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SFR_EyeJoin us Sunday at 3pm Eastern as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.

Topics will include:

frattinovamps* Duck Dynasty dad verbally masturbates over an imaginary atheist family being murdered.
* Bob Jones III apologizes for saying gay people should be killed. That’s…nice of him?
* Serious questions about the credentials of a D-list paranormal celebrity.
* All that, and of course, much more!

In hour 2, we’ll be speaking with graphic novelist and illustrator Andre Frattino about the 3rd part in his series of the Flagler’s Few. Andre will appear only if he can figure out the difference between Eastern and Central time. You’ll see what we mean…

Simply click on “Listen Live” button at showtime to listen, watch, and chat.  See ya then!

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SFR 326: Fear the Prequel

–Baby update:  baby is coming this week.  Next week’s show will not air.
–Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson waxes moronic about atheism and immorality, as he frattinovampsverbally masturbates himself imagining what would happen if an atheist family were raped and murdered.
–Bob Jones III apologizes for his 1980 remarks saying that gay people should be killed. That’s…nice of him? I guess?
–Recommendations:  We jointly recommend a film which, at the time, had not aired yet:  “Going Clear,” the Scientology documentary on HBO.
–The Walking Dead prequel spinoff gets a title: “Fear the Walking Dead.
–Yet another D-list paranormal celebrity has serious credibility concerns, as skeptics uncover possible deceptions David Rountree has perpetuated about his academic and military career.

In hour 2, we spoke with graphic novelist and illustrator Andre Frattino about his upcoming book – the third part in his continuing series about the Flagler’s Few ghost hunting crew – and mercilessly tease him about his inability to tell Eastern from Central time zone, as well as a number of other things, just as any good big brothers should.

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SFR 325: Something Else

–Baby update: still no baby.
Pastor Dollar asks his flock, and other supporters, to fund his dream of buying a top of the line $60 million jet.
–Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. dies after in-ring accident involving Rey Mysterio Jr. Jason says that while he knows people say wrestling is fake, it is times like this that he actually wishes that were true.
goofymugs–Bobby relates a story involving people trying to make him bad for doing the right thing. This touches off a conversation involving morality and piracy.
–Recommendations: Bobby has been amazed and entertained by the “Houdini” mini-series that aired on History, and is now streaming on Netflix. Jason thinks that the people who enjoyed HBO’s “The Jinx” will love Andrew Jarecki’s first film, “Capturing the Friedmans.”
–And speaking of The Jinx, did that true crime documentary series really help solve a murder? Ethical issues are certainly involved in Robert Durst’s arrest, and we do wonder if he will beat this case as well?
–We talk about dissociative identity disorder, and ask listeners to help us understand if those with this condition are not legally responsible for their crimes.
–Reminiscing about our days as ghost hunters, we talk about if it is ever acceptable for a team to label something as paranormal.
–Disturbing quotes from people on internet forums lead us to ask: what should be the purpose of education?

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SFR 324: Haunted By Stupidity

–Bobby baby update:  there is no baby yet.
–With Friday the 13th being this past weekend, we talk about how we celebrated by reminiscing about the Friday the 13th game for Nintendo, as well as watching our favorite Friday the 13th movies at home.
–While many of us can agree that the racist ditty sung by the Oklahoma frat was stupid, some are conflicted over the idea that their expulsion may well be a violation of their First Amendment rights.
–Rescuers hear a mysterious voice calling for help from an overturned car in the water, but find the only adult who would have been able to say anything dead inside. What could possibly explain this event that paranormalists are considering proof of the paranormal, guardian angels, etc?
wolfpig–Over the last week we have seen a video of toddler falling down that parents are blaming on ghosts, as well as a picture of a family swimming that they believe shows a demonic child in the water with them.
–Recommendations:  With Easter fast approaching, and more nonsensical religious specials to come, Jason recommends Joe Nickell’s book, “Inquest on the Shroud of Turin” for a more balanced skeptical view of this particular religious relic.
–The devious Akron Pooper remains at large, despite recently being photographed in the act of poopitrating his unique brand of crime.
–Zak Bagans has purchased a cauldron said to have belonged to Ed Gein. He intends to use his “expertise” to “help the spirits” attached to it.
–Sony intends to franchise the Ghostbusters project, with even more upcoming films, television series, and merchandise involved. Not unlike Star Wars, really.
–Barry Sonnenfeld has signed on to direct a feature film about Project Alpha, the infamous hoax involving James Randi and two young magicians, which fooled a scientific laboratory into believing they had genuine psychic abilities.

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SFR 323: Just In Case A Baby Shows Up

–Bobby recounts an odd experience he had recently where a co-worker asked for his help in contacting the spirit of a dead loved one.
–Oh, and by the way, any day now Bobby’s wife will be giving birth to the next member of the Nelson clan. In fact, it could happen at any moment!
jasonbobby–A proposal for womens-only hours at a university gym in Canada causes heated reaction, both for religious reasons, and otherwise.
–A Michigan woman has her gym membership at Total Fitness revoked after she complained about a transgender woman who “looked like a man” that came into the woman’s locker room.
–UC Irvine student leadership panel votes to remove American flag, as well as others, from campus lobby in order to make the area “more inclusive.”
–Recommendations:  In order to help combat Bobby’s recent obsession with Ancient Aliens, we recommend the Philip J Klass UFO skeptic collection.
–If you could put an end to all pain and suffering by sacrificing your free will, would you do it?
–Together, we review the first episode of CNN’s docu-series, “Finding Jesus,” which was about the Shroud of Turin.

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SFR 322: Live Long and Prosper

–We begin the show with a short tribute to Leonard Nimoy, who passed away recently at the age of 83.
–Last week’s Oscars was perhaps the most politically charged in its history, and many were upset that the ceremony wasn’t focused on the films. But this isn’t really new. The Oscars have long prompted political statements, both from its winner, and directly from the films themselves.
Leonard-Nimoy–The color of a dress sent the online world into a tizzy, with friends and family arguing over the right answer. The website Practical Skepticism warns us to ‘Beware of Those Who Say They “Know” What They Saw.
–Recommendations: Jason is reading an interesting book about violent faith called, “Under the Banner of Heaven,” by Jon Krakauer.
–Climate change denier James Inhofe seems to think that bringing a snowball onto the floor of the Senate has debunked climate science.
–The US Federal Trade Commission laid the smack down on two deceptive products recently; one a mobile app which was claimed to detect melanoma, and the other wristbands said to ward off mosquitos.
–Our pals Kenny Biddle and Mitch Silverstein publish the results of their Ghost Box experiment which show, once more, that the results people get are highly subjective, and shouldn’t be used as evidence of the paranormal.
–What is the responsibility of a journalist or travel writer when discussing a paranormal legend?

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SFR 321: 50 Shades of Controversy

–With 50 Shades of Grey back in the news, we talk about the instances of stalking, as well as emotional and physical abuse it contains, and talk about what has drawn so many women into it.
–Former “Ghost Hunters” star Amy Bruni posts an anti-skeptical activism Facebook status, which has riled up quite a few people. We try to reasonably assess where she was SFR_Eyecoming from, and talk about where we agree and where we disagree with her.
–Because we enjoy talking about how non-progressive Pope Francis is, here’s a story about the People’s Pope himself comparing arguments for the rights of transgender people to a nuclear arms race that “defy the order of Creation.”
–Recommendations: Jason can’t believe he hasn’t yet recommended Lynn Kelly’s “The Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal,” a book which led him to question a lot of his paranormal assumptions. Bobby says if you’re interested in history or the Salem Witch Trials, check out “The Six Women of Salem,” by Marilynne K. Roach.
–What if God is real? What would you ask God if you had the chance? We put that question to our Facebook page and received a variety of terrific responses.
–The Academy Awards are tonight. Can Jason once again go undefeated in his predictions? Definitely not, he says. But he gives it a shot anyway.

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SFR 320: God’s Bankers

–A self proclaimed “anti-theist” has been charged with the murder of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill. Was this an anti-Muslim hate crime? Something a little more mundane? Either way, why are some media outlets linking the “New Atheist” writings with acts of violence?
–An openly gay WWE wrestler publicly criticizes his employer for touring Abu Dhabi when the United Arab Emirates, of which it belongs, has such staunch anti-gay laws. We posnerweigh in on issues of corporate responsibility and hypocrisy involving the WWE.
–Charles Manson calls off his wedding once it is learned his fiancee’ wanted to put his corpse on public display. Sorry, Charlie! She didn’t want you for your mind, just your body.
–Recommendations: Jason, always eager to recommend something to his fellow true crime junkies, asks that people check out the first episode of HBO’s new miniseries, “The Jinx: the Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.”
–Rupert Sheldrake is collaborating on a children’s book about psychic dogs. We discuss the pseudoscientific nature of his past research, and echo Sharon Hill’s desire to see more skeptical books aimed at kids.

In hour 2, we spoke with Gerald Posner about his new book, “God’s Bankers,” and the documentation it provides about the Vatican bank and its shady dealings with Nazis, the Mafia, and a host of others of dubious character.  Religion.  Power.  Money.  What could be more intriguing than that?

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