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Join us Sunday at 3pm Eastern as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.

It should be a fun and entertaining program, and hopefully the chat room will be hopping. If you want to join in on the party, and exchange ideas along with us, simply click on “Listen Live” button at showtime to listen, watch, and, if you would like, chat.  See ya then!

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SFR 389: Flowers For Cuban

–SFR kicks off with another taste test of a Halloween-inspired beer. This time, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale is what gets poured. Bobby rates it a solid 4 Jack-o-lanterns, and Jason does everything possible to get the taste out of his mouth.
–Celebrity ghost hunter Ryan Buell is arrested on theft-related charges. We give our reactions to the news, also talking about how his former Paranormal State colleagues (and 3306_05Ryan’s own mother) have reacted. Is it possible Ryan faked having pancreatic cancer to hide a drug problem? It is speculation that is gaining more ground as more people speak out.
–The Exorcist television series debuted on FOX, and while we haven’t seen it, we expect it probably isn’t very good. Bobby says he doesn’t care when paranormal shows become series, and that if they can make a buck, he is fine with it. Jason says he hates it when real events are given a non-skeptical paranormal treatment.
–Why do people co-opt other people’s tragedies? We talk about events like the OKC bombing in 1995 and 9/11, and how many people lie and say they knew someone killed. Bobby thinks it is all about attention, and Jason would like to talk to a psychologist to better understand their motivations.
–Speaking of things people do for attention, the topic of tattoos comes up. Bobby admits the reason he got his was for attention and so that people come up to him and ask about them. While Jason isn’t opposed to getting a tattoo himself, attention from the public is the exact reason he would choose to not get one in a noticeable spot.
–Bobby is unable to hold back from talking about the American presidential election, and launches into an impassioned speech about how close the race is, and expresses his disappointment with how many Democrats are in denial about it. Jason tells him he should be very concerned with how the debates come off, and also gets into how politics, like so much in life, is tribal, and people will give their preferred candidate a pass on things they wouldn’t give to another.  Let’s see how it all plays out!


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SFR 388: Werewolf Night

–The last two episodes of SFR have ended with a cliffhanger. Last week’s abrupt ending was because Bobby’s wife had to do to the hospital with kidney stones. Jason is happy they keep them in a jar.
–Friday night at the Nelson’s was werewolf movie night. Everyone was happy at the great food; everything from phallic meats and cheeses to cupcakes and brownies were there for the taking. But Jason did not play the One Night Ultimate Werewolf game, and Bobby can’t understand why.
wolfbite–Bryce wants to know why our society is concerned that everyone be “clean and sober” when everyone is on something, be it caffeine, food, or something more illegal.
–Sari (aka Some Woman in the Chatroom) brings up the latest popular Nessie photograph and, while agreeing it looks to be seals, can understand how pareidolia can convince people otherwise.
–Normally we would have been at the Mothman Festival this weekend, but haven’t been in a couple years now. Jason tells Bobby that Loren Coleman is there this year, and we envision a scenario how these two rivals would have interacted.
–Canada Matt talked about certain retail outlets getting tax breaks by designating certain sections of their store as a museum. That got us talking about the toy stores of our youth and, along the way, we discuss opening a chapel at Target and creating a new religious sect.
–Our chat room participants were asking for it, so they got it: our continuing weekly election coverage. If you think Bobby was worried about a Trump presidency before, knowing that HIllary has choked away a good portion of her lead is only freaking him out more.


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SFR 387: A Total Creepshow

–We ended last week’s broadcast abruptly when Bobby’s wife kept calling his phone. What was going on? A pig was on the loose in the suburbs, that’s what! And we were tasked with rounding him up!
–A mattress store tries to capitalize on the anniversary of 9/11 by having a “Twin Tower sale.” The commercial they aired totally blew up in their face.
creepshow–Today, after leaving a 9/11 event, Hillary Clinton sways and collapses in the street.
–Jason saw a Muslim family at the doctor’s office recently, and the woman was in a burqa. We discuss the ethics of the full body covering, and talk about the thoughts some have on whether or not it should be banned.
–Your humble hosts and a few friends had a Creepshow-themed horror movie party Friday night, complete with food that matched up to different stories.
–Our late friend Rachel’s birthday was this past week, and we each found ourselves wanting to write on her Facebook wall. But why would a couple of atheists who don’t believe in life after death do that? We’ll discuss.
–The 20th anniversary of the JonBenet Ramsey murder is approaching, and there are a bunch of new documentaries and television specials marking the occasion. Will any of them really solve the case?
–We end the show with our weekly election coverage, but this time with a twist. Yes, Bobby still wants to freaks out at Trump’s chances, but instead we talk about some recent campaign “gaffes” committed by Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson. However, our discussion is cut short by yet another abrupt ending.


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SFR 386: Send in the Clowns

–We kick off the show with a taste test of our first pumpkin spice beer of the season: New Belgium’s Pumpkick. Bobby loves it, awarding it 4 Jack-o-Lanterns out of 5. Jason hates the pumpkin spice craze, and this beer, too. Jason is a hater.
–A few thoughts on today’s canonization of Mother Teresa. Yes, Teresa of Calcutta is now a saint. Her legacy, in our opinion, is not so saintly.
–NFL quarterback sits through national anthem to protest his country’s treatment of minorities. We cover his right to peacefully protest, the way people have reacted, and whether or not the protest has been effective.
pennywise–Have you heard about the story involving creepy clowns in South Carolina attempting to lure children into the woods? Well, this one is for you, Brenda!
–Keith asks for some true crime documentary recommendations, and Jason recommends a few, including “Lost For Life,” an examination of horrific crimes committed by minors, and asks whether or not a life sentence is always necessary.
–Netflix officially orders 2nd season of “Stranger Things,” and Bill Nye is getting his own talk show on the streaming service as well. Cool things are happening!!
–Our Ambassador of Memes, Chris, asks us to delve back into the notion that “God needed another angel,” as people say, when a child dies. He’s sick of hearing it, and quite frankly, so are we.
–We all apparently survived the coming of the Anti-Christ this past week. For laughs, we asked our listeners to tell us who they think the Anti-Christ would be if was all real. The answers were as funny as they were diverse.
–And now, in our continuing series of election-related coverage, Bobby gets good and nervous all week so he can come on the show and freak out about the Hillary vs Trump matchup. Again.


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SFR 385: Just Wing It!

–In this, the last season of Ghost Hunters on Syfy, Jason and Bobby watch the episode that found the TAPS crew “investigating” paranormal claims at the Toledo Yacht Club.  This may have been the most boring hour we’ve ever spent.
–Chris asks us to talk about the debate between Free Will and God’s Plan. If God has a plan for you, does it really matter what decisions you would ever make? Does free will even exist, anyway?
SFRlogo–The University of Chicago issues a letter against the idea of “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces.” Along the way we touch on PTSD, and why this university may not want to become a political battlefield.
–The University of Connecticut, on the other hand, has set aside dormitory areas for “people of color.” People disagree over a few aspects of it (whether it is right, whether it is useful, and even whether it is racist) but there are at least good reasons, we think, to be a little creeped out or concerned over it.
–Bobby has managed to replace his obsessive thoughts over illness with obsessive thoughts over the election. To that end, we give an update on the current state of the American presidential race.
–Some supporters of Donald Trump say they like him because he is “not a politician.” But is that really true? Doesn’t becoming the Republican nominee and running for the highest office in the land make you a politician by definition? If not, when does that boundary get crossed?
–Some Woman in the Chatroom gets a special recognition.


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SFR 384: On the Table

–It’s an open topic discussion today. Anything and everything is on the table. What will we talk about? We have almost no idea! But ideas are coming in via Facebook, and in the chat room, and we are game for just about anything. Let’s go!
–Statues of a naked and small penised Donald Trump have been popping up around the country, eliciting laughter from many. But what would liberals say if the statues were of a naked and unflattering Hillary, Bernie, or Jill Stein?
–We had to laugh when a trans-friendly online magazine retracted and apologized for a favorable review it gave to the movie Sausage Party. As the editor says, they were blinded by their whiteness, and didn’t properly recognize that the taco was a damaging portrayal of a predatory queer woman.  Hilarious.
SFRfingerprint–Ellen DeGeneres posts a photo of her on the back of Usain Bolt, with the caption saying “This is how I’m running errands from now on.” Many people considered it racist. Those people are stupid and wrong.
–Bobby received a text message from a listener simply asking us to talk about welfare. We support the need for public assistance, and think the requirement of some states for a drug test is unreasonable. Boy did that get some in our chat room fired up!
–Bryce asked us to talk about anti-porn crusaders. It reminded Jason of an article he just saw about Elizabeth Smart blaming porn for making her 2002 kidnapping worse. But didn’t her kidnapper’s fundamentalist Mormon faith have far more to do with her ordeal than a dirty magazine?
–Scientists at CERN filmed a hoax video of a human sacrifice, complete with black cloaks and creepy atmosphere. In a world with so must distrust of science, was this silly prank worth it? Or did it cause way more trouble than it was worth?
–Donald Trump shakes up his campaign yet again.  What is this?  The 3rd time in 8 weeks?  It’s a gamble and, while it may not tighten the race with Hillary much in the next few weeks, the upcoming debates may be “must-see TV.”


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