SFR Live is on hiatus until further notice


Strange Frequencies Radio’s live show will be sporadic until further notice. Bobby’s laptop totally crashed recently, and he had to get it restored. But we are recording podcasts whenever we can get together, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for those. After the Nelson Family gets back from Florida in mid-June, we hope to be back to regularly scheduled broadcasts.

But let’s not lose touch. Keep in contact with us here and let us know what’s on your mind.


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SFR 456: A Royal Pain

–Do you like our show’s intro theme? Bobby tells its origins right at the top of the show, then struggles to find the song that inspired it. But don’t worry, he gets there eventually.
–We are doing a semi-impromptu recording late on a Saturday night. And we’re actually in our beloved basement studio for the first time in what feels like a month. Probably because it has been.
–Jason finally gets the chance to hold and sample the Budweiser beer based on on an old George Washington recipe. Will he actually enjoy it?
Jason Korbus and Bobby Nelson–The royal wedding is all the rave, both here in the States and in England. Bobby is furious that people are so obsessed, especially his wife and daughter. Jason asks who the royal family would be if we had one in America.
–Jason talks about his ongoing desire for a job in a presidential administration. Namely, he wants to be Snack Czar, or Secretary of Snacks. He’s just waiting for the call. Meanwhile, Bobby is angry that things at the Dollar Store don’t always cost only $1.
–Bobby misses doing interviews on the show, and wants to start booking paranormalist guests again. But his desire to “school them” is gone.
–Bobby tells a story about getting robbed at gunpoint back when he was a practicing Christian, and remembers how he didn’t even consider praying while it was all happening. Jason reminds him of the friends that talked tough when they weren’t in danger.
–Back to the idea of booking guests, we reminisce about some of our most famous (and infamous) interviews.


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SFR 455: You’re the Best Around

–We are back recording on another Wednesday night! Bobby starts it off by talking about his newfound love of Budweiser’s Freedom Reserve Red Lager. Jason, who doesn’t drink beer, recommended it. Why? Because it’s based on a recipe by George Washington!
–It’s weird not doing live broadcasts lately. What have we been up to? Well, Bobby has to be a “dutiful father,” and attend plays and dance recitals for his kids. Meanwhile, Jason never wanted his parents at his baseball games.
–Fish tacos: do you like them? Because Jason hates them, calling them an “abomination” and “an affront to humanity.”
–Bobby can’t help it. He needs to have a brief political talk segment, and has a few questions about when a president can be indicted. Jason asks if anti-Trumpers believe that Trump’s term thus far has been better or worse than they expected it to be.
–Jason is excited about the prospects of a new Rambo movie. Like, really excited. He’s actually wearing an American flag bandana while recording the podcast. But talk of Rambo leads to the boys bringing up Rocky, iconic characters, and Tommy Morrison’s AIDS denial.
–Bobby, on the hand, is excited about the Solo: A Star Wars Story world premiere at Cannes. He plans to learn all the details of the plot before he ends up seeing it himself.
–We briefly talk about nostalgia as Bobby brings up the Cobra Kai series on Youtube.
–We end the show talking about the recent death of paranormal author Brad Steiger, a man whose books we enjoyed (wooey though they were) and whose company we appreciated during his multiple appearances on Strange Frequencies Radio. Bobby gets a kick out of Steiger’s old book titles. And Jason even quickly recounts an odd Fortean experience he had growing up that he once told Steiger about. See what you think!


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SFR 454: Surprise Minisode!

–SFR is back after another hiatus. This time, it started of a health scare in Jason’s family. That’s right, it was finally Jason’s fault! But then, just as we were set to return last Sunday, Bobby’s laptop crashed, forcing him to have it repaired. However, we are back now, and really excited to be recording again…even if it is via Skype.
–Joseph Deangelo Jr. has been arrested in a 40 year old serial rape and murder case known as the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker/Golden State Killer. The good news is, it looks like the police have got their man. But serious privacy concerns arise over the manner in which they found him.
–Bobby’s kids continue to piss him off by interrupting the show, and Jason does his best to listen in and enjoy.
Bill Cosby has been convicted on all counts in his retrial for the aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Constand. What made this trial different than the last? Will Cosby serve any time? All this and more is discussed about a case that really creeped us out.
–That’s all, folks!


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SFR 453: Last Minute Cancellation

–Hot damn! Bobby is here two weeks in a row! Now let’s see if we can actually record a show this week that doesn’t sound like we are broadcasting from a well.
–Jason brings up the recent military strikes in Syria, mostly because Bobby is afraid of World War 3. But it turns out, he’s actually supporting it!  Jason says he would have liked to see congressional approval first, but does point out the hypocrisy of the outrage.
–Since we’re going to get past the Trump stuff first, why not mention that his lawyer, Michael Cohen, was raided by the FBI this past week. Should be we concerned by a breach of attorney-client confidentiality? What about leaks?
–Roseanne Barr loves Trump, and has made no secret about that either publicly, or on her popular sitcom. We are big fans of the show, so what do we make of the people who are boycotting because of her views and past tweets?
–We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Art Bell, paranormal radio pioneer, passing away at the age of 72. We share remembrances of him, and talk a bit about his legacy.
–Did Buzz Aldrin “pass a lie detector test” that proves he saw aliens? No. First of all, there is no such thing as a “lie detector test,” secondly it doesn’t appear he really took a test, and third, he’s never said he saw any damn aliens. We’ll explain the confusion.
–With murders in London skyrocketing, largely because of increases in knife attacks, Mayor Sadiq Khan is implementing “knife control,” because, as he says, “there is never a reason to carry a knife.” Wrong move.
–The Atlantic fires conservative writer Kevin Williamson because he views abortion as murder, and thinks women who abort pregnancies should be hung. We ask for your opinions!


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SFR 452: Creepy Characters

***We are aware of the poor audio quality. We clearly goofed.***

–It’s been a long 2 weeks off, and it feels like we have missed so much. So instead of having a set lineup, we’re just winging it today. Whatever comes up, come up. Let’s go!
–Bobby starts off by talking about his new workout and diet regimen that is slowly making him angrier and in more pain. An aspect involving Bobby having to send
pictures of his body to a man each week gives Jason endless laughs.
wolfpig–Jason brings up the recent shooting at Youtube. We talk about how strange it is to see a woman commit an act like that, even if we agree that this lady was off her rocker. There are disagreements, however, about whether or not the story would have stayed in the headlines longer had it been the prototypical white male.
–That brings up the Austin bomber story we missed out on while we were away, and how we had a hard time calling it an act of terrorism without knowing the motivations. Was he targeting minorities? Church leaders? White bicyclists? Or just trying to kill or hurt anyone he could in the short time he was active? And is the definition of terrorism itself being stretched so far by some as to be almost meaningless?
–Bobby uses the idea of “terror or fear in a community” to bring up a series of break ins that have been happening in his neighborhood, and how it led some to react in dangerous ways.
–That led us to tell a variety of our own stories involving break ins, foiled burglaries, and creepy people we’ve run across in our communities over the years. It takes up the rest of the show! And a lot of them are pretty fun! So if anything we talk about brings up a memory of yours, feel free to drop us a line and share.


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SFR 451: Unpopular Opinions

–Wow, we’re back doing a live broadcast on Sunday! Bobby was not too sick, nor did he remember he had another kid that was celebrating a birthday, and he didn’t go out of town with Anderson Cooper or something. Fun!
–Today’s show is about unpopular opinions. Or, at least the kind of opinions that make people uncomfortable in certain situations. Some of them will be ours, some will be yours, and we’ll explore others in between.
–We start with a clip of an interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Young, wherein Peterson makes the argument that, in order to think things out and get closer to the truth, you sometimes have to risk offending people. But that’s just the price for free speech and free inquiry.
–Jason brings up a public discussion a few months back involving Steven Pinker at Harvard, where he brought up a few different facts that, while easily provable, are still considered unpopular or controversial in certain circles.
–We left off last week with the subject of school shootings, wondering why the perpetrators are typical white teenagers. Out of the several comments and emails Jason received, he brings up a couple that stuck with him.
–This brings up the recent #Enough school walkouts that happened on March 14th. Bobby shares some of his opinions, believing it has been positive, but also expressing the cynical idea that some of the protestors just want to get out of class. Jason questions the idea that much of it was even a “walkout” at all, and mentions at least one pro-gun student being threatened with arrest for publicly expressing his opinion. Plus, Tucker Carlson says that the pro-gun control students are “not citizens,” earning a much needed smackdown.
–While on the subject of politics, can we talk about the Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump fiasco? Bobby says that he is tired of hearing about it, and the guys agree that the Democrats will hold anyone up as a hero as long as it will negatively impact Trump. Jason has, shall we say, some slightly harsher words?
–To lighten the mood, we go through some of the many comments we got from listeners confessing their own unpopular opinions. While there were a lot of people who stuck with pop culture, ie: “The Beatles are overrated,” there were a few folks that were willing to stick their own necks out and risk being unpopular. For instance, Bryce said that not having children can still be altruistic, and Sari is tired of some women trying to have it both ways, dressing like porn stars but not wanting to be looked at as sex objects. All in all, there were some laughs, but also some serious conversations here. Thanks to everyone for participating!
–Just when Jason thought the show was over, Bobby brings up how sad he is at the closing of Toys R Us, and the guys reminisce on their childhood trips to the toy store.


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