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SFR 507: A November To Dismember

–Halloween, for us, was fairly uneventful. We’re old. But the kids persevered despite the crummy weather and brought back loads of candy.
–Reports of razor blades being found in candy in Ohio has us scratching our heads. Though one report sounds just a tad suspicious.
–Bobby talks about a friend of his who worried about cultural appropriation at school around Halloween. Jason says that white liberals treat minorities as their pets, and most of this really comes down to the need for power and control. It’s not about trying to change minds, instead there’s always a punishment involved.  (Here are the videos Bobby references:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT2UH74ksJ4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNXm7juuM-8.)
–Jason does announcements, and Bobby helps put a new spin on them.
–Well the word around the campfire is that Epstein didn’t kill himself. We break down the latest from the perspective of Dr. Michael Baden, who thinks the evidence right now points more toward homicide, and from NY Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson who stands by her office’s conclusion that it was suicide. We need to hear your thoughts!
–Next up is a little impeachment talk, since it appears the more private hearings are over, and the public hearings will begin soon. Bobby is torn on a few items, while Jason won’t judge until he can hear and examine the evidence, and not what certain politicians and media outlets are putting out to boost their narratives.
–Finally, we each talk about what we’ve been watching on Netflix. Bobby just saw a documentary about an infamous high school football rape case called Roll Red Roll. Meanwhile, Jason is watching the Netflix version of Cold Case Files and really enjoying it.
–See you again next time!

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SFR 506: Ghastly Screams

–There’s just a handful of days until Halloween and Bobby is thrilled about a Christmas ale he found.
–A family waiting for the End Times is discovered in a secret room in the Netherlands when one guy walks away and orders some beers.
–A Sandy Hook father has won a defamation case against a denier who published a book filled with malicious falsehoods.
–Are THC edibles being passed out to kids for Trick or Treat to make them trip balls? No. It’s an offshoot of an old myth, always prevalent around this time of year, where a boogey man poisons Halloween candy. Don’t buy into it.
–Bobby is now CPR certified, and can now save Jason’s life when he inevitably collapses after too many pizzas. That’s good! But the scary part is where he found traces of fentanyl are being located. In short, be extra careful in public bathrooms.
–Payton Leutner, the 2012 Slenderman attack victim, speaks out for the first time about what she went to, and what she thinks about her attackers.
–Is there a movie you have to watch each Halloween? The Freqs weigh in with their answers. Bobby always has to watch the original Halloween on Halloween. Jason doesn’t have one in particular, but thinks he’ll go with Sleepaway Camp this year.
–Bobby reviews the Creepshow tv series, now available on Shudder.
–A guy with a “Jesus Saves” runner’s bid collapses at a race, and a guy named Jesus helps save him.
–Edward Snowden was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and confirms that he could find no evidence of past alien visitation during his time as an intelligence analyst in the CIA. Also, climate change is real, chemtrails aren’t a thing, and the moon landing happened.
–We end with the deal of ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the idea of giving credit where credit is due.

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SFR 505: Ghostly Goulash

–Worried your new home may be haunted? A real estate firm in Charlotte is bringing in ghost hunters as part of the home inspections through Halloween. We discuss what the law says about real estate and hauntings, and talk about the potential marketing strategy behind this move
–Jason says he must have slept through the news that Zak Bagans purchased several Ghostbusters film props, including a ghost trap, jumpsuit, and proton pack shell. We marvel at the amount of money he has spent on stuff we admittedly find cool, plus: Bobby goes gonzo over a Gozer slip-up.
–Do ghost tours and ghost hunters disrespect the memory of the people they’re hunting? One article about the Pennhurst Asylum says yet. We talk about similar type “haunts” in our neck of the woods, but have differing experiences.
–Pew Research continues to show that religious affiliation in America is decreasing, while the “nones” are increasing. Is this good news? Jason doesn’t see the positive results yet. Meanwhile, Bobby talks about his recent experiences going to church himself.
–Last week, Jason promised he would do a quick El Camino review, as he was asked to do by Ian, and he does so. Bottom line: he doesn’t think the movie was necessary, and while he had some qualms with it, he was glad to see those characters again.
–Bobby cannot contain his excitement for the first look at the last of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga films, with a teaser set to come out Monday.
–More to come next time. See you then!

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SFR 504: Bigfoot and Brewskies

–Bobby and Jason open the show discussing beer, since we each got a bottle from our buddy Chris O’Reilly, whom we met at the Bigfoot convention this past weekend.
–We review the Toledo Bigfoot & Paranormal conference in full, from the moment we walked in, until the time we left. Included are the sights we saw and the uhh, smells we smelled. Ah, good times.
–Jason reviews the new paranormal show Ghost Nation which debuted on Travel Channel recently. You can probably guess he wasn’t a fan, but some of his biggest issues were with the technical aspects like editing and voiceover.
–SInce he’s been tracking it, Jason does a quick analysis of Ghost Hunters’ ratings over the past couple months, comparing it with recent seasons of Ghost Adventures, and the premiere episode of Ghost Nation. Which should has gotten the highest ratings lately? We’ll continue tracking to learn more.
–We end the show talking about the Ellen DeGeneres & George Bush friendship fiasco, including reactions from leftist celebrities. After exposing the hypocrites, we basically agree that a lot of people are totally full of shit on this issue.
–Bobby is tired. More to come next time!

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show504_full.mp3
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SFR 503: A Little About A Lot

–Fresh off Oktoberfest at the Nelson family abode, Strange Frequencies Radio is back. We’re still full from the beers and brats, but dammit we’re ready to go!
–Let’s start off light. Stranger Things has been renewed for season 4 (no shock there) and we’re not in Hawkins anymore. Plus, the Duffer Brothers have signed a fat deal to continue producing content for Netflix. What wonders might we have in store?
–Let’s talk fake hate/bias crimes again. We mention two, one involving a 6th grade black girl who lied about three white boys cutting off her dreadlocks, and another here local to us about a black mother blaming a “white bitch” for an attempted kidnapping.
–Bobby, an unabashed Star Wars nut, is very upset after seeing Mark Hamill took a big dump on Ivanka Trump after she shared an image of her young child in a stormtrooper costume. Jason bemoans the divisiveness, where not even images of kids are safe from rage due to political squabbles.
–Bernie Sanders suffers a heart attack on the campaign trail, and we discuss whether or not he should drop out of the race.
–The trial of Amber Guyger for the killing of Botham Jean is over, with the former Dallas police officer being sentenced to 10 years, with the possibility for parole in 5. But Jason was moved by the act of true humanity and forgiveness on display from the Jean family, and wishes the more sanctimonious among us could take a lesson from it.
–Bobby showed Jason the Sandy Hook Promise “back to school” commercial that debuted a couple weeks back, and we discuss whether ads like this, as well as the “active shooter drills” going on in American schools do far more harm than good.
–We end the show with a report and video of a UFO sighting in North Carolina, and break down the likeliest explanations. Is it aliens? Or flares?

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show503_full.mp3
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SFR 502: An Uplifting Ending

–SFR is here again, and we’ve recorded for back to back weeks for the first time in what feels like months. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Bobby holding a kid again.
–Okay, we can’t ignore it. The Trump impeachment inquiry is underway. We recap the basics of the story, and hope most everyone can at least agree that what the president did was wrong. But, should he be removed from office over it? Was the act severe enough (at least based on what we know now) to nullify the results of an election? We give our answers, and we hope you’ll contact us to give us yours.
–We despise Cancel Culture, and yet it has reared its ugly head again in the case of Carson King, a young man who raised millions for a children’s hospital, only to have his good deed tarnished by a reporter who dug up a couple inappropriate tweets he made around 8 years ago, when he was a teenager.
–The Des Moines Register reporter who helped “cancel” Carson King, is now out of a job after his own bad tweets were dug up. He seems to think he is the real victim as well.  Where does the madness end?!?
–Swedish teen Greta Thunberg becomes the face and voice of a climate movement, which is amazing. But Jason has serious concerns whenever adults task their children with the responsibility of being the leaders of a movement.
–We touch on how activists have to have more substance to their argument than just emotion. Know your facts, know your history, and at least know the science or mechanics behind what you’re being an activist for. Because your opponents probably will, and they’ll kick your ass if you aren’t careful.
–We end the show this week with a powerful and uplifting email from a listener who has been with us a lot longer than we ever knew. Listen, and hear Bobby and Jason not only be touched emotionally, but encouraged to keep evolving, growing, and challenging ourselves and others.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show502_full.mp3
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SFR 501: Punching the Clown

–SFR is back in your life! And with another week away, there’s a lot to get into. Where to begin?
–The “Storm Area 51” event, that morphed into AlienStock, that morphed again into an all things extraterrestrial free for all happened over the weekend, and we give the scoop on what went down. Good news: it doesn’t appear anyone had to be vaporized for trying to see ‘dem aliens.
–Justin Trudeau had a bad week. Some old photos of the Candian PM donned in “brownface” were uncovered and he had to make a few apologies. Bobby laments that liberals focus on these kind of scandals. Jason says that, while he is pretty sure Trudeau is not a racist, he does enjoy when someone who positions themselves as ultra progressive and “woke” has to grovel before the politically correct elite.
–Benny Hinn is renouncing the prosperity gospel, in what Jason thinks is almost assuredly a new version of the same scam he has been pulling for years. Bobby warns to heed the words of James Randi about these “unsinkable rubber duckies.”
–Bobby attends a friend’s diaper party, and shoots an AR15! How did he, someone who admits he is uncomfortable with guns, feel about shooting the most despised firearm of the political left? Well, it sure sounds like he enjoyed it…
–We went to the theater to see IT and some creepy guy offers us his children. A weird little event we just had to share with you.
–Finally, we give our fully detailed review of IT: Chapter Two, and yes there are *spoilers* involved. Bottom line: neither of us liked this movie, and we left very disappointed. But we want to hear what you thoughts, so please let us know.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show501_full.mp3
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