No live show today


There will not be a live show Sunday, but we did record a few drunk and/or high people (as well as a couple sober ones) discussing weird things last night that will be made available sometime later.  Stay tuned!

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SFR 427: Hog Wild

We weren’t able to do a live show on Sunday because of a party at Bobby’s house, so instead we recorded this:  a podcast featuring multiple drunk and/or high people (as well as a couple sober ones) discussing weird things.  There’s some politics and religion (sorry, but what do you expect when sitting around a table of drunks?), a bit about Alex Jones being attacked with coffee, and someone tells a story about seeing a pterodactyl.  No, seriously!

I don’t think any of the participants can really recommend this one.  The general consensus was that it will be either our least downloaded podcast ever, or go down in SFR history. Regardless, it’ll be one that lives on in our memories for quite a while.

Listen at your own risk!


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SFR 426: Wash Your Hands

Charlottesville demonstrators, ranging from Alt-Right to Antifa, clash. Multiple people are dead. Trump fails in an attempt at leadership. Jason is heartsick, both because he saw it coming, and because one man charged in a death is from our backyard. We’ll break down the events, and offer some ideas on how to prevent these situations in the future.
–A norovirus outbreak in our area has sickened approximately 400 people. We end the segment with some words of advice. Namely, wash your goddamn hands.
Stan Romanek has been found guilty on one count of possession of child pornography, but not for distribution. We wonder how Netflix, who is promoting a Romanek documentary, will handle this issue.
pigandwolfSFR–We are atheists. Is it possible that we are also cultural Christians? Bobby takes this question that Jason posed to him recently and runs with it, which includes a story involving a co-worker calling him “disrespectful” over the issue.
–The Lowe Files aired while we were away, and Jason saw enough of the first episode to know he doesn’t like it and finds it almost completely unoriginal. Bobby set his DVR. Did he actually watch like he said he would?
Michelle Carter, the young woman convicted in a “texting death,” was sentenced to what amounts to 15 months in a correctional facility.
–Can we talk about gender hysteria? Whether it is people freaking out over transgender people in the military, Google firing a worker who wrote a memo about the biological differences between males and females, or the Alamo Drafthouse getting sued for discriminating against men at Wonder Woman screenings…stop it. Treat people as individuals, not as members of a group. Discrimination in the service of equality is not equality.


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SFR 425: It’s My Party

–It’s Jason’s birthday today! He talks about how great it is that, each year, he and Bobby exchange Christmas and birthday gifts on SFR. Then he finds out…well, you’ll see.
–We’re adamant that this show isn’t political, but about weird news. And what could be weirder than President Trump embarrassing himself in front of the Boy Scouts, tweeting an attack on transgender armed service members, and a fight against health insurance.
37th-birthday–Moving on to something a little more fun: The first official trailer for the IT remake is out, and Bobby is especially excited about hearing Pennywise speak. Jason is looking forward to the movie, but fears it will never surpass the original for him.
–Should mediums be used in grief counseling? It’s an idea that may rile skeptics, but what if there were evidence that, for the people who hold a paranormal belief system, using mediums could help them heal? It’s worth considering.
–The future of Snopes, the premiere “debunking” website on the internet, is in doubt due to a convoluted mess involving lawsuits and a divorce. If there’s good news, it’s that a fundraiser has been extremely successful.
–UFO nut Stan Romanek’s trial for child pornography begins bright and early on Monday. An old Facebook post we made about the charges has never died down from the comments of conspiracy theorists.
–The Lowe Files begins this Wednesday. While it looks like another show where people say “Did you hear that?” a lot while standing in the dark, it’s still Sodapop Curtis & Sons, and for that reason alone, we’ll be watching.


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SFR 424: A Thief in the Night

–OJ Simpson has been granted parole for his role in an armed robbery, and we discuss a bit about his hearing. Jason says he understands why OJ did not take the stand in his own defense during his murder trial.
–What has been weirding everyone out this week? We check our Facebook page to find out what is vexing our listeners.


Don’t feed us after midnight!

–Senator John McCain has brain cancer, and Bobby is concerned, but cheering him on. Jason talks about McCain’s time as a POW, as it is more brutal and graphic than many may know.
–The legendary director George Romero has passed away, and we share a few thoughts in tribute to him. What was your favorite Romero film?
–Bobby recently found out about a “suicide challenge” called the Blue Whale game.
While troubling, we do wonder how much of the stories are fact, and what is fiction.
–Teens in Florida watch a handicapped man drown, filming and mocking him the whole time. What kind of crime might they be charged with?
–A shooting at a “gender reveal party” in Ohio a couple weeks ago takes an even stranger turn once it was discovered that the pregnant woman at the center of the event was not even pregnant at all.
–A woman in Saudi Arabia has been arrested for wearing a skirt in public. That sounds insane to us, but unfortunately it is all too normal in Islamic countries. What is even more disheartening is listening to liberals defend it on cultural grounds.
–We open the SFR mailbag and answer a question from JT, who was recently pulled into a religious conversation with his supervisor at work.  How would we have handled something like this?


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SFR 423: Millions and Millions

–We start with the controversial meeting between Donald Trump Jr. (and associates) with a Russian lawyer. Bobby thinks it has been largely overblown, and that the Trump campaign is a victim of their own ignorance.
goldstone–Will “the People’s Champ,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, really run for president? Is Kid Rock actually going for a Michigan Senate seat? Now that the door is open, it’s all possible. But we’re still hoping Chris Rock can balance this ticket out.
–Remember that “Amelia Earhart in Japanese custody” photo that History did a documentary on? Yeah…it’s already been exposed for the nonsense it was. Seems historical accuracy was the first victim in the quest for intrigue and ratings.
–Jason watched episode one of American Ripper and he has already had enough. It’s long on speculation and short on facts, and a couple reviews seem to agree.
–We get into a discussion about serial killers, focusing on why “Jack the Ripper” still holds so much fascination for people, as well as why some, like Dennis “BTK” Rader, actually do stop killing.
–Bobby regales with a video he watched recently about Black Eyed Children, a recent legend that has much in common with vampire lore.


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SFR 422: Stickshifts and Safetybelts

–A photo, purported to be of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in Japanese custody, is making the rounds and getting people excited about an upcoming documentary. But there is almost zero reason to believe in its legitimacy.
pigandwolfSFR–Speaking of a lack of credibility, yet another ghost hunting television show is facing allegations of staging. This time, it’s Ghosts of Shepherdstown. We’ll help separate the fact from fiction.
–A “patriot” shoots himself in the leg with a shitty gun while defending Civil War memorials from fake news. Don’t worry, it all makes sense when you hear the story.
–Jason and Bobby are fans of classical music. While researching his favorite composers, Jason discovered a “dirty” story about Mozart.
–Bobby talks about “Left Shoe Larry,” who explained to him how to avoid a DUI.  Then he tells a few funny stories about his dear old dad. 
–Last week, Jason spent some time dismissing Bobby’s affinity for fidget spinners. This week, he admits he bought one for a very low price. So, what’s the verdict?
–CNN is facing allegations that they “blackmailed” a guy who made a meme that President Trump shared. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about this story, even though there is also much to be concerned about.


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