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pigliucciJoin us Sunday at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.

Our guest in Hour 2 this week will be Massimo Pigliucci, professor of Philosophy at CUNY City College.  He joins us to discuss the book, pseudoscience“Philosophy of Pseudoscience:  Reconsidering the Demarcation Problem,” co-edited with colleague Maarten Boudry.  How do we separate sound science from bunk?  Is it becoming more important now to develop critical thinking skills?  All that and much more with Professor Pigliucci this Sunday.

Hope to see you there!

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SFR 294: The Cry of a Hungry Baby

–The Ryan Buell/PRS ripoff story just took a very interesting turn.  PRS members are resigning and Michelle Belanger has released a very powerful statement.
–A photo of Steven Spielberg posing with a dead triceratops causes some people on the internet to lose their minds – but it seems that largely the “scandal” was blown out of proportion.
SFRfingerprint–A woman finds out that the house she is renting was formerly a serial killer’s torture dungeon…and when she tried to get out of her lease, she learned that her landlord was the serial killer’s mother!
–Korbus gives two Netflix documentary picks:  “We Cause Scenes,” about Improv Everywhere and Charlie Todd, and “TV Junkie” about television journalist Rick Kirkham’s drug addiction told through self-made video diaries.
–We look at two media personalities who have recently been canned – Adam Richman and Anthony Cumia – who each got in a whole heap of trouble based on things they said on social media outlets.  Richman, for telling off folks protesting a hashtag he used on Instagram, and Cumia for going on a rant about black people on Twitter.

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SFR 293: A Triumphant Return!

Welcome back!

On today’s episode, we chat about our hiatus, including what kept us busy in the weeks we were away.  Plus, we dug into some great stories that have been bubbling up during our absence.  Included:

SFRfingerprint–The Sykes Yeti study has been published! They found a lot of hair from bears, people, even coyotes…but not a single Yeti among them.
–Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell is being accused of ripping off fans. He hasn’t been doing much talking. But Sergey and Chip Coffey have!
–The Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case is stunning in its illogic. Will those cheering be as thrilled when a corporation imposes Sharia Law?
Facebook performed a psychological experiment on about 700,000 of its users, and they had no idea until now.
–The “KFC girl” story was very likely a hoax, and yet the family is declining KFC’s offer of $30,000 toward her medical expenses.
Anti-vax nut Jenny McCarthy and Flat Earther Sherri Shepherd are OUT of ABC’s “The View.”
–UFOlogist, and former SFR guest Stanton Friedman, has suffered a heart attack.
–In thinking about the 20th anniversary of the OJ murder case, we pose an interesting question to our listeners: Would you convict a defendant you believed was guilty if you also believed police planted some of the evidence?

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SFR 292: How the Planet Will Kill Us All w/ guest Sharon Hill

–An update on the recent problems listeners have experienced when attempting to download SFR through iTunes or the website.
–Bobby relates a case of “Christian vandalism” to his vehicle.
shillTwo 12yo girls are being charged as adults with attempted homicide for stabbing a friend nearly to death, all in an apparent effort to please a fictional horror character known as Slenderman.
–Reviewing Discovery Channel’s Dyatlov Pass Incident special, Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives.
–The reaction to the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, in a swap for 5 Taliban commanders, has reached a stunning level of ignorance and hypocrisy.

In Hour 2, we speak with geologist Sharon Hill about natural disasters like sinkholes, earthquakes, and volcanoes which will surely be the end of us all. Plus, we dig further into the Slenderman case.

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Update on iTunes/mp3 issue

We are stumped. We honestly have no idea why so many are running into problems trying to download recent episodes of SFR.

Both iTunes & our host offer no help, basically blaming each other and claiming all is well from their end. We have changed FTP clients and re-uploaded the last few shows, but this also has not solved the problem.

As best we can tell, mobile devices, and apps like Downcast and Stitcher, are mostly working fine. At least, our own attempts have worked, and listeners have not let us know they’re having too many problems in that capacity.

Others are having some success on iTunes by clicking “resume” after receiving the 9006 error message. They’re telling us the download will usually complete by the 2nd or 3rd try.

This Sunday’s episode is set to be our last regular entry until July. Father’s Day is around the corner, and Bobby will be on vacation in Florida soon thereafter. We will continue trying to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and hope you are able to find an alternate way of listening to the show for the time being.

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SFR 291: The Russian Yeti of Dyatlov Pass w/ Benjamin Radford

–Film critic draws ire by insinuating that Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow are partially responsible for the UC Santa Barbara mass killing last weekend.
–No, the American Psychiatric Society did not classify taking “selfies” as a mental disorder, so stop posting the fake story on social media.
radford–Taste-testing a buffalo wings and a bacon-flavored soda, and lamenting that the bacon craze has jumped the shark.
–John Kerry tells Edward Snowden to “man up” and face U.S. justice.  Since when is masculinity defined as
–PETA wrongly and irresponsibly links dairy to autism.  Again.  Another reason to not support this organization.
–Johnny Depp is in negotiations to star as Harry Houdini in a film which focuses on his investigations into the mediums of his time.

In Hour 2, we spoke with Benjamin Radford about the Dyatlov Pass incident, which involved the strange death of several hikers in the Ural mountains in 1959, and Discovery Channel’s new special which posits Russian Yeti involvement.  See Ben’s analysis on Doubtful News here.

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SFR 290: “Ask A Criminologist” with guest Dr. Scott Bonn

Mark Cuban opens up about his own prejudices, and is immediately labeled a racist by the thought police.
–Parents of a 6yo boy in Oklahoma, who apparently believed their son was possessed, are arrested for child abuse.
bonn–A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney concludes that vaccines do not cause autism.
HAARP, a favorite target among conspiracy theorists, will be dismantled and will not be reopened.
–Bobby has finally seen the movie “Her,” and gives his thoughts on the film Jason called his favorite of 2013.
–We have seen “The Unbelievers,” a documentary starring Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, and Jason and Bobby give their review.

In Hour 2 we spoke with Dr. Scott Bonn about a variety of topics from the world of criminology.  During the interview, we parse out the difference between serial killers and spree killers, get Bonn’s thoughts on the death penalty as a deterrent, and touch on the justice system’s lack of equality when it comes to incarcerating blacks and latinos.  Very intriguing.

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