We’re Back Sunday!

SFR_EyeStrange Frequencies Radio returns Sunday at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) and it looks likely that it will be very much centered about terrorism.  

We’ll give our reactions to the attacks in Paris from last week, why it happened, and maybe just what we oughta do about it.

More importantly, we want to hear from you as well.  So, join us in the chatroom by clicking on the “Listen Live” button at showtime and let’s figure it all out together.

Hope to see you there!


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SFR 352: Move Over Eddie Murphy

–Bobby spent nearly 2 weeks in Florida, and half of it he was sick, or fighting off the possibility of flesh-eating bacteria. Fun in the sun!
–It’s hard for even us to believe, but this is our 7th anniversary of Strange Frequencies Radio.  We offer a few quick remembrances as we take the step toward Year Eight.
–Paris was attacked last week in a coordinated effort that left at least 130 people dead, and many more injured. Who did this? Why? We’ll read the statement from ISIS themselves, and talk about the meme that this “had nothing to do with Islam.”
–What our current and former Muslims saying? We point our listeners to some unique and interesting voices speaking out in the aftermath of this horrific event.
SFR_Eye–Secretary of State John Kerry makes a dumb remark, saying that the earlier attacks on Charlie Hebdo had a “rationale,” while this attack was “indiscriminate.”
–We lighten the mood so Bobby can talk about meeting and getting his picture taken with Newt Gingrich while in Florida.
–Syrian refugees in the United States are being met with suspicion and, yes, racism, from a variety of citizens, legislators, and state governors. We talk about why we are proud to share our community with several already, and why there is little cause for concern.
–Satanists in Minneapolis offer to escort Muslims to the grocery store, or deliver groceries to them, if they fear being attacked. How un-Christian of them!
–Hacker group Anonymous has declared war on ISIS. Their heart may be in the right place, but Jason doubts they’ll do much to really stop them and, in fact, may even hinder efforts at monitoring them. Besides, didn’t Anonymous already go after ISIS in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Is this just history repeating itself?
–Anonymous declared war on the KKK again recently, too, and aside from defacing their website, messing with their Twitter accounts, and releasing the names of a bunch of morons who are proud of their racism anyway, what was the point?
–Bobby talks about Christian apologist/philosopher William Lane Craig’s contention that Christianity has more credibility than other religions because its followers have been willing to die for their beliefs throughout history. Would he make the same claim for an Islamist suicide bomber?
–It’s been a show focused about terrorism and death. Can we have a little fun now? Preferably at Ben Carson’s expense? Thanks.

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SFR 351: The Podcast That Dreaded Sundown

–Last week we talked about where the legend of poisoned Halloween candy comes from. This week we talk about a razor blade found in Trick-or-Treat candy by a 14yo girl in Reynoldsburg, OH.
–It’s the season of the pumpkin…and Bobby’s neighborhood had some of their Jack-o-Lanterns smashed.
–A review of Fear: Buried Alive, a live television special on A&E, which explored common fears within the context of immersion therapy.
plague doctor–We talk about our own fears and phobias, as well as some of those revealed by our audience. Fear of heights, flying, spiders…and even exploding toilets!
–Shootings You May Have Missed (And Some You Didn’t) includes a recent incident where a newly licensed concealed carrier shoots himself in the leg in a movie theater.
–The New York Times editorial board entitled, “The Concealed Carry Fantasy,” that breaks down the hundreds of people killed by concealed carry permit holders in non-self defense related incidents.
–We break down the viral video involving Deputy Fields throwing an uncooperative female student across the floor, and get into the student walkout that occurred after he was fired.
–Presidential candidate Ben Carson tweets a defense of his inexperience by saying that, “..amateurs built the Ark and it was the professionals that built the Titanic.”
–An exorcism (of a house, anyway) aired on live television Friday night. We review this Destination America special entitled, appropriately enough, “Exorcism: Live!”
–Bobby is off to Florida in a few days. See you in 3 weeks!

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show351_full.mp3
Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rlg4damx9hbsrj/sfr_show351_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 350: Madeira’s Family Reunion

–We kick off by opening a bottle of Madeira, perhaps Thomas Jefferson’s wine of choice.
–This was a big week for the biggest trilogy of all time. That’s right, Wednesday was Back to the Future Day! Okay, just kidding…we talk about the new Star Wars trailer first so Bobby can geek out.
–Then, yes, we get into Back to the Future a bit so we can talk about the “predictions” it got right and wrong about the future.
pigandwolfSFR–Shootings You May Have Missed (and some you didn’t) include a shooting at Tennessee State over a dice game, an O.K. Corral re-enactment gone wrong, a 6yo child shooting a 3yo child, and a broader discussion about how often children get shot in the United States.
–RECOMMENDATIONS: We talk about the documentary KILLER LEGENDS, which leads us to a discussion about the stories involving poisoned Halloween candy, how the fear of it is vastly overblown, and where the story of poisoned candy began.
–Bobby reviews the sleep paralysis documentary “The Nightmare,” which is streaming on Netflix US, and gets into how his own experiences tie in to this.
–It’s Halloween week, so let’s talk about ghosts. In particular, what is the psychology behind belief in ghosts? Under what circumstances are they seen?
–The family of a slain officer in Kansas are very upset at ghost tour guides making money off of “hunting” the spirit of their relative.
–Looking ahead to two live specials this week: First, on Monday, A&E will air “Fear: Buried Alive,” and then on Friday night, Destination America will have Chip Coffey exorcise a house or something. We’ll end up watching both, and reviewing them next week.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show350_full.mp3
Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/7rjn0jf50cov3tl/sfr_show350_full.mp3?dl=0
YouTube:  (Hey, ya just never know when it comes to this one…)
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SFR 349: Dueling Bernies

–After the first Democratic debate, progressive liberals (as well as others) think a Big Media conspiracy involving CNN and parent company Time Warner is trying to keep Bernie Sanders down. Do they have a point? Not even close.
–Has NASA located alien landscapes on a distant star? Probably not. Speculating and imagining can still be fun, though.
SFRfingerprintHas the Jersey Devil actually been photographed? Nope. It’s fake. But this is just what comes with the territory every October.  And what’s the origin of the Jersey Devil, anyway?
–Another exciting edition of Shootings You May Have Missed includes a toddler who found a gun and shot his grandma, as well as a disgruntled football fan shooting a rival.
–RECOMMENDATIONS: Jason has two documentary recommendations that he streamed on Netflix US: “The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne,” in which his heart was stolen by an 80yo jewel thief. Plus, “Gideon’s Army” and its profiles of Public Defenders made him consider this important job that is too often thankless and low on rewards.
–Toledo’s own “priestess” Opal Covey, who runs for mayor every election, speaks in tongues when radio host Fred Lefebvre says she is a false prophet. You’ll hear the audio, and it is hilarious!
–Do you believe in the Bible-based discipline of your wife? Well then we have the webpage for you!
–Faith-healing couple, whose child died due to their own negligence and ignorance, lose their appeal and will continue to serve their prison sentence.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show349_full.mp3
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SFR 348: Apocalypse and Chill

–News on the future of Strange Frequencies Radio.
–Hey, good news, everyone!  The world didn’t end Wednesday like the apocalyptic religious group said! Sooo, what are they saying now?
pigandwolfSFR–Shootings you may have missed: gun nut at Northern Arizona University gets in a fight, runs to get a firearm from his car, then comes back to shoot people.
–Anti-vaxxers who were so sure vaccines cause autism fund a study whose results show vaccines don’t cause autism. Guess who didn’t like the outcome?
–Rockville “psychic” charged with theft after bilking client she said was cursed out of tens of thousands of dollars.
–Bobby and his dad spend all day arguing about abortion on Facebook.
–Jason lets everyone know he recently spent a whole night watching OJ Simpson specials, including OJ’s prank show, “Juiced.”
–The boys close the show by reviewing the most recent episode of Ghost Hunters.

Listen:   http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show348_full.mp3
Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkzk3jqx8bqk019/sfr_show348_full.mp3?dl=0
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SFR 347: Heavy on Homicide

Note:  Somehow or another, we lost about the first 12 minutes of the show’s audio.  What you’ll hear up front is partway through our discussion of the Oregon mass shooting.  There will be no Youtube video for the show this week.
–A disturbed young man with easy access to a large cache of guns shoots and kills a bunch of people at an Oregon community college, wounding a bunch more. But no one will do anything about it other than offer “thoughts and prayers.”  That won’t cut it.
Pope Francis visited the United States. What did he say? What didn’t he say? What SFR_Eyeshould he have said? Was his visit with Kim Davis much ado about nothing? Or is the pontiff a sneaky little shit?
–Jason recently saw M Night Shyamalan’s new movie, “The Visit.” Does he agree with the critics that it’s Night’s best movie since Signs?
–Jason also watched Ghost Hunters for the first time in years last week. Is it possible that what TAPS puts on television is even dumber than the stuff we used to enjoy?
–A horrific and sad tragedy involving a husband/wife paranormal duo, Mark & Debby Constantino.  Last week, after years of domestic violence related issues, Mark went to where Debby had been staying, murdered her roommate James Anderson, kidnapped Debby, then had a standoff with police before ultimately killing her as well.  As police moved in, he turned the gun on himself.  We discuss the crimes in detail, covering their volatile history with one another, and sharing memories of our personal interactions with these “EVP specialists” who were guests of ours here on Strange Frequencies Radio multiple times.

Listen: http://www.strangefrequenciesradio.net/Shows/sfr_show347_full.mp3
Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/fccvqjghmnd9rhl/sfr_show347_full.mp3?dl=0
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