SFR 438: Charlie Don’t Surf

–We are back with you here at the end of a Thanksgiving weekend. How was your holiday? Bobby’s family took in a stray kitten, Jason took on a couple pounds. Also, when we are “thankful,” who or what are we thankful to, if not a God?
–Thanksgiving Day also happened to be 9 years to the day that we launched SFR. We share some memories of that first episode, and talk about our hopes for the future of the show.
SFR_Eye–This past week saw Charles Manson pass away, which has led to quite a kerfuffle over the rights to his body. Plus, if Manson never killed anyone, why was he in prison? We have an explanation we hope people will understand.
–We can’t have an honest conversation about sexual assault if we don’t differentiate it from sexual harassment and awkward interactions. But Democrats also can’t cede the upper hand on this by protecting Al Franken.
–History Channel is in the midst of airing a 5-part special called The Hunt For the Zodiac Killer, which Jason has been watching, and is disappointed by. But what else do you expect from the network that brought us that bogus Amelia Earhart documentary?
-Speaking of serial killers, has anyone been following the ongoing unsolved Seminole Heights Shooter case in Tampa? Four dead thus far, but we hope the cops are closing in on the perpetrator.


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SFR 437: King of Hearts

–Bobby wants to kick off the show talking about how, last week, he got his car stuck on a flooded street. Bad news is, he had to wait in the rain for 90 minutes, and the car isn’t quite the same. The good news is he’ll never try to gun the engine through water again.
–About this time, Bobby’s wife hollers down that she needs Bobby’s help. While gone, Jason attempts to keep the show afloat by talking about what he hears going on upstairs, and “teasing” upcoming topics. Around 10 minutes later, Bobby comes back to reveal that one of his dogs had a nice walking pee throughout the house.
–Bobby reveals that he has recently discovered some heart-related issues that potentially are very serious. It started Thursday evening when he had an episode which saw his resting heart rate top out at 192. He has seen a doctor, and is now waiting to hear back from a cardiologist. Scary stuff.
–In better news, it turns out Bobby will be heading back to Florida after all, albeit for just a 3-day weekend. Still, he’ll take it.
–We spend some time on the mass shooting at a Texas church that happened during last week’s podcast. Jason talks about seeing an interview with Stephen Willeford, the man who grabbed his own AR-15 and engaged the killer. A very harrowing story, to be sure. This leads us into talking about gun homicides in general. Because the truth is, while mass shootings get much of the press, they represent a very small fraction of the overall gun-related homicides in this country.
–Jason has been finding out lately that many of his favorite entertainers are predatory perverts, whether it’s Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, or now Louis CK. And again, Jason is hammering on the idea that good men are failing women by not doing more to protect and defend them. But we’re also confused by how so many people seem to know about these stories, since they go back years, yet little has ever been done until it becomes a big story.


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SFR 436: Tabula Rasa

–We are back live and recording, and while there is plenty to discuss, we have nothing planned. It’s a free-for-all, y’all.
–Don’t ask Bobby what is on his mind unless you want to hear him talk about how bummed he is that he is not in Florida. Because this is the busy season for him at work, he could not take his yearly vacation in November. His work schedule is also the reason we miss shows.
–Jason talks about his new blog project: Map A Murder. He’s long been interested in standing in the very place where history happened, but since he can’t travel much, he likes to see certain things online. Since he is a true crime nerd, he’ll write the stories out, and include a “virtual window” where you can see the site yourself.
–It’s time for a beer tasting! Over the decade they have been friends, Bobby has tried to find a beer that Jason will finally like. Well, a couple night ago, Jason asked to try something he associated with hillbillies and hipsters: Pabst Blue Ribbon! Bobby bought a tallboy before the show and, what do you know, he didn’t hate it. Didn’t like it, but he didn’t hate it. That’s about the highest marks one can hope for.
–Bobby put up his Christmas tree a few days ago, and wants to know why people get irritated by it. Jason asks how he feels about people who keep their Christmas lights outside year-round. When looking up what Trump has to say about Christmas-related issues, we discover…
–There has been another mass shooting/mass casualty event at a church in Texas. We talk about how, even as atheists ourselves, it can feel more disturbing hearing about a shooting at a church.
–We move on to the Hollywood sexual harassment/assault allegations that have been in the news as of late. We go back to Harvey Weinstein again, but spend a fair amount of time about Kevin Spacey and his ridiculously stupid statement he came out with.
–Why don’t victims come out sooner? Why don’t people speak up when they aren’t comfortable with someone’s behavior? Jason has a story about a physical conflict he had years ago that may shed some light on it.
–No way we can skip over Corey Feldman’s allegations of rampant pedophilia in Hollywood. While it would shock neither of us to learn it is real, we do remain skeptical of his allegations of assassination squads and police precincts around the country being out to get him for threatening to name names.


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SFR 435: Embrace Your Strange

–Bobby and friends went to Detroit to experience Theater Bizarre and tells of the things he witnessed. Jason declined an invitation, because he hates crowds and socialization.
–This past week marked the 50th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin film! We once again talk about why we think it was a hoax. But one of its participants seems to think Bigfoot was communicating with him that day. Weird.
pigandwolfSFR–Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has been awarded the “Rusty Razor” by UK’s The Skeptic Magazine for most audacious pseudoscience. And with products that include jade rocks for your vagina and “biofrequency healing stickers,” it’s hard to argue with the choice.
–One of our local news stations featured a “ghost behaviorist” that checked out a spaghetti restaurant to find a ghost we name “Creepy Carl.” It’s ridiculous, but ’tis the season.
–Speaking of pseudoscience, Jason saw a CNN special this weekend based on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, and was dismayed it was given such unwarranted positive attention.
–A politician in Miami once said aliens took her aboard their spaceship and shared some of the secrets of the universe with her. Now she is running for Congress. All jokes aside, does hearing about this disqualify her from public office in your opinion?
–Trump will not stand in the way of the release of the remaining JFK assassination files. Conspiracy theorists are excited, but we don’t think anything of real value will come out of these documents.
–Musician Billy Corgan went on the Howard Stern Show and talked about an experience he had, which he says he was completely sober for, where he witnessed a person shapeshift into something…else.
– released a survey indicating that a “haunting” might not necessarily be a deal breaker for some potential buyers. So if you’re looking for tips on how to sell your own ghost-ridden mansion, look no further.
–With Halloween just around the corner, and us unsure whether or not (turns out not) we will be on the air next Sunday, we share some old Trick or Treating memories and talk about yours as well!
–Bobby cuts a promo for Hulu Live, and Canada Matt clues us in to a late-breaking story about Dr. Phil running down a skateboarder. What a way to end the show!


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SFR 434: Sunday Strange

–Your Sunday Strange is back after a week away and it’s great to be with you. Before we really begin the show, Bobby wants to talk about, and have Jason feel, his new iPhone.
SFR_Eye–Though we have been trying to avoid political discussions, Bobby couldn’t help but lament that President Trump is likely unaware that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Meanwhile, Jason adds that he thinks it is funny that Trump didn’t know he was president of the Virgin Islands.
–It’s October, let’s keep the paranormal news going. To that end, we delve into the latest “Paranormal America” survey of American paranormal beliefs, and find out how things have changed from last year. We also discuss some reasons why religious beliefs are not considered paranormal beliefs, though there are admittedly parallels.
–Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi trailer has dropped, and Bobby has plenty of thoughts. Jason has a few questions he needs cleared up, but his tickets are purchased!
–Jason wants SFR to be a bit of an escape from the horrible news we all endure, but still can’t help bringing up the Las Vegas massacre and the latest in the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sexual misconduct scandal. Bobby is disappointed with how quickly America went the conspiracy route with the shooter, and Jason wonders where all the “friends” and “men” were while Harvey was creeping on and manipulating vulnerable women.


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SFR 433: Keep it Weird

–The second girl in the Slenderman stabbing case is also working out a deal, agreeing to plead guilty to the crime which could potentially keep her in a mental health facility for up to 40 years.
–Philip Morris, a legendary costume designer also believed to be responsible for the Bigfoot suit in the famous Patterson-Gimlin hoax, has passed away.
SFR_Eye–A rapper called B.o.B. has started a GoFundMe page in an effort to prove the Earth is flat by launching satellites into space.
–A failed Doomsday predictor is now peddling a new date in a book. Get it while supplies last, he says, because we’ll all be gone later in October.
–Conservative critics of Pope Francis say that he is spreading heresy by allowing divorced Catholics to take Holy Communion. While we consider him an upgrade over the last guy, we aren’t the biggest fans of Pope Frank. However, we think he deserves to be defended here.
–Are the NFL protests during the National Anthem still a thing? Apparently so, with President Trump agitating and setting a dangerous First Amendment precedent along the way. We weigh in on the protests and how it has all turned out thus far.
–SFR Mailbag: Travis sends a comment about how he thinks it is wrong that ghost hunters prey on people while hiding behind the “we’re here to help” nonsense. He asks us to comment on that, and give our opinion on if it should be allowed to be depicted on television. Because we are former ghost hunters, we have a lot to say about the matter.

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SFR 432: Axe Murder Mania | Guests: Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James

–Many feel that Trump’s policy proposals are ridiculous at best, and even harmful. Well, one group of witches is trying to do something about it by casting “binding spells” on the president.
–A “Mad Pooper” in Colorado Springs is dropping deuces all over the place during her jogs. It reminds us of another couple “pooper” cases that have plagued communities over the past few years. This calls for an SFR investigation!
–RECOMMENDATIONS: Bobby has taken to the study of Stoicism as of late, and as such, recommends Massimo Pigliucci’s latest book, “How to be a Stoic.” Jason, ever the true crime nerd, asks people to check out a Netflix documentary series called “The Confession Tapes” about people sent to prison based on, at least in part, questionable confessions.
jamesbook–A Texas State Rep. facing corruption charges, Dawnna Dukes, also reportedly sought psychic assistance online to the tune of 51k. Of course, by the look of the other accusations, that may be about the least of her problems.
–POST-INTERVIEW: Bobby talks about his experience at Cedar Point on Saturday for their Halloweekend festivities, and he and his wife get the ever-loving shit scared out of them.

In the 2nd hour of the program, we are joined by Bill James, and his daughter, Rachel McCarthy James. We discuss their new book, The Man From the Train, which purports to solve the Villasca Axe Murders case of 1912, pinning it as one of a series of related serial killings that happened across the country. Does Bill’s revolutionary take on baseball statistics play any role in crime investigation? What do the unique circumstances of the crimes say about the person who might have committed them? All this and more in today’s fascinating interview.


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