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Join us Sunday at 4pm Eastern as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.  Show topics will include:

–OJ Simpson has been granted parole, and may be free as soon as October
–George Romero passes away
–A woman in Saudi Arabia is arrested for wearing a skirt in public
–And, of course, much more!

It should be a fun and entertaining program, and hopefully the chat room will be hopping. If you want to join in on the party, and exchange ideas along with us, simply click on “Listen Live” button at showtime to listen, watch, and, if you would like, chat.  See ya then!

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SFR 424: A Thief in the Night

–OJ Simpson has been granted parole for his role in an armed robbery, and we discuss a bit about his hearing. Jason says he understands why OJ did not take the stand in his own defense during his murder trial.
–What has been weirding everyone out this week? We check our Facebook page to find out what is vexing our listeners.


Don’t feed us after midnight!

–Senator John McCain has brain cancer, and Bobby is concerned, but cheering him on. Jason talks about McCain’s time as a POW, as it is more brutal and graphic than many may know.
–The legendary director George Romero has passed away, and we share a few thoughts in tribute to him. What was your favorite Romero film?
–Bobby recently found out about a “suicide challenge” called the Blue Whale game.
While troubling, we do wonder how much of the stories are fact, and what is fiction.
–Teens in Florida watch a handicapped man drown, filming and mocking him the whole time. What kind of crime might they be charged with?
–A shooting at a “gender reveal party” in Ohio a couple weeks ago takes an even stranger turn once it was discovered that the pregnant woman at the center of the event was not even pregnant at all.
–A woman in Saudi Arabia has been arrested for wearing a skirt in public. That sounds insane to us, but unfortunately it is all too normal in Islamic countries. What is even more disheartening is listening to liberals defend it on cultural grounds.
–We open the SFR mailbag and answer a question from JT, who was recently pulled into a religious conversation with his supervisor at work.  How would we have handled something like this?


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SFR 423: Millions and Millions

–We start with the controversial meeting between Donald Trump Jr. (and associates) with a Russian lawyer. Bobby thinks it has been largely overblown, and that the Trump campaign is a victim of their own ignorance.
goldstone–Will “the People’s Champ,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, really run for president? Is Kid Rock actually going for a Michigan Senate seat? Now that the door is open, it’s all possible. But we’re still hoping Chris Rock can balance this ticket out.
–Remember that “Amelia Earhart in Japanese custody” photo that History did a documentary on? Yeah…it’s already been exposed for the nonsense it was. Seems historical accuracy was the first victim in the quest for intrigue and ratings.
–Jason watched episode one of American Ripper and he has already had enough. It’s long on speculation and short on facts, and a couple reviews seem to agree.
–We get into a discussion about serial killers, focusing on why “Jack the Ripper” still holds so much fascination for people, as well as why some, like Dennis “BTK” Rader, actually do stop killing.
–Bobby regales with a video he watched recently about Black Eyed Children, a recent legend that has much in common with vampire lore.


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SFR 422: Stickshifts and Safetybelts

–A photo, purported to be of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in Japanese custody, is making the rounds and getting people excited about an upcoming documentary. But there is almost zero reason to believe in its legitimacy.
pigandwolfSFR–Speaking of a lack of credibility, yet another ghost hunting television show is facing allegations of staging. This time, it’s Ghosts of Shepherdstown. We’ll help separate the fact from fiction.
–A “patriot” shoots himself in the leg with a shitty gun while defending Civil War memorials from fake news. Don’t worry, it all makes sense when you hear the story.
–Jason and Bobby are fans of classical music. While researching his favorite composers, Jason discovered a “dirty” story about Mozart.
–Bobby talks about “Left Shoe Larry,” who explained to him how to avoid a DUI.  Then he tells a few funny stories about his dear old dad. 
–Last week, Jason spent some time dismissing Bobby’s affinity for fidget spinners. This week, he admits he bought one for a very low price. So, what’s the verdict?
–CNN is facing allegations that they “blackmailed” a guy who made a meme that President Trump shared. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about this story, even though there is also much to be concerned about.


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SFR 421: One For the Road

–It’s a summer Saturday evening, and what’s on our mind? Fidget spinners, apparently. Jason doesn’t understand the hype, but Bobby just happens to have about five of them in his pocket to show off.
–We went to the bookstore before we came to Bobby’s home studio, but we almost took a detour to go cemetery surfing.
–Bobby is kind of falling in love with paranormal stories again. His trip to Florida where he spoke with his daughter about the ghosts of the Hemingway House has rekindled his passion.
–We want to start booking “weird” people on the show again to have fun interviews. But how far should we push it? We regret once booking a Sandy Hook denier, and Megyn Kelly got a lot of heat (and bad ratings) when she interviewed Alex Jones. We reminisce about one of our favorite guests: a gentleman who believed he was born a wolf inside a human’s body.
–A sneak peek at The Lowe Files, starring Rob Lowe and his sons going on paranormal adventures, has Jason vowing to watch at least the first episode. Bobby, meanwhile, is lying about lying.
–We may well be in the minority on this, but we don’t understand the logic of convicting Michelle Carter of involuntary manslaughter for convincing her boyfriend, Conrad Ray III, to continue on with his suicide attempt. A bad thing to do? Yes. Does she deserve scorn? Yes. But can you literally kill someone with words? Come on.
–The Cosby sexual assault trial ended in a hung jury, and Jason talks about the tension inside the deliberations. The re-trial, if indeed it happens, will be fascinating. How will the prosecution attempt to circumvent the concerns multiple jurors seemed to have?


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SFR 420: Up In Smoke

–We’re back, everyone! Happily recording a short podcast Wednesday night at a quarter past 10. Listen as Bobby’s voice continues to break down…
–First, we discuss the Project Veritas videos that show a CNN producer, as well as analyst Van Jones, talking about the Russia investigation as a ploy for ratings and, in Van’s word, a “nothingburger.” Is this legit? Or another deceptively edited piece of trash?
–In an increasingly raspy voice, Bobby laments the future of the Democratic party, and wonders with Trump in charge of the White House and nominating Supreme Court justices, are gay rights under fire?
–To that end, Jason brings up that the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in their upcoming term involving a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. We wrestle with questions about the First Amendment: should the government be compelling anyone to write something on a cake that they don’t want to write? Should a Jewish baker (or even a secular one) be forced to serve a Nazi? It will be intriguing to see how the Court comes down on this.
–Bobby briefly fills us in on some “Breaking News” involving a Catholic Cardinal in Australia being charged with sexual assault offenses.
–Jason fills Bobby in on the story of a man who, for the second time now, has destroyed a Ten Commandments monument outside of a government building.


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SFR 419: Glass City Heat

–While Bobby deals with some howling werewolves, Jason starts talking about Wonder Woman, a movie that is a hit with audiences; women in particular. Why? Because it shows a “strong woman” and doesn’t rely on the main character’s sexuality.
–Bobby tells a story he heard about a mother who made up her daughter’s hair for her school’s “crazy hair day,” and later regretted that she led her child to appropriate black culture.
SFR_Eye–We recount how our skeptic meetup went this past Wednesday, and how nice of a time we had. Jason says he was glad he didn’t have to do all the talking. Bobby says that once the topic is himself, he can go on forever.
–We missed the “covfefe” hubbub while we were gone, but get into it now. Mainly, we agree that it should be pronounced with a silent v, and with a flourish of the hand.
–Has the Comey testimony been much ado about nothing? It kind of seems so. While Trump may have acted improperly, and there’s no doubt the guy is a little unhinged, neither of us heard anything that sounded like obstruction of justice, treason, or any other high crimes and misdemeanors.
–A trio of entertainers got into trouble recently, and we cover each individually. First, Kathy Griffin was fired from CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage for images involving her holding up the “severed head” of Donald Trump. Bill Maher got into some pretty hot water for using “the N-word” on his HBO show Real Time, and had to deal with Ice Cube. Plus, Reza Aslan was canned from CNN for calling Donald Trump a “piece of shit.”
–We finish up with a bit about the recent goings-on in the Cosby sexual assault trial. Jason doesn’t want to make a prediction about the outcome, but fears that if he is found not guilty, it will cause a lot of blowback from the victims of sexual assault.


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