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Join us Sunday at 3pm Eastern as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.  Topics include:

–Cecil the Lion shot and killed by Minnesota dentist. We discuss the reaction.
–A movie about the Fox Sisters is being developed.
–Has a serial killer been killed by his intended victim?
–And, of course, much more!

It should be a fun and entertaining program, and hopefully the chat room will be hopping. If you want to join in on the party, simply click on “Listen Live” button at showtime to listen, watch, and, if you would like, chat.  See ya then!

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SFR 339: Guns and Pedophiles

Another shooting at a theater has us angry and exhausted again.  Bobby speaks about reaction from his co-workers, while Jason reminds us how he said we could cover a new mass shooting each week if we chose to.  (Skip 40mins if you don’t wanna hear it)
–This past week was TAM 13, and it feels like the end of an era. Only time will tell.
SFR_Eye–Jason explains last week’s screw up regarding the “Guess the Religion!” game we attempted to create.
–Viral weird news story about a “Demonic 666 cake” purchased at Costco was reportedly a hoax created by the Paranormal Examiner writer John Albrecht Jr., who published it, and his girlfriend.
–Comedian Andy Kindler posts tweet saying he contacted the Southern Poverty Law Center to have Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher designated as a hate group.
–The dating site that encourages married people to have extramarital affairs, Ashley Madison, was hacked, with the hacker group threatening to release the private info of its users. Jason is against this idea, and explains why.
–Bobby ends the show with an amusing anecdote about chasing down suspected pedophiles who took pictures of his daughter. No, seriously, it turns out funnier than it sounds.

YouTube: (Coming later…)

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SFR 338: Don’t Forget Your Ointments!

–We open with a discussion about the mass shooting in Chattanooga that has currently left 5 dead. Bobby gets into how people he knows use topics like this to validate their anti-Muslim views, while Jason admits he is just sick and disheartened over yet another mass shooting.
–We play “Guess the Religion!” using a 2006 case of a Saudi woman being gang raped, then being sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail for a violation of sharia law as punishment. There are disputing accounts of whether this woman had been pardoned, or whether the case had new developments. Either way, our opinion is that stories like this are a regular news item in Saudi Arabia, and are worth talking about whether new or old.
SFR_Eye–Speaking of news items we missed, we update the Jared Fogle story to discuss whether him allegedly telling someone that “middle-school girls are hot” warrants people assuming he trafficks in child porn.
–A Loch Ness Monster hunter, who has spent 24 years chasing the elusive beast, has recently decided what people are seeing is probably just an enormous catfish. While we disagree with that, and offer what we think are more likely explanations, we do think it is nice he is currently looking for a more reasonable hypothesis.
–Bobby gets physically uncomfortable when humiliated over his past ghost hunting beliefs. Being his best friend, Jason is delighted to read from an old article Bobby wrote that talks about the tools you need to be a great paranormal investigator.
–We end with a quick segment of “Bobby’s Bible Study,” in which he talks about how and why Christians he knows deny the reality of evolution when it comes to humans. Jason wonders how you can even have a productive conversation with someone who admits that  when facts contradict their belief, they choose to willfully ignore the facts.
–Goodnight Citizens of Earth!


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SFR 337: Eat Fresh!

Bill Cosby admits in 2005 deposition that he obtained quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with. Cosby, and the programs he has created over the years, are now being wiped from history.
shingledecker–Feds raid the home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle in connection with child pornography investigation of the former head of his foundation. People jump the gun and say “they’ve known all along” Jared is a pedophile.
–This October, on live television, Chip Coffey and a merry gang of ghost hunters will perform an exorcism on a St. Louis house which influenced the book and film, “The Exorcist.” We talk about the silliness of exorcisms, and about the story of “Robbie Doe,” which actually began in Maryland.
–Can we please have a minute to bitch about people who flake out on those who sell things on Craigslist?

In Hour 2 of the program, we speak with Christian writer Chuck Shingledecker about the current state of his faith, as well as his fellow Christians’ reaction to recent news, including the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, and the Ten Commandments defeat in Oklahoma.


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SFR 336: That Old Time Religion

–Governor Jerry Brown signs into law a bill that will take away the “personal belief exemptions” parents claim to avoid having their child vaccinated.
–Anti-vax wingnut, Jim Carrey, goes on a Twitter rant about thimerosal, exposing his own ignorance of basic chemistry, and calling Gov. Brown a “corporate fascist.”
–But how can anyone preach that brand of nonsense?  A totally preventable measles death in the United States just happened.
ColorfulFireworks–We review the James Randi documentary, “An Honest Liar,” which recently made its debut on Netflix.
–The Oklahoma Supreme Court rules 7-2 that the Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol building must be removed.
–While we’re on the subject of religion, we do another segment of Bobby’s Bible Study. In this installment, Bobby asks a Christian co-worker to explain sections of the Bible, and it doesn’t go well.
–“I’m not religious, but I’m sending you good vibes,” is a common thing Jason sees on Facebook threads where someone has suffered a loss. He thinks it is kind of “wooey,” but at the same time, wonders how a skeptic or an atheist can offer a positive remark without coming across similarly?
–Have you heard about this weird incident where an unknown person calling themselves “The Watcher” sent creepy and vaguely threatening letters to the new owners of a house? New DNA tests on the letter suggest it may be a woman.


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SFR 335: Bull Session


After two weeks off, it’s great to finally be back.  While we’ve been gone, we have missed out on talking about some of the biggest stories of the year.  So, for this return episode of Strange Frequencies Radio, we toss out the notes, forget the preparation, and just have a good, old-fashioned bull session.  You can expect to hear our thoughts on:

–The Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality
–Reactions to the SCOTUS decision, positive and otherwise
–Will polygamy be the next battle to be won for love?
–The mass murder at a historic black church in Charleston, SC.
–Debate rages on about the Confederate battle flag
–Typical American reaction: let’s ban a flag, but not even talk about guns
–And, of course, whatever else pops into our head


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While We’re Away…

Here we go, folks!  Over the years, many of you have asked to hear the episodes we did back in the early years of the show.  Some of those shows are a little embarrassing, but they’re also really entertaining in parts.  So, since we are on a brief hiatus, we decided to release a select few for you to download and listen to.

First up is SFR Episode #37 which originally aired on August 9th of 2009.  It features Bobby and Jason, of course, but you’ll also hear our original announcer Matt McGuire as we chat about the goings-on in the paranormal world.  Our guests on this show are “psychic medium” Gavin Cromwell, as well as one of the early appearances of Sanni Ceto, a woman who claimed to be a reincarnated hybrid alien who had crashed at Roswell.


Next, we have SFR Episode 73.  which aired in January of 2010.  In this interview, we revisit the concept of extraterrestrial visitation, specifically the idea that aliens are visiting or abducting human beings.  We speak with the now late Budd Hopkins, a notable artist who was also a prominent proponent of alien abduction phenomenon.


Finally, SFR Episode 89, which aired back in March of 2010, and featured some “technical difficulties,” as well as a conversation about Spontaneous Human Combustion with Larry Arnold of Parascience International.  We were advertising an interview with Dr. Ciaran O’Keefe, but he didn’t end up appearing.  You’ll hear why.



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