SFR 452: Creepy Characters

***We are aware of the poor audio quality. We clearly goofed.***

–It’s been a long 2 weeks off, and it feels like we have missed so much. So instead of having a set lineup, we’re just winging it today. Whatever comes up, come up. Let’s go!
–Bobby starts off by talking about his new workout and diet regimen that is slowly making him angrier and in more pain. An aspect involving Bobby having to send
pictures of his body to a man each week gives Jason endless laughs.
wolfpig–Jason brings up the recent shooting at Youtube. We talk about how strange it is to see a woman commit an act like that, even if we agree that this lady was off her rocker. There are disagreements, however, about whether or not the story would have stayed in the headlines longer had it been the prototypical white male.
–That brings up the Austin bomber story we missed out on while we were away, and how we had a hard time calling it an act of terrorism without knowing the motivations. Was he targeting minorities? Church leaders? White bicyclists? Or just trying to kill or hurt anyone he could in the short time he was active? And is the definition of terrorism itself being stretched so far by some as to be almost meaningless?
–Bobby uses the idea of “terror or fear in a community” to bring up a series of break ins that have been happening in his neighborhood, and how it led some to react in dangerous ways.
–That led us to tell a variety of our own stories involving break ins, foiled burglaries, and creepy people we’ve run across in our communities over the years. It takes up the rest of the show! And a lot of them are pretty fun! So if anything we talk about brings up a memory of yours, feel free to drop us a line and share.


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SFR 451: Unpopular Opinions

–Wow, we’re back doing a live broadcast on Sunday! Bobby was not too sick, nor did he remember he had another kid that was celebrating a birthday, and he didn’t go out of town with Anderson Cooper or something. Fun!
–Today’s show is about unpopular opinions. Or, at least the kind of opinions that make people uncomfortable in certain situations. Some of them will be ours, some will be yours, and we’ll explore others in between.
–We start with a clip of an interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Young, wherein Peterson makes the argument that, in order to think things out and get closer to the truth, you sometimes have to risk offending people. But that’s just the price for free speech and free inquiry.
–Jason brings up a public discussion a few months back involving Steven Pinker at Harvard, where he brought up a few different facts that, while easily provable, are still considered unpopular or controversial in certain circles.
–We left off last week with the subject of school shootings, wondering why the perpetrators are typical white teenagers. Out of the several comments and emails Jason received, he brings up a couple that stuck with him.
–This brings up the recent #Enough school walkouts that happened on March 14th. Bobby shares some of his opinions, believing it has been positive, but also expressing the cynical idea that some of the protestors just want to get out of class. Jason questions the idea that much of it was even a “walkout” at all, and mentions at least one pro-gun student being threatened with arrest for publicly expressing his opinion. Plus, Tucker Carlson says that the pro-gun control students are “not citizens,” earning a much needed smackdown.
–While on the subject of politics, can we talk about the Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump fiasco? Bobby says that he is tired of hearing about it, and the guys agree that the Democrats will hold anyone up as a hero as long as it will negatively impact Trump. Jason has, shall we say, some slightly harsher words?
–To lighten the mood, we go through some of the many comments we got from listeners confessing their own unpopular opinions. While there were a lot of people who stuck with pop culture, ie: “The Beatles are overrated,” there were a few folks that were willing to stick their own necks out and risk being unpopular. For instance, Bryce said that not having children can still be altruistic, and Sari is tired of some women trying to have it both ways, dressing like porn stars but not wanting to be looked at as sex objects. All in all, there were some laughs, but also some serious conversations here. Thanks to everyone for participating!
–Just when Jason thought the show was over, Bobby brings up how sad he is at the closing of Toys R Us, and the guys reminisce on their childhood trips to the toy store.


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SFR 450: Saturday Night Live

–Here we are on a Saturday night, broadcasting a live show, all because Bobby can’t make it Sunday. Again! But seriously, he has a pretty legitimate reason, and we’re fired up to talk through the issues of the week. Doesn’t stop Jason from giving Bobby the new nickname “Bobsquatch,” however.
–A story involving the identification of Amelia Earhart’s bones has many talking, but there are very good reasons to be skeptical. For one, the group behind the press release has been pushing debunked nonsense for years. And oh, there’s more.
–What’s weirding everyone out this week? Lots of stuff, as a matter of fact!
*AJ brings up the point that Congress is bitching and moaning about Trump’s tariffs when they could be doing something to stop them.
*Tim says he is weirded out that the president will be taken down by a porn star.
*Michael is rightly concerned about Tennessee protecting child marriage.
*Jeanne is thinking about the Russian spy poisoning.
*All that, and a whole lot more, is weirding out the SFR Universe this week!
Lawrence Krauss has released a statement denying accusations of sexual misconduct against him. We sift through his response, and talk through some of the major claims.
–Jason begins a conversation about school shootings, wanting to get beyond ideological camps, and discuss the reasons why school shootings happen. In other words, why are they getting more frequent? What is it about our culture in particular that could explain the reason that kids kill?


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SFR 449: Gluten Free Minisode

–We are back with you. This time, recording a Minisode over the phone Monday night because Bobby’s daughter had a birthday. Jason runs down a list of grievances with these children of his.
–Someone has placed a statue of Jason Voorhees in a Minnesota lake, apparently to scare unsuspecting divers. Hilarious! SFR’s Jason calls this the best story of the week, and it has certainly been the most popular on our social media.
pigandwolfSFR–One realtor in Texas has an interesting way of trying to sell homes: by labelling them as “Not Haunted” and “Gluten Free.” A few neighbors are at odds with this, but we think it’s creative and funny.
–Alex Jones and his Infowars channel is apparently “one strike away” from being banned by Youtube for spreading conspiracy theories about the Parkland shooting. Bobby is bigtime in favor of the ban. Jason, while agreeing that Youtube has every right to uphold its community standards, wonders if there is a better way to handle these kind of issues.
–The Vatican, apparently needing new sources of revenue (?), is launching a new international exorcism training course.
–Bobby brings up a recent meeting President Trump had, wherein he mentioned he possibility of a presidency for life, and asks Jason’s opinion.
–As atheists (or at least one atheist, and another who doesn’t like to label himself anymore) we have spoken a lot about the impotence of prayer. But are there times where we don’t mind it? Of course! And a recent example where actor Chris Pratt sent “healing prayers” to director Kevin Smith after his heart attack, is one of them.
–See you again Sunday! Unless, of course, Bobby remembers another kid’s birthday, out of town trip, or gets sick.


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SFR 448: The Way of the Gun

–Strange Frequencies Radio is back, and today we’ll be diving into the recent Florida school shooting, and giving our thoughts on the reaction, including discussing gun control.
–But first, it’s Bobby’s birthday tomorrow, and Jason again has gifted him a book. This one is by Bertrand Russell because, as Jason says, “everything is better with Bertrand,” including birthdays. But odds are, Bobby already has this book…he just can’t find it.
–A Toledo pastor and his family have been arrested and charged with aggravated burglary for beating and robbing a Sunday school teacher. Granted, we don’t know the details on what led up to this, but regardless, it’s completely bizarre.
–A township in Pennsylvania are worried about a local church holding a blessing involving high powered firearms as the “rods of iron.”
–Seattle resident was concerned enough to contact their local media when a Confederate flag went up in their neighborhood. Turns out, it wasn’t a Confederate flag at all, and the person with the flag in question had a pretty normal reason for putting it up.
American-Flag-Guns–Next, what is weirding the SFR audience out this week? Lots of things, including a well-known scientist named Lawrence Krauss, being accused of sexual misconduct. But mostly people are concerned about shootings, guns, how to prevent the next mass shooting, and more. Luckily, that was why we were doing the show today.

–The remainder of the program is devoted to discussing the Parkland school shooting, and its aftermath. Among the issues discussed, in no particular order, are:
–The shooter himself, his weapons, and the warning signs that were in abundance before this massacre occurred.
–An armed school guard, and potentially three other sheriff deputies, stayed in a defensive position while the shooting was going on.
–The concept of false flags, specifically the schoolkids themselves being labeled as “crisis actors” by the lunatic fringe. We even play one video of a young man “forgetting his lines” as the conspiracy theorists allege. Bobby and Jason explain how their experience in front of news cameras inform their completely opposing viewpoint on this issue.
–Gun control: who wants it, what do they define it as, and what real steps can be taken to try and prevent the next massacre. Bobby wants to ban all semiautomatic weapons, even though he agrees it isn’t going to happen. Jason wants it to be more difficult to get a gun, or at least for people to know how to operate it, and for their to be a better process for taking someone’s guns away. To that end, he brings up the Gun Violence Restraining Order.
–It’s a complicated issue, but that doesn’t mean nothing should be done.


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SFR 447: Slippery When Wet

–We missed this past Sunday’s show because Bobby went on a quick getaway. We’re back with this Minisode to make it up, and should be back again Sunday, too!
–After our last live show, we posted a picture of Jason on his back at the bottom of some stairs. Now hear the story of how he slipped and fell…and what happened next.
wolfpig–The next IT movie appears to have its Beverly Marsh, as Jessica Chastain is in negotiations to play the part. Seems most fans are happy with the news.
–Obama’s official portrait was revealed, and there were a couple things that weirded people out. First, was that a sixth finger on the former president’s left hand? A trick of the eye? Opinions vary.
–But the real weirdness over the portrait started when there was a freakout about some “secret sperm” in Obama’s temple. Could be patternicity, could be seeing what you want to see. But there really are cases from this painter’s work where he inserted sperm in his paintings.
–A flight from Dubai to Amsterdam had to be grounded last week when a passenger kept farting, leading to four people being kicked off. We aren’t 100% sure this really happened, but we are sure that Bobby can relate to almost being kicked off a plane.


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SFR 446: Destination Weird

–The live show started about a half hour late today. Why? Because the Nelson family kitten came down to the SFR studio and chewed through a bunch of cords. Bad kitty!
–If you need some good news: a Maryland “psychic” has pled guilty to multiple counts of felony theft after scamming clients out of 340k. #LockHerUp
–Have you heard that eating McDonald’s french fries cures baldness? Some viral stories and local news programs put forth some research they said indicated just that. But it’s not true. The authors of the study can’t even believe people have misconstrued things so badly.
–Is practicing yoga a form of cultural appropriation? Or is it *gasp* actually Satanic? Christian writer Matt Walsh recently put forth the idea that it is pagan worship and that, like messing with a Ouija board, you are “playing with fire.” We’ll tackle these arguments, and ask “Do you really need to do historical research before you stretch?”
SFRfingerprint–Remember the guy who planned to launch himself into space on a rocket, partly in an effort to prove the Earth is flat? His second attempt was also a “failure to launch,” and we are done giving this guy any attention until he actually does something newsworthy…
–Besides, we think it’s a better idea to get excited by the things Elon Musk and SpaceX are doing. I mean, did you see that awesome Falcon Heavy launch? The boosters returning and landing in unison? And who could forget Starman?!?
–Last week, Bobby expressed serious doubts about the Han Solo movie. Well, he has now seen the teaser and, well, talk about a 180 degree shift…he loves it, and he’s bought some merch to prove it.
–What’s weirding us all out this week? Jason is concerned about Pope Francis likely lying about sexual abuse, as well a professor who didn’t know Australia was a country. But, then again, this is the Smiley Faced Spokesman for the World’s Largest Child Sex Ring. Bobby is troubled by Trump’s assault on checks & balances.
–Listeners are weirded out by everything from Gloria Copeland saying that you don’t need a flu shot when you have Jesus, to confusion over how many holes a straw has.
–Jason brings up the case of Cristina Garcia, a California Assemblywoman, and #MeToo advocate, who is on an unpaid leave after recently being accused of sexual misconduct by two males. We discuss the difference in media attention, but also highlight why male victims of female aggressors are typically not in the same kind of danger as female victims of males.
–Bobby gets into an immigration debate with the Mexican side of his family, and it’s a doozy involving the “mother of his cousin’s husband” being deported despite living here for 30 years. Jason has some thoughts on immigration reform and the heroism of breaking unjust laws.


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