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SFR 467: How To Make Money On A Disaster

–Strange Frequencies Radio begins, and Bobby professes to miss doing the show together in-studio. Jason reaffirms his belief that Bobby is conspiring to keep him away from his house, detailing instances where the kibosh as been put on his recent attempts to come over.
–But on a more serious note: by the time this podcast is uploaded, Hurricane Florence will be hitting the Carolinas, and we give some good thoughts for the people of the area. Bobby, on the other hand, is happy to be making money off of it.
–Fall is approaching, and Bobby, being the basic bitch he is, talks about his love of all things pumpkin spice. Including shaving creams! Jason says this has gone too far, and vows to intervene.
–That said, Bobby’s weekly segment of pumpkin spice beer reviews are back! This week, he samples New Belgium’s Atomic Pumpkin, and it gets a very low rating.
goofymugs–Jason brings up the news of Alex Jones’ viewership declining in the wake of his bans from various social media platforms. Bobby thinks it’s “only temporary,” though Jason brings up Milo’s disappearing act after his pedophilia comment scandal. Still, he wonders how feasible it is to build an alternative to, say, Youtube and bring content memberships directly to their audience.
–Pope Francis is finally preparing a response to the allegations that he provided cover for a sexual abuser of children. Bobby reiterates his desire for a “Mueller-type investigation,” while Jason cynically believes that church won’t go nearly far enough in their response to this ongoing crisis.
–Throughout the show, Bobby has been stopping the recording of the show so he can attend to work issues. Here, he gives an update on what’s been happening.
–According to a new Harris poll, Taco Bell is America’s favorite Mexican restaurant. This tickles Jason, though he understands its only common sense for national chains to get more love than local spots in a national survey. Still! Later, Bobby the Foodie drops knowledge about a newer pizza chain to Jason the Fatty, who has never heard of it.
–What one paranormal/supernatural thing do we wish were true? A fun question from our friend Pastor Shingledecker results in conversations about the afterlife, Bigfoot, and even God itself.
–Jason asks Bobby if he has any political topics in mind for an End Times segment, and he really doesn’t. Though he does quickly bring up a Stormy Daniels tell-all book, and we immediately go limp.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show467_full.mp3
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SFR 466: Bobby, Take The Wheel!

–Jason has a text document with several stories lined up for SFR, but hands the show over to Bobby because there is ONE STORY he wanted to spend the broadcast on. But first…
–SFR’s recording almost had to be delayed this week, as Bobby’s oldest daughter spent some time in the hospital recently.
–We briefly bring up the story of the Dubai flight quarantined at JFK with multiple ill passengers. Jason breaks the news to a very surprised Bobby that none other than Vanilla Ice was onboard!
–The ONE STORY that Bobby wanted to talk about? Trump-related, of course. He starts with the upcoming book from Bob Woodward, and asks Jason if he thinks its release is being timed to do maximum damage to the president.
bobbytakethewheel–From here, Bobby moves on to the anonymous Op-Ed published by the New York TImes from a “senior official” who is, along with others, working to undermine Trump’s worst instincts to save the country.
–We speculate as to who the insider is, with the first name Bobby mentions being Kellyanne Conway. Jason mentioned that the NYT seemed to indicate it was a male, by tweeting the pronoun “he,” but Bobby thinks it may be a ruse.
–One fun “theory” floating around on the internet is that the author is none other than vice president Mike Pence. It all centers around the use of the word “lodestar” and the VPs use of it in prior speeches.
–Jason is concerned that this effort will backfire. Knowing there to be a “mole,” Trump and his most ardent supporters in the administration may now distrust, and even work to remove, any dissenting voices. That’s a bad thing for the country.
–Bobby mentions the potential of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, but Jason says those who consider it a viable option have not read the amendment carefully. At this moment, it would be more difficult than impeachment, and that’s already a tall order prior to the upcoming midterm elections.
–Finally, Bobby wants to hear thoughts on who the Democrats will run against Trump in 2020. Jason says the two strongest names that come to mind are Biden and Bernie, but the next year is likely to bring about other possibilities. Bobby wonders if Booker will be in the mix, but as of now he’s still “ridin’ with Biden.”

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show466_full.mp3
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SFR 465: A Bubble Off Plumb

–Jason opens the show stumbling over his own name, among other things. Then we learn a couple things about bubbles and plumbs.
Pope Francis is receiving increased pressure to speak out about the allegations made against him by Archbishop Vigano. We give our thoughts on whether or not the pope will or should resign, and also get reaction from the SFR listeners.
SFR_Eye–A paranormal investigator shoots twice at an intruder that isn’t there, later saying it may have been a ghost. Further research indicates this is the second time he has called police about a home invader that no one else can see.
–Jason asks how he should handle friends and/or people he follows on social media who regularly spread misinformation. Bobby shares a few thoughts, and the SFR audience gives some advice as well.
–Bobby explains why his wife is a better parent than he is because she allows their kids to question her rules or punishments. Jason is disappointed in Bobby, mainly because his story featured no kids being beaten.

THE END TIMES: In this newly named segment we cover the latest political news, with Bobby leading the discussion. Among the topics we delve into:
–Should Democrats campaign on Trump’s impeachment, or wait for the results of the Mueller investigation?
–Paying our respects to John McCain, who passed away this week.
–What are the odds Trump leaves office before the end of this term?

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show465_full.mp3
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SFR 464: Riveting Radio

–The introductions are barely over when Bobby jumps in wanting to talk about Alex Jones again. Last week’s commentary about his banning prompted varying feedback.
Antifa thugs club a progressive liberal over the head at a Portland rally. His crime? He was waving an American flag. Bobby says people should not feel afraid to be patriotic. Jason talks about the violence at Trump rallies and the “punch a Nazi” craze, saying that when “might makes right,” there’s going to be someone more violent (and crazy) than you.
–The ACLU calls the decision to ban Infowars “worrisome,” and says we shouldn’t be ceding control of speech to corporations and their shareholders. Furthermore, progressives are warned that censorship authority will “come back to bite them.”
jasonbobby–Tonight’s podcast has been interrupted multiple times, which you may notice in the recording. One involves Bobby having to rush upstairs to clean dog puke, then taking the time to explain he and his wife’s equal but opposite types of personal revulsion.
–Somewhere along the line, Bobby gets a call from Pterodactyl Mike about a situation at work, which Jason sarcastically says makes “riveting radio” in the process.
–Continuing along with the upbeat programming, we talk about the recent grand jury report of the Catholic church of Pennsylvania. Jason mentions one particularly disturbing detail involving a predator priest recommended for a job with Disney. Bobby discusses a conversation with his ube-Catholic father in which the idea of a “Mueller-type” investigation is done, though they may need a lot more Muellers.
Asia Argento settles a sexual assault claim while simultaneously pointing the finger at offenders like Harvey Weinstein. Not a terribly good look. But, despite her efforts to lie and downplay the situation, we are hard pressed to find her accuser to be much of a victim.
–A quick Cook Brothers update, involving soon to be released Toledo area serial killer Nathaniel Cook. What can we tell you? Not much. Let Bobby explain.
–The remainder of the show is taken up by “Trump Talk,” because sometimes there are stories we just can’t ignore. When the president’s former campaign chairman, and the president’s personal attorney both become felons on the same day, how can we resist? This is Bobby’s bread and butter, as he is admittedly obsessed with the idea of Trump being impeached. Jason just hopes the investigations proceed fairly, and that it doesn’t become another embarrassing presidential sex scandal.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/SFR_show464_full.mp3
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SFR 463: Relax And Eat A Taco

–The plan was to record a podcast last Friday night, on the eve of the Nelson family pig roast, with our drunk and stoned friends. But due to a late start, and excessive inebriation, it quickly went off the rails.
–The pig roast itself, however, was a smashing success. Many people showed up, enjoys great food, and refreshing beverages. But we were almost mourning the loss of Bobby, who nearly blew himself up mere hours before the festivities began.
thegang–Last year, Jason avoid eating pig brain, and we talked on the podcast about how people will gladly eat most every other part, but the brain causes them to recoil. Well, this time, Jason and Bobby ate the brain together and…it sounds like they are now on Team Recoil.
–Pterodactyl Mike, in addition to playing the part of butcher, also brought alone four Carolina Death Reaper peppers, a pepper so hot it has sent people to the hospital. Who among us would meet the challenge? Would anyone vomit into a storm drain? All is revealed!
–Alex Jones and Infowars have been banished from a variety of internet platforms, from Apple and Facebook, to Youtube and Spotify. While we agree that Jones and his ilk are awful human beings, we do have concerns about the ban. Namely, Jason doesn’t think the rules are being enforced fairly. Bobby, meanwhile, is concerned about a kind of backfire effect, where Infowars becomes more popular than ever.
–Serial killer Nathaniel Cook, one half of the Cook Brothers serial killer duo, is being released from prison after serving his twenty year sentence. Jason gives a brief history of their crimes and capture, and Bobby is afraid of what this man will do once he is back out on the streets of our hometown.
–Bobby delves back into a recent police shooting and the protests that followed, and wonders if police are in a sort of “catch 22” type predicament at times. During the discussion, listen as Bobby uses his “Hispanic privilege” to throw out the topic of white guilt, and leave Jason fumbling with the hot potato.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show463_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2tb02s0bgx272dm/sfr_show463_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 462: The B Goes On

–Nothing to see here. Just a couple of aging dudes talking about their balding. Bobby has given up altogether, going from constantly wearing hats to just shaving his hair off. Jason is going to hang in there until it passes the point of ridiculousness.
–It was Jason’s birthday this past Monday! He’s finally back at Bobby’s house to collect his gift, a copy of “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind,” to aid in his increased meditation practice. But don’t worry, he’s still going to be a lovable asshole.
–Bobby tries once more to find a beer that Jason will like; this time, a “strawberry lambic,” whatever that means. Does he finally succeed?
–Killing the ‘b’ motif, Bobby launches into news bits about the filming of Star Wars Episode IX, and how the production plans to handle Carrie Fisher’s death.
Jason Korbus and Bobby Nelson–What is that Bobby’s got in his hand? Something he stole from his daughter’s Barbie playset? No, it’s just a really tiny beard brush. Jason can’t help but cop a feel.
–Jet setting Nelson talks about his upcoming vacation, quite possibly to Dublin and London. Jason can’t believe he doesn’t know we have a dedicated Irish fanbase!
–Jason bought a keyboard recently, and has been dedicating some time each day trying to learn Coldplay songs. He wants he and Bobby to duet on “Still D.R.E.” but Bobby refuses to admit he likes the song, much to Jason’s chagrin.
–Finally we get to the story Jason has been wanting to discuss: Bigfoot erotica, as it has become a political issue in Virginia. Bobby also pretends to not know Bigfoot porn exists. C’mon, man!
–The rest of the show delves into a recent officer-involved shooting by the Toledo Police Department, and the way our local newspaper helped create racial animosity. The conversation is pretty free-flowing, and even includes some commentary by newly crowned “roving reporter” Addie Nelson about a protest happening at the mayor’s house. Later, we also get into false reports of racist cops, wars, veterans of said wars, and Jason takes the position that, for all the ways gender roles have changed (for the better!) he still believes that a man’s role should be that of a protector of women. Bobby finds this somewhat controversial, since he is accustomed to cowering while he sends his wife to investigate strange noises in the middle of the night. Different strokes!

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show462_full.mp3
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SFR 461: Christmas in July

–After some confusion over who would talk first, Bobby finally gets to talk about celebrating Christmas in July here on Strange Frequencies Radio.
–Bobby says that a Pennsylvania board has designated Bill Cosby as a violent sexual predator and, as such, he can’t admit to liking the Cosby Show anymore. Jason says when you spend decades drugging and raping women, that’s kind of how it goes. They speculate over Cosby’s upcoming sentencing.
–Seemingly everyone’s house has at least one “junk drawer,” or “junk cabinet.” Bobby has a whole junk room.
–The boys are planning a Halloween party, and intend to attend as Laurel and Hardy. Jason has the fat part down, but admits he would have to buy a new wardrobe.
pigandwolfSFR–Zak Bagans has purchased a portrait of Charles Manson made from the artist’s blood and Manson’s ashes. Jason and Bobby remark how, though they dislike Bagans, they think his collection of weird items is pretty incredible.
–Bobby is reminded of when Jason was posting serial killer cards on Valentine’s Day. This leads Jason to do a quick Google search and share a few funny ones.
–Jenny McCarthy is fooled by her own Google Home device into thinking she was living in a haunted house. Bobby talks about some weird things his Alexa device has done.
–How old does a car have to be until it’s considered a “classic”? And, more importantly, when does music become “the oldies,” because Jason is sick of hearing songs he grew up with on the oldies station.
–The future is looking more and more automated, whether that is self-driving cars or talking to your house, things are getting weird.
–Bobby brings up the concept of infant genetic engineering, where you can “create the baby of your dreams,” choosing gender, hair color, eye color, etc. Jason wonders if the same could be done with personality. Either way, he feels like discovery would be the greater joy, and wouldn’t want to participate in that. Bobby seems to feel the same. Besides, his son already likes Star Wars stuff, so he’s all set.
–We wrap up the show with a bit of Trump talk, covering the recent ground of the Trump – Cohen audio, to talking about Trump’s disastrous Helsinki summit with Putin from last week. Bobby is openly scared about what will come next.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show461_full.mp3
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