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SFR 500: The End of the Beginning

–It’s episode 500 of Strange Frequencies Radio, and we can’t believe it ourselves! But we’re glad to be together in-studio once again recording this milestone moment.
–How do we celebrate such a momentous event? By drinking something Jason didn’t even know existed until a month ago, and that Bobby has grown to actually like: White Claw!
–Why stop there? Next up, we each enjoy a cognac glass of straight fernet, which Bobby says reminds him of mint toothpaste, but Jason says tastes like Robitussin. Well, hey, you only record your 500th episode once.
–Bobby wants to take some to discuss how he has changed from the start of SFR until now, and he goes from a guy who believed in God and ghosts, to a guy not so sure about ghosts, but who sends his kids to a Catholic school.
–Jason, on the other hand, likes to think he is basically the same person. Just one who has shed some paranormal beliefs.
–We play the one EVP we have never been able to explain. The one that Jason thinks is interesting, but which keeps Bobby wondering “what if?”
–Looking around our humble basement studio full of “Bobby’s Oddities” and other paranormal books and curiosities, it dawns on Jason that there’s a part of each of our 500 episodes in every item down there. That the story of Strange Frequencies Radio is on the shelves all around us. That leads us to grabbing a few items off those shelves, and telling a few stories about them. Included: an original Ouija board, a book signed by an “original ghost hunter,” and a few monstrous footprints.
–This leads us down memory lane, and talking about our time long ago filming for a self-produced documentary called SItuation: Paranormal that unfortunately never saw the light of day. One of the highlights of filming was our interactions with a person we feel was simply a self-deluded “psychic” whose so-called powers totally dissolved under scrutiny. Wait until you hear this.
–Bobby gives a quick review of the movie version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
–We end this episode with a couple recommendations: First, Bobby recommends the Spooked podcast if you like paranormal stories, and Jason, ever the crime nut, recommends Chase Darkness With Me by Billy Jensen.
–Where do we go from here? Episode 501, of course! See you then…

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show500_full.mp3
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SFR 499: Darker Than Dark

–SFR kicks off with Bobby crunching on sea weed, and Jason trying to make sense of the White Claw craze. Spoiler: He never does.
–Bobby makes Jason the first invitation to his Oktoberfest party.
–A South Carolina coroner kills the rumor that Dairy Queen was serving human meat in their burgers.
–Bobby gives a review of the Impossible Whopper!
–Jason does a public service of his own, by watching Ghost Hunters so you don’t have to! He catches up on some old episodes and one particular cast member, and then reviews the new episode.
–Okay, let’s finally talk about the Epstein suicide, and the many conspiracy theories that have surrounded it.
–Bobby is hyped about new Star Wars streaming programs, and makes three prediction possibilities for the upcoming film. Meanwhile, Jason is all about the Breaking Bad movie coming soon to Netflix.
–Our next episode in #500, and we can hardly believe it. We plan to be together for our next recording to properly celebrate the momentous occasion.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show499_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/knxv5hqm26xoild/sfr_show499_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 498: Full Circle

–It was a dark and stormy Sunday night, and Jason and Bobby are recording SFR through power outages aplenty. Listen as they have to reset the program multiple times.
–Ghost hunters is about to come back and Jason has set his DVR, all the while lamenting that SFR feels, in some way, as if it has come full circle.
–One show we are looking forward to, however, is the Nick Frost and Simon Pegg series Truth Seekers, a comedic send up of paranormal investigation shows. Sounds fun!
–Bobby and Jason plan to attend the Toledo Bigfoot & Paranormal conference, which is just a short walk up the street from where Bobby lives. It’s only $10, and is apparently just planned for 5 hours. Plus, we have a couple buds potentially coming in to visit!
–IT Chapter Two is coming up faster than we thought.
–The streaming wars are heating up, and how we watch television is rapidly changing.
–Neighbors aren’t always so neighborly, Jason says, while recounting times he has helped neighbors out only to to be kind of screwed over in return. Bobby tells a story about a friend who wants to rip off Nike.
–Flashback to a couple Fridays ago, as Bobby’s son Gino becomes Mr. Glass. An incredible story.
–Jason showed up at the annual pig roast, and makes an amazing escape that baffles everyone.
–The show ends with Bobby tripping balls.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show498_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wt02gukgwbmxyck/sfr_show498_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 497: The Ghosts We’ve Known and Loved

–SFR is back in your ears, and recording on a new day: Sunday nights! But does that mean the old familiar tech issues would be a thing of the past? Ha! Think again, junior.
–We start off thinking out loud about the recent mass shootings that have taken place in the United States this past week, including one just a couple hours from our hometown.
–Next, a real disgusting story involving a body donation center that includes a cooler full of genitalia, a “Frankenstein monster,” and an exploding grandma.
–Kramer warned Jerry, and Alex Jones warned the rest of us. But the pigmen are coming! Okay, so it’s really just Japan approving human-animal embryo experiments, and the ethical and technical hurdles that must be overcome. Still, the prospects could be incredible if it all works out.
–Zak Bagans buys everything Jason wants! This time, it’s the LaBianca-Manson Family murder house. We talk a bit about Bagans’ Haunted Museum, and how if we were ever in the area, we might be tempted to go even though we don’t want to line his pockets any further.
–A Bigfoot “sighting” and a shooting disrupt a perfectly lovely camping trip for one couple in the Mammoth Cave National Park area of Kentucky.
–SFR Mailbag
Eric asks us about our favorite ghost stories. While for many that might lead to discussions of celebrities haunting their old stomping grounds, or even touching on some of the more famous ghost photos ever published, for us it leads to reminiscing about our own ghost hunting days. While we can’t say we ever actually saw a ghost, we were there when some pretty interesting things happened. Some of them funny, some frustrating, but all entertaining in their own way. And we end the show talking about a number of those experiences.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show497_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/izsit73oryjf4um/sfr_show497_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 496: The End is Near

–Bobby begins the show near death, which is typical when you have kids who pass germs around. Meanwhile, Jason hasn’t been sick in at least a couple of years, and decides to recount the non-vomit streak he is so proud of.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, noted paranormal author and guest speaker, has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 69. Bobby is deeply hurt, not just because Rosemary was always kind to us, but because he always enjoyed her work. Jason talks about the vultures who will now claim communication from the other side with her, why it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it will happen, but how you can know for sure it is shady.
–More sequels to the Halloween franchise are on their way, with Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends coming over the next couple years to continue the story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Even though neither of us cared much for the recent entry, Jason says horror fans are masochists, and we all watch the sequels regardless. Kind of like Star Wars fans, as Bobby points out.
–SFR Mailbag:
We take on a couple questions from the audience, with O’Reilly asking about Ohio raising the legal age to buy cigarettes and vape products, while Pterodactyl Mike asks how long we will last if the power goes out? Fun questions, and we have some laughs!
–We close the show with a Stranger Things season 3 *spoiler review*. What did we like and dislike about this season, and what should be expected going into the next season? We give our opinions, and look forward to hearing yours.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show496_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dpp24h0kqep58it/sfr_show496_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 495: The Beginning of the End

–SFR is back in your ears, and while we may not be the best podcast around, we’re definitely not the worst. So that’s something, right? Right, guys? We aren’t the worst…are we?
–Huge viral story over the last week, as over 1 million people “sign up” to storm Area 51 and find the aliens this September. While we’re certain that most of these folks aren’t serious, we do wonder how many will show up, and how many of them will make a mad dash.
–A Catholic bishop, in an effort to fight crime and corruption in Colombia, plans a mass exorcism and dumping holy water down over a city. Unfortunately, he was unable to secure a helicopter, so he had to stick to flicking it from a bucket while on top of a firetruck.
–Tennessee police issue a warning not to flush drugs, because apparently you can run the risk of creating meth gators.
–Next, we talk about some of the silliest, most ridiculous cryptids we’ve had run reading about over the years. We brought up the Loveland Frogs, Melon Heads, and the Dong Wrangler of Czechoslovakia. But is any discussion of crazy cryptids complete without mention of Hobo Lobo and ol’ Three Toed Nimble Knocker from our neck of the woods?
–The trailer for IT: Chapter Two has been released, and the reviews are positive. Talk of the upcoming release has us reminiscing about our childhoods, and discussing the importance of having a classic scary movie for your generation.
–Plus, a trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot hits, and while Bobby simply hated the writing, Jason thinks he may have finally gotten too old to enjoy the characters.
–We’ll be back next time with a spoiler review of Stranger Things season three.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show495_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/34zdrce1smjg2y1/sfr_show495_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 494: A Veritable Smorgasbord

–Within the first few minutes of SFR, we learn three things. One, Bobby has a headache. Two, Jason doesn’t get them. And three, Bobby knows a guy named Ryan who can’t vomit.
–The much ballyhooed 4th of July Trump parade has come and gone, and your preconceived political beliefs probably dictate your thoughts about it.
–Is the Jeffrey Epstein case going to take down Trump, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and anyone else that has any connections to him?
–This week saw the anniversary of the “Roswell Incident,” an event that will long fascinate people, be they true believers or not.
–We give a Stranger Things review, keeping it as *spoiler free* as possible. Which wasn’t that hard, really, since neither of us have finished the new season. But we do talk about Evan Rachel Wood’s comments about character Hopper’s “toxic” behavior, and how it sure seems like a lot of folks don’t like celebrities pontificating.
–We tried doing a SFR Youtube livestream last night, and boy oh boy did that fail spectacularly.
Ariel is black in the new incarnation of the Little Mermaid, and Bobby has some insight into the racial controversy via the folks at his poker night.
–The US women won the World Cup, and are apparently not going to the White House whether they were invited or not. Jason thinks it’s bad for the country and elevates political divisiveness when a team representing their nation turns their back like this.
–The criminal case against Kevin Spacey seems to have fallen apart now that the accuser has asserted his 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. Spacey’s name may be mud, and he may never again be an A-level actor, but it sure seems he will avoid prison on what Jason thought was a bogus case from the start.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show494_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5sgqfz5l2diz76/sfr_show494_full.mp3?dl=0
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