix, who is promoting a Romanek documentary, will handle this issue.
pigandwolfSFR–We are atheists. Is it possible that we are also cultural Christians? Bobby takes this question that Jason posed to him recently and runs with it, which includes a story involving a co-worker calling him “disrespectful” over the issue.
–The Lowe Files aired while we were away, and Jason saw enough of the first episode to know he doesn’t like it and finds it almost completely unoriginal. Bobby set his DVR. Did he actually watch like he said he would?
Michelle Carter, the young woman convicted in a “texting death,” was sentenced to what amounts to 15 months in a correctional facility.
–Can we talk about gender hysteria? Whether it is people freaking out over transgender people in the military, Google firing a worker who wrote a memo about the biological differences between males and females, or the Alamo Drafthouse getting sued for discriminating against men at Wonder Woman screenings…stop it. Treat people as individuals, not as members of a group. Discrimination in the service of equality is not equality.


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