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SFR_EyeJoin us Sunday at 3pm Eastern as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.

It should be a fun and entertaining program, and hopefully the chat room will be hopping. If you want to join in on the party, simply click on “Listen Live” button at showtime to listen, watch, and, if you would like, chat.  See ya then!

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SFR 347: Heavy on Homicide

Note:  Somehow or another, we lost about the first 12 minutes of the show’s audio.  What you’ll hear up front is partway through our discussion of the Oregon mass shooting.  There will be no Youtube video for the show this week.
–A disturbed young man with easy access to a large cache of guns shoots and kills a bunch of people at an Oregon community college, wounding a bunch more. But no one will do anything about it other than offer “thoughts and prayers.”  That won’t cut it.
Pope Francis visited the United States. What did he say? What didn’t he say? What SFR_Eyeshould he have said? Was his visit with Kim Davis much ado about nothing? Or is the pontiff a sneaky little shit?
–Jason recently saw M Night Shyamalan’s new movie, “The Visit.” Does he agree with the critics that it’s Night’s best movie since Signs?
–Jason also watched Ghost Hunters for the first time in years last week. Is it possible that what TAPS puts on television is even dumber than the stuff we used to enjoy?
–A horrific and sad tragedy involving a husband/wife paranormal duo, Mark & Debby Constantino.  Last week, after years of domestic violence related issues, Mark went to where Debby had been staying, murdered her roommate James Anderson, kidnapped Debby, then had a standoff with police before ultimately killing her as well.  As police moved in, he turned the gun on himself.  We discuss the crimes in detail, covering their volatile history with one another, and sharing memories of our personal interactions with these “EVP specialists” who were guests of ours here on Strange Frequencies Radio multiple times.

Dropbox:  (Will be available if/when Bobby gets around to it…)

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SFR 346: Dear Weird People

–14yo Muslim student, Ahmed Mohamed, puts a clock in a case that his teacher believed was a bomb, leading to his arrest.  We try to examine this case using the known information, and determine if this kid got a raw deal, or if maybe there was something more sinister involved.
–Bobby recounts a story involving a religious co-worker who believes all middle easterners should be searched before going on a plane, but stumbled when he was asked if he would feel the same way knowing the passenger was Jesus.
SFR_Eye–Bernie Sanders visits the very evangelical Liberty University and, while many students did not agree with his views, they were respectful. Perhaps Liberals and Progressives could take a lesson, eh?
–A video titled “Dear Fat People,” created by a Youtube comedian, is roundly panned, and the outcry may have even led to the creator losing a job. We decide the video made an important point that many have completely overlooked.
–Jason and Bobby’s early ghost hunts and training rituals happened at an empty home known to us as the Puente House. We recently found out the home is being torn down. While we don’t believe in ghosts anymore, and are critical of ghost hunters, the news still leaves us feeling wistful.


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SFR 345: The Culture of Weird

–A Muslim flight attendant says she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers.  Where are the defenders of religious freedom now?  
–Speaking to UFOlogists in 1983, Philip Klass said, “No matter how long you live, you will never know any more about UFOs than you know today.”  How right he was!  Could this sentiment be expanded to ghosts, Bigfoot, and more?
sharonhill–Recommendation:  Jason really enjoyed a book about a legendary circus freak called, “Lobster Boy” by author Fred Rosen that talks about the bizarre life and brutal death of Grady Stiles Jr.
–An “assisted-suicide” bill in California is one step from becoming law.  We discuss the positives, as well as highlight some of the arguments opponents are making.

In Hour 2, we were excited to welcome back one of our favorite people, Sharon Hill, back to the show.  Sharon, who runs Doubtful News, stopped by to discuss the goings on of media coverage as it relates to “weird news,” be that ghosts and hauntings, Bigfoot, or other anomalous and Fortean topics around the world.  We pay specific attention to how culture relates to the behavior and focus of media.  Lots to cover!

YouTube:  (Will be available when Bobby gets around to it…)

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SFR 344: Seize the Night

–A Kentucky clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay people has us thinking about the concept of “freedom of religion,” and how it ties in to a story involving  judge C. Allen McConnell in our hometown.
–Have you seen that “Being an atheist is okay…Being a Christian is okay…” meme that has been floating around for a few years?  Well, it’s dumb.  We talk about why.
SFR_Eye–The times, they are a’changing at the James Randi Educational Foundation. No longer a membership organization, the JREF will now award yearly grants. The Million Dollar Challenge is changing focus slightly as well.
–A ghost hunter in Yakima charged after assaulting another group of ghost enthusiasts in a so-called haunted schoolhouse.
–Zak Bagans, star of Ghost Adventures, buys Jack Kevorkian’s old assisted-suicide van.
–Recommendations: Jason, ever the True Crime nut, recommends “True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa,” by Michael Finkel.
–Speaking of crime, violent crime has been spiking in big cities all across the country. It also seems to be open season on the shooting of police officers. What is causing this? Furthermore, is it a momentary blip that will be over soon? Or a sign of things to come?
–We end tonight’s broadcast by talking about the recent deaths of Oliver Sacks, Wayne Dyer, and Wes Craven.


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SFR 343: Memento Mori with Anna Hill

–A deranged gunman murders two journalists live on television, then uploads video he recorded of the attack to social media. We discuss the incident from a variety of angles, but also ask, if mass shooters like this crave attention, how can we, as a society, limit access to what they want?
–No, Mars did not appear as big as the moon in the sky a few nights ago, but that hasn’t stopped this hoax from gaining prominence each year since 2003.
paranormalanna–We review the first episode of “Fear the Walking Dead.” Spoiler Alert: Bobby’s hatred of this episode may know no bounds.

In Hour 2, we speak with independent paranormal investigator Anna Hill. We love “talking shop” with folks still actively investigating, so we talk to Anna about how her interest in the paranormal began, how her opinions have changed over the years, and even her thoughts on the current state of the paranormal community as well. Plus, since her blog, Memento Mori, chronicles her love of the macabre, we touch on a few things a little creepier than that which go bump in the night.


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SFR 342: Oh, the Horror!

–Our pal Ian Stewart sent us some Saskatoon berries, as well as a host of other goodies, that we cram into our mouths at the beginning of the show. Thanks, Ian!
–Our own Bobby Nelson is now the proud recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. It has been a long time coming!
–Jared Fogle accepting plea deal related to charges of distribution of child pornography and sex with minors that will land him in prison for multiple years.
–User data from the Ashley Madison hack is being revealed, and some hypocritical public moralists, like Joshua Duggar, are being exposed.
SFR_Eye–Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter is murdered by her boyfriend in an apparent exorcism. While drugs and alcohol have been a problem in the offender’s life, we’re curious to know more about his mental state.
–A giant red ball in Toledo gets us talking about modern art.
–Recommendation: Jason recommends a terrific biography about psychologist Stanley Milgram called, “The Man Who Shocked the World,” which was written by Thomas Blass.
–We’ve talked before about living in “haunted” houses, or homes where tragedies have taken place. But what about movie filming locations? The house where Buffalo Bill lived in “The Silence of the Lambs” is for sale. We think it would be kind of cool to live there!
–Somehow (and we have no idea how) we end up talking about Bill Cosby again.
–TWD spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead” begins its 6 episode first season tonight. What can we expect?
–What are the best horror films of the 21st Century? The internet has voted, and the results are in. We weigh in with our thoughts, and expect you’ll have some of your own. Igniting debate is what these lists are meant for.

YouTube:  (Coming eventually…)

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