SFR returns after the holidays


Turns out that “next week” is going to be a little longer away than we thought…

Strange Frequencies Radio is going on hiatus until after the holidays. It’s an especially busy time this year, unfortunately, and we would rather provide you with new episodes on a consistent basis than scattered here or there.

But, try not to fret too much! Even though there won’t be new shows, we aren’t really going anywhere. You can still reach us on social media, through email, or wherever else you’ve grown accustomed. In fact, we encourage it! So if you’ve never reached out before, feel free to do so.

Let’s stay in touch!


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SFR 475: Cheers To Ten Years

–This week marks the 10th anniversary of Strange Frequencies Radio! As Jason is so fond of saying, “they said we wouldn’t last.” Who ever said that? No one.
–Cheers to ten years! Bobby and Jason share a couple cinnamon sugar rimmed glasses of beer.
cheers10years–We start our walk down memory lane by surfing over to the original blog of SFR, and reminiscing about some funny memories of our early shows and announcer.
–Bobby flips through a couple old SFR notebooks, and we are astounded at our guest lists. But we can’t help but laugh at the notes we would write to each other during the show.
–Jason is wearing the shirt he thinks he was wearing when we recorded the very first episode of Strange Frequencies Radio. He is happy that it still fits, but Bobby makes clear how much it stinks.
–Jason fills time while Bobby runs off to deal with work-related issues.
–Next, we open up our old case files from back in our ghost hunting days, sharing funny stories of our adventures together, and talking about the mistakes we made.
–OMG, EVPs! Yes, we’ve talked about them for years. Now you can listen to a couple pieces of audio we captured ourselves.
–There is no way we can get through all the stuff we want to today, so there is definitely going to have to be a follow-up episode next week.
–Jason closes the show by reciting his “ghost rap” once more. See you next week!


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SFR 474: Solid Rod of Pain

–It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been with you, thanks for sticking with us. Bobby spent the past few days in Florida, while Jason still awaits an invitation someday.
–There’s UFOs over Ireland, and we’re not surprised.
–A quick reminder that next week is our 10 year anniversary episode! Holy crap!


Don’t feed us after midnight!

–Election results and what it means for the immediate future, complete with Breakfast Club references
–Is Hillary running again? A former Clinton aide sure thinks so.
–Who could beat Trump in the next election? Will it have to be a celebrity?
Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95, and while his last years seemed sad, the legacy he left is undeniable. Excelsior!
–The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix, claiming copyright infringement related to a statue of Baphomet.
–Carol asks our opinions on “Incels,” and we respond. Bobby finds it hard to believe they exist. Jason feels bad for some of them, but has a few suggestions.
–Nathan and Pterodactyl Mike want to hear quotes from Bigfoot erotica. Jason is happy to oblige, while Bobby gets more and more uncomfortable.
–Stay tuned for next week’s 10yr Anniversary show!


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SFR 473: Halloween History | Guest: Lesley Bannatyne

–You thought that witches were going to hex Kavanaugh and just get away with it? Oh, hell no! Now an exorcist has stepped into the fray with strong words and a mass of his own. Who will emerge victorious?
–The Freqs have a lot on their mind this week, everything from aliens, illegal aliens, and murder. But one question on immortalism has piqued Bobby’s interest.
halloween-michaelmyers-masked-daylight-700x321–Jason does his best to give a non-spoiler Halloween review while Bobby runs upstairs to deal with a stolen credit card issue. Once he returns, we talk about the good and bad as it relates to H40.

In our next segment, we chat a while with Halloween historian Lesley Bannatyne. Along the way we learn about when and how Samhain morphed into what we celebrate today, talk a bit about Devil’s Night, and find out some of her own favorite Halloween getups consist of. Fun discussion!

–After the interview, Bobby laments the loss of veteran character actor James Karen, and we discuss a few of his more memorable roles in films like Poltergeist and Return of the Living Dead.
–We close the show with our Halloween spoiler review, so if you haven’t seen the movie, or don’t want to know about the plot twists, you’ll have your chance to avoid the last segment.
–Strange Frequencies Radio returns in two weeks. Happy Halloween!


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SFR 472: Hairy And Scary | Guest: Linda Godfrey

–Strange Frequencies Radio is back in your life, and we’re mystified about the story of a “vampire child” burial, where a rock is placed in their mouth. Spit it out, Vlad!
–A Salem house, which may or may not really have belonged to John Proctor, is up for sale. The joy goes out of Bobby’s eyes.
–Jason tries to rejuvenate him with a story of witches putting a “hex” on Brett Kavanaugh. But their repeated past failures to “bind” Trump lets you know how this will go.
–Bobby goes off on a quick rant about Trump and tariffs. Jason talks about the Proud Boys and their hilarious (or maybe dumb) initiation ritual.
–Jason is worried about the state of his headphones.
–The SFR fans, aka Freqs, chime in with requests for show material, and Bobby explains that “haunted houses” are not about ghosts at all, but architecture instead.
–About this time, Bobby’s kids, who are supposed to be in bed, come to the door and interrupt the show to tell us that their dog barked and they think someone is in the yard. The drama builds while we take a break to investigate…
–We’re back, and everyone is still alive. Bobby grabs a can of Pumpkin Tart by Vivant, and neither he or Jason likes it. Bobby only gives it 1/2 a Jack o Lantern rating and says it tastes like a candle, while Jason continues to try and get the bad taste out of his mouth.

In our next segment, we welcome author and werewolf investigator Linda Godfrey onto the show to discuss her life collecting stories of The Beast of Bray Road, and other strange creatures. She talks a bit about the history of werewolves, explains why the Elkhorn police once carried silver bullets, and even tells us her personal favorite werewolf movie (which makes us very happy). *Brief audio issue early*

–After the interview, we talk about some of our favorite lesser known horror movies. Bobby recommends The Gate, while Jason asks people to check out a 1974 Bob Clark film called “Deathdream” or “Dead of Night.” But there’s a bunch more recommended by the Facebook Freqs that are worthy of checking out!


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SFR 471: Mostly Ghostly

–Bobby kicks off the show by playing the Ramones’ Pet Sematary, which is a perfect intro to talking about the new Pet Sematary movie trailer.
–Remember those Cottingley fairy photos we were hoping to buy, or have gifted to us? Well, they sold at auction for far more than we are worth, and though we’re checking our mailboxes, they don’t seem to be forthcoming.
–Bobby gives an update on a creepy culty religion some mutual friends followed along with years ago, and it’s a lot more disturbing than we once knew.
–This guy isn’t inspiring much confidence by saying a ghost planted meth on him.
Brown_lady–The SFR audience wanted to hear more about Jason and Bobby’s ghost hunting days, and that’s what they got! We do a q&a session from Facebook that covers our experiences at Fort Mifflin, whether any theories were too “out there” for us, and if we ever had reason to get nervous or scared on a ghost hunt. That, and much more was answered!
–From there, we get into some of our favorite ghost movies, choosing from classics like Ghostbusters and Sixth Sense, as well as others like Frighteners and House on Haunted Hill.The Freqs, as always, come through with some great selections, too!
–Now it’s paranormal story time, where first we tell some really creepy tales of personal paranormal experiences sent in by listeners. We finish with a few of our own; Jason tells the story of the time he had a run-in with his mom’s spirit mimic, while Bobby talks about an encounter with a flanneled phantom, as well as a free-floating shadow (and spooky girl’s voices) he once filmed. Thanks to the music of Dark Music World, Lucas King, and even more Dark Music World that provided the soundtrack and spooky atmosphere.


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SFR 470: Werewolf October

–It’s the first show of Werewolf October!
–We asked our audience what they wanted to hear on Strange Frequencies Radio, and the results were clear. People want the woo! Well, more woo they shall get. Both today, and throughout the coming weeks culminating in our 10 year anniversary show coming at the end of November.
–Bobby’s dad saw an “alien big cat” at Swan Creek Metropark, sometime over twenty years ago. Bobby calls him up, and we hear the tale firsthand. Jason can hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of paranormal portals.
–The original Cottingley Fairies photos are going up for auction, and we both wish we owned them. Here’s to hoping they are purchased by a skeptical researcher, or perhaps donated as a gift to a couple of very appreciative podcast hosts.


photo credit: Michael Adamek

–We dig through a new Pew Research study about New Age beliefs, and how both the religiously affiliated and unaffiliated tend to hold a belief in at least one.
–What kind of “super power” would you like to have? Jason seems to remember Bobby discussing this very thing on the show not long ago. We also discuss what kind of animal we would like to be, and Jason realizes he’s already a cat.
–Bobby delves into his very unique Beatles theory, explaining how the band was actually from the future, and that we wrote the songs. You know what, just listen for yourself, because it’s wild.
–Is Paul really dead?
–Night of the Living Dead premiered 50 years ago this week, and we talk about our favorite movie in the “Dead” franchise.
–Since it’s Werewolf October, we discuss some of ours and the “Freqs” favorite werewolf movies. Jason and Bobby, of course, agree on Silver Bullet.
–Bobby says there is hope of Toys R Us coming back. Could this be true? Kinda sorta maybe.
–Bobby recently learned that Faces of Death was mostly fake, and talks about an interview he heard with the director.
–At a recent rally, Trump mocks the foggy memory of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford.
–Does Trump owe a lot of money to the IRS?
–Is Democratic enthusiasm waning? The Kavanaugh topic is charging up the base in different ways. Bobby thinks Kavanaugh comes across as too partisan by taking digs at Democrats. Jason brings up an anti-Trump quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to make the point that partisanship swings both ways.


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