Saturday Night, All Right!


Join us Saturday night at 9pm Eastern as we explore the dark and mysterious side of the world of the weird.  What’s in store?  Oh, we’re so glad you asked…

–A review of the new AMC series, “Preacher.”
–Examining the “Crime of the Century,” as committed by the Chicago thrill killers, Leopold and Loeb.
–Chasing down spirits in the night with the Ghost Brothers.
–And, of course, much more!

It should be a fun and entertaining program, and hopefully the chat room will be hopping. If you want to join in on the party, and exchange ideas along with us, simply click on “Listen Live” button at showtime to listen, watch, and, if you would like, chat.  See ya then!


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SFR 373: Hard Targets

–After today, there are only 3 live episodes of Strange Frequencies Radio left!
–Science writer John Horgan calls out skeptics at NECSS for their focus on “soft targets,” like ghosts and homeopathy, rather than what he sees as the “hard targets,” such as misleading scientific claims, and war. But there has been a lot of pushback, and many skeptics have criticized his talk. We’ll dig into the details, and let you now what we think about this kerfuffle.
SFRlogo–Bobby is “Laying Down the Law” against his dad, as well as others who think Hillary Clinton will pick her husband, Bill Clinton, as her running mate.
–North Carolina and the US Department of Justice are engaged in dueling lawsuits over the HB2 “bathroom bill,” with the future of where people poop hanging in the balance!
–Is it transphobic to be creeped out if you discover the girl/guy you like used to be of the opposite sex?
–Is it racist to not be attracted to people of a different race, color, or complexion than your own? Let’s discuss.
–Jason isn’t sure whether or not to be excited by the debut of Preacher tonight on AMC, but he will definitely be watching and hoping for the best.
–SFR will be back this coming Saturday night instead of our normal Sunday. Stay tuned!


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SFR 372: Beginning of the End

–We begin with an important announcement about the future of Strange Frequencies Radio. Don’t worry, we’re still doing the show, but will likely be ending the live broadcast in several weeks.
–A death in the family.
–Our last episode, “Unsafe Speech,” did not get nearly the negative reaction we thought it might.  Just the opposite, in fact.  But we did get some feedback we’ll address here today.
3306_05–A fraternity at Northwestern is criticized and forced to apologize for hanging anti-rape banners. Yes, you heard that right.
–The anti-rape banner kerfuffle is reminiscent of anti-rape culture groups on the campus of Arizona State that continue to be accused of promoting rape culture because they encourage men to respect women. It’s a weird world out there, folks!
–Some people cannot handle hearing dissenting opinions on college campuses, particularly if they are about sensitive subject matter. And for those people there are safe spaces, complete with pillows, play-dough, and puppy videos.  But the world can be a harsh place, so what if you are “triggered” and there are no bubbles or blankets nearby?
–Bobby argues with his dad about transgender people, abortion rights, and religion.
–Jason gives out some paranormal advice to a Facebook friend who believes they live in a haunted house.


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SFR 371: Unsafe Speech

–We start today’s show, centered around the topic of “Unsafe Speech,” by talking about the work of social scientist Jonathan Haidt, and how facts can get lost in the midst of orthodoxy. Warning: today’s episode may offend you occasionally, so check your privilege, loosen your sphincters, and join the discussion.
–Let’s start with a topic most probably agree with us on: the anti-trans “bathroom bill” found in NC, for instance. Can we please just admit this is a made up issue designed to rally the far-right conservative base?
–Is it true that women earn .78 for every dollar a man makes? That men and women are paid differently for equal work? Not exactly. The statistic is misleading, and we’re not sure who is really helped by furthering the myth. And what about the two-tiered wage system? Is that more harmful than the gender wage gap?
liberty-gagged–The $15/hr minimum wage is a big point of contention, even among political allies. Should entry level employees really make that much? Is it pricing unskilled workers right out of a job? Is there, perhaps, a good argument to be made for eliminating the minimum wage altogether?
–How far is too far when it comes to disciplining your child? While some might argue that corporal punishment itself is child abuse, where do you personally draw the line between corrective punishment and a crime?
–If you choose to not eat meat because you don’t want a living creature to suffer or die for your food, please don’t show off your expensive leather boots, ok?
–Here’s a fact: women sometimes lie about being raped. That’s not in dispute. What is in dispute is how often. The truth is, it’s probably more than what some activists would have you believe.
–On a related note, do we here in the United States live in a “rape culture”? What even is rape culture?  While we’re at it, let’s clarify what victim blaming is, too.
–Black Lives Matter may be responsible for some positive change, but they also deserve some criticism as well. While they shine a spotlight on instances of illegal police tactics, are there more pressing concerns for black lives in black communities?
–Racism, sexism, homophobia, and even rape apologists all exist. But far too often charges of racism, sexism, etc. are levied all too quick, and often in an attempt to stifle dissent and shut down debate. Whether you’re white, black, a man, a woman, gay, straight, or whatever…this society belongs to all of us. We face difficult problems that may require complicated solutions.  Neither creating orthodoxy or succumbing to it helps, and it’s only when we feel free to speak up that we can actually be a part of the conversation.


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SFR 370: Ghosts R Dumb | Guest: Kenny Biddle

–We return to our roots by doing a full episode of SFR on ghosts. What better way to start off than by talking about how Bobby almost became a ghost a few days ago.
–What is the state of ghost hunting today in the United States? While we think it’s a lot less prevalent than when we got started, it has also gotten more religious, too.
–What better way to illustrate how pathetic paranormal investigation has gotten than by talking about some moron attempting to contact the spirit of Prince before his body is even cold.
thatidiotbiddle–Who is having sex with ghosts, what is being done to them, and how can we get involved? Or, how two women tried to have ghost sex and came away very unsatisfied.
–Put on your headphone, it’s time to listen to some EVPs! We don’t believe these are spirits of the dead, but if they are, do all ghosts have laryngitis?

In the 2nd hour of the program, we talk with our buddy Kenny Biddle about spirit photography, and get his take on the latest viral ghost photo taken at the Stanley Hotel. Along the way, we get into the common mistakes amateurs make to create false positives, and what he thinks the future of spirit photography will be.


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SFR 369: Criminal Justice Reform | Guest: Michael Griesbach

–Religious freedom bills? Bathroom protection acts? We examine the laws, what they mean for LGBT rights, and why some people may support them. It’s past time this insanity was flushed down the toilet.
–Sarah Palin, in an attempt to mock Bill Nye on climate change, says he “is not a scientist.” Is she right? How can Sarah Palin mock anyone at this point?
–Texas teacher in viral video repeatedly hits student, and calls him an “idiot ass.” What happened before the video is not known, but does a teacher ever have a right to strike a student?
griesbach–Jason received an email about an old article he wrote telling him to “keep an open mind” about unproven ideas, because science has been wrong before. He’ll explain why the emailers argument was bunk, while Bobby explains the difference between rats and humans. Seriously, it’ll make sense when you hear it.

In hour 2 of the program, we speak about wrongful convictions, and criminal justice reform with Michael Griesbach. Griesbach is a Manitowoc County prosecutor, Wisconsin Innocence Project board member, and author of the book, “The Innocent Killer,” which focuses mainly on the wrongful rape conviction of Steven Avery. We discuss how he became involved in the case, the different types of wrongful convictions, and how our country can go about reforming the criminal justice system to limit mistakes and misconduct.


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SFR 368: Can You Handle The Truth?

–Pope Francis delivers 265 page statement that has a lot to say about love, marriage, and even sexual orientation. But, be careful. While it takes a softer tone, it is not a change in Church dogma with respect to issues like gay marriage, sexuality, or transgender people.
–Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, says that the American people “can handle the truth” about UFOs.
pigandwolfSFR–ESPN’s Bomani Jones wears a “Caucasians” shirt on television to make a statement about sports teams named after Native Americans. Of course, some white people took to social media to express their outrage, and even ESPN told him to cover it up.
–We dip back into the waters known as cultural appropriation to follow-up on a few arguments directed toward us after last week’s segment.
–Bobby was skeptical that the Rogue One trailer would give him anything to be excited about, but he is admitting he was way wrong. Dude is pumped!
–Has there ever been more nerd anger on social media than when The Walking Dead ended their season on another ridiculous cliffhanger?

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