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Join us Sunday at 3pm Eastern as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.

It should be a fun and entertaining program, and hopefully the chat room will be hopping. If you want to join in on the party, and exchange ideas along with us, simply click on the “Listen Live” button at showtime to listen, watch, and, if you would like, chat.

See ya then!

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SFR 442: Our Shitholes, Ourselves

–Big news: Strange Frequencies Radio has a “new” chatroom. Our live show links have been updated. So hit up this page here, create yourself a username, and chat with us!
–The talk of Oprah running for president heated up this past week. We’ve talked about this kind of thing before, but we are still saying “nope” to the Ope…not just because she has zero public service experience, but because she is the Queen of Woo. Although, will many still be against her if she were the Democratic nominee?
–Gillian Anderson says that she is definitely leaving the role of Dana Scully behind after this season of the X Files. We asked the audience, now we’ll give our answer: should the show continue without her, or has the time come to end it all?
–One show that IS coming back is Cosmos. That’s right, Neil deGrasse Tyson will be back for another round, scheduled to begin airing in spring of 2019.
–Charlie Daniels sounds very concerned about Taco Bell and the Illuminati. As he said, it is not a frivolous subject!
–So, what’s weirding the SFR audience out this week? Kevin is concerned about Trump and shitholes, Lou is worried about iguanas, and Brad is still fighting with anti-vaxxers. Let’s discuss!
–A pastor at a Memphis megachurch admits to a “sexual incident” with a high school student in Texas 20 years ago, when he was 22 and she was 17. His congregation gave him a standing ovation after the admission. Bizarre? Yes. But there is more to this story than most people are talking about, and we are having some big disagreements.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show442_full.mp3
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SFR 441: Fire and Fury

–We’re back! It’s a new year, and there’s a new look for our studio as well. The live viewers are seeing a whole new angle, with Bobby’s autographed photos just within frame. Jason, meanwhile, is worried this rickety chair he is sitting on will collapse beneath him.
–The first thing Bobby wants to talk about is the Netflix documentary Jim & Andy, about Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman, and he gives it a hearty recommendation. We discuss some of our favorite scenes, and Jason piggybacks off Bobby to make it a dual recommendation.
CSM–Hey, did you see the new X-Files episode? A plot involving Cigarette Smoking Man impregnating an unconscious Scully had many crying foul. “Rape is not okay,” they said. And they’re right. CSM is a villain, folks. We remark that there is a lot of murders depicted in entertainment as well, but it doesn’t get the same outrage.
–A Phoenix area family is being bothered by a pesky poltergeist, and a Yiddish one at that! Do we believe this is truly a paranormal event? No, we do not. But we do give these folks bonus points for coming up with a new twist on old woo.
–What’s weirding you out this week? It’s a question we try to ask our Facebook page followers each week, and the answers usually run the gamut of funny and intriguing. This week doesn’t disappoint! Everything from how cyclones became weaponized from AJ, climate change issues from Ian, and one listener even has the “perfect cult leader name,” and we love them for it.
–Two of our friends got engaged a while back, broke up for a couple weeks, and are now back together and re-engaged. Jason wondered if that’s even necessary, but asks for feedback from listeners.
–Bobby ordered the “Fire and Fury” book about the Trump White House, but has not received it yet because it is on backorder. However, we discuss some of the stories that have come out, and wonder how many are as true as they may appear.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show441_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqz7mne9zzxmhqr/sfr_show441_full.mp3?dl=0

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SFR 440: One With The Force

–We missed Sunday’s show while Bobby worked, but are together tonight via the magic of Skype recording a new episode. We hope you want to hear about Star Wars, because it takes up the vast majority of this discussion.
–We start with a non-spoiler review of The Last Jedi. We know some of you haven’t seen it yet, so we wouldn’t want to ruin it for you. It took Bobby a second viewing before he learned to really appreciate it. Jason, while not a fan of the franchise, had a problem with the pacing. Not sure how much sense this non-spoiler review makes, because we hold so much back in favor of revealing it during the full-spoiler review at the end of this episode.
pigandwolfSFRStan Romanek, noted UFO hoaxer, was sentenced to two years in a halfway house as part of his punishment for his conviction for the possession of child pornography. We knew he likely would not be doing hard time in a federal prison, but there are parts of us that wish he were. Now, we can only hope that through his time in custody, and his mandated counseling, that he emerges from this a changed man. But it’s probably not likely.
–What’s this about Harry Reid helping to organize a secret government investigation into UFOs? Yes, it was real. But like other similar investigations, they spent a lot of money and came away with bupkus.
–Jason spends a few minutes talking about how a garden hose flooded his backyard, and poses two different explanations. One of them likely, and the other paranormal. Really, it was all an excuse to laugh about ridiculous ghost stories we have heard over the years.
–Now it’s time for the full-spoiler review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We warn you time and time again to turn off the podcast at this point if you have not seen the movie, or if you don’t want to know what happens. But from this point until the end of the podcast, and it’s quite a sizable amount of time, you’ll hear our thoughts on very specific plot elements and character arcs. You’ll hear it from the perspective of Bobby, a superfan of the franchise, and Jason, who has no emotional connection to Star Wars at all. If you don’t want to know details, turn away now!
–This may be the last episode of SFR until 2018. Normally we would be back this coming Sunday, but with Sunday being Christmas Eve, that’s probably not going to happen. Monday being Christmas Day leaves us without an easy makeup date to record something over Skype. Then, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are the following week. It’s more likely we’ll be back around Sunday, January 7th 2018, or thereabouts. Hopefully with more regular episodes, as Bobby’s “busy season” at work should have drawn to a close. As always, stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates. See you (most likely) next year!

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show440_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k5uq5jevsh2t2z9/sfr_show440_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 439: Bake the Cake

–Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi had its world premiere, and Bobby spent his late night trying to find spoilers while Jason helped. This week, a large group of us will check out opening night, and Jason is looking forward to seeing how Bobby and the rest of the fans enjoy it (or not).
–Our friend Sharon Hill’s new book, Scientifical Americans, deserves to be owned by you. We air a quick promo from Sharon herself with all the details.
SFR_Eye–Brendan Dassey, imprisoned for his role in the murder of Teresa Halbach, along with his uncle Steven Avery of ‘Making A Murderer,’ has his conviction upheld by a court, and we are brokenhearted.
–Speaking of court cases, the Masterpiece Cakeshop case went before the Supreme Court on Tuesday. How will they rule? Jason guesses they will not overturn portions of the Civil Rights Act, but will affirm the baker’s right to not bake a cake for a gay wedding. The official ruling will likely not happen until June of 2018.
–Last week we did not do a show because Bobby’s daughter was, in his words, doing a “Christmas play.” But it was A Christmas Carol, live at Toledo’s own Valentine Theater. It’s a big deal, and Jason couldn’t believe he didn’t mention it!
–In related Bobby news, he says we can “stop worrying” about his ongoing heart issues. Not because doctors gave him the “all clear,” but because the heart monitor he was fitted with was chewed up by his new cat while he slept. Even more troublesome for him, the doctor he has been going to for 20+ years is retiring.
–Before we go, Jason shares a letter written by a 6yo boy to Santa that went viral and gave him a laugh.
–Jason reveals he has been reading the Jefferson Bible lately, making an earnest attempt to study what Jesus might have thought about those that deny services to gay people.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show439_full.mp3
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SFR 438: Charlie Don’t Surf

–We are back with you here at the end of a Thanksgiving weekend. How was your holiday? Bobby’s family took in a stray kitten, Jason took on a couple pounds. Also, when we are “thankful,” who or what are we thankful to, if not a God?
–Thanksgiving Day also happened to be 9 years to the day that we launched SFR. We share some memories of that first episode, and talk about our hopes for the future of the show.
SFR_Eye–This past week saw Charles Manson pass away, which has led to quite a kerfuffle over the rights to his body. Plus, if Manson never killed anyone, why was he in prison? We have an explanation we hope people will understand.
–We can’t have an honest conversation about sexual assault if we don’t differentiate it from sexual harassment and awkward interactions. But Democrats also can’t cede the upper hand on this by protecting Al Franken.
–History Channel is in the midst of airing a 5-part special called The Hunt For the Zodiac Killer, which Jason has been watching, and is disappointed by. But what else do you expect from the network that brought us that bogus Amelia Earhart documentary?
-Speaking of serial killers, has anyone been following the ongoing unsolved Seminole Heights Shooter case in Tampa? Four dead thus far, but we hope the cops are closing in on the perpetrator.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show438_full.mp3
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0owi5o2de467uw/sfr_show438_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 437: King of Hearts

–Bobby wants to kick off the show talking about how, last week, he got his car stuck on a flooded street. Bad news is, he had to wait in the rain for 90 minutes, and the car isn’t quite the same. The good news is he’ll never try to gun the engine through water again.
–About this time, Bobby’s wife hollers down that she needs Bobby’s help. While gone, Jason attempts to keep the show afloat by talking about what he hears going on upstairs, and “teasing” upcoming topics. Around 10 minutes later, Bobby comes back to reveal that one of his dogs had a nice walking pee throughout the house.
–Bobby reveals that he has recently discovered some heart-related issues that potentially are very serious. It started Thursday evening when he had an episode which saw his resting heart rate top out at 192. He has seen a doctor, and is now waiting to hear back from a cardiologist. Scary stuff.
–In better news, it turns out Bobby will be heading back to Florida after all, albeit for just a 3-day weekend. Still, he’ll take it.
–We spend some time on the mass shooting at a Texas church that happened during last week’s podcast. Jason talks about seeing an interview with Stephen Willeford, the man who grabbed his own AR-15 and engaged the killer. A very harrowing story, to be sure. This leads us into talking about gun homicides in general. Because the truth is, while mass shootings get much of the press, they represent a very small fraction of the overall gun-related homicides in this country.
–Jason has been finding out lately that many of his favorite entertainers are predatory perverts, whether it’s Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, or now Louis CK. And again, Jason is hammering on the idea that good men are failing women by not doing more to protect and defend them. But we’re also confused by how so many people seem to know about these stories, since they go back years, yet little has ever been done until it becomes a big story.

Listen:  http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show437_full.mp3
Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/yotvy6o6rwl8g23/sfr_show437_full.mp3?dl=0
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