SFR 280: A Complete and Total Barf-O-Rama! Guest: Andy Lindberg

Psychic fraud kingpin Rose Marks is finally sentenced to prison for her role in her family’s multimillion dollar fortune-telling deception.
–Pope Francis lends encouraging words to some that he may be in favor of same-sex civil unions.  But wait!  Vatican spokespeople are downplaying his remarks, and legitimate questions need to be answered.
lindberg–New research indicates that not only can’t you change the mind of someone who is anti-vaccination, but that sometimes even trying to can backfire and make the problem worse.
–The Pentagon is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on woo woo. Project studies body language of world leaders, including Vladimir Putin, in attempt to gain insight into their decision-making.
–Rumors about the next installment in the “Terminator” movie series, Terminator: Genesis, indicates it may be something of a remake, prequel, and a sequel all in one.
–Previewing tonight’s premiere of Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, starring our main man Neil deGrasse Tyson. Holy moly, we are excited.
–POST-INTERVIEW Bobby reflects on his interpretation after seeing the multiple Oscar-winning film “Gravity.”

In Hour 2 we welcomed Andy Lindberg, who portrayed David “Lardass” Hogan in 80s film “Stand By Me.”  Along the way, we talk about how he got the role, stories from behind the scenes of filming, and what he has been up to in the years since.  Fun interview!  Cool guy!

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