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SFR_EyeJoin us Sunday at 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) as we walk among the weird, skeptically examining reports of the paranormal, picking apart pop culture, crime, and other fascinations of those of us who stalk the strange.

Some of the topics we’ll be covering may include, but are not limited to,  plagiarism within the paranormal community, why people post false stories on social media without fact-checking them, and how to find out whether your penis is too small.  Yeah.

See ya then!

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SFR 298: Mysterious New Mexico

–We mourn the loss of actor and comedian Robin Williams, sharing our favorite moments from a career that spanned comedic and dramatic success.
–Robin Williams’ suicide prompts multiple ignorant responses, from PZ Myers, Shep Smith, and Rush Limbaugh, among others.
mysterious-nm-cover–West Coast Correspondent Lou joins us by phone to talk about a recent incident in which a butthurt paranormalist attacked him with racial slurs.
Frank Sumption, creator of the “Frank’s Box,” which was said to be able to communicate with the dead, aliens, and other discarnate entities, has passed away.

In Hour 2 of the program, we spoke to paranormal investigator and author Benjamin Radford about his latest book, “Mysterious New Mexico.” We gab about ghosts, monsters, and get the inside scoop on the legends and lore from inside the Land of Enchantment. Also, why are so many books on subjects such as these rife with poor scholarship? What constitutes a mystery being “solved”? All this and more are covered in this wild and crazy interview.

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SFR 297: A Bipedal Bear Does The Macarena

–Brian Dunning, host of the popular Skeptoid podcast, and a prominent leader in the skeptical community, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for his role in a wire fraud scam.
–A new video of a bipedal bear shows just how easy it might be to mistake something similar for a Bigfoot.
SFRlogo–Toledo declares its tap water safe to drink, but some doubts (as well as hysteria over chemical treatments) still linger.
–Ebola remains a terrifying topic for many.
–Bobby reviews the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, calling it a fun flick. Korbus long ago decided it sucks and will not be seeing it in theaters.
–The AP reports the recent stonings of two women in Syria for the crime of adultery. We touch briefly on The Islamic State (ISIS) and what our feelings are regarding intervening in Iraq.
–A Tampa pastor cancels a memorial service upon learning the deceased was gay.
–Bobby makes up a story on Facebook about his wife being propositioned by another man in his presence. The reactions of people upon learning it was a joke illustrate how difficult it can be for some to admit that they were fooled.

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SFR 296: Don’t Drink the Water!

–Toledo Ohio, our hometown, is under a State of Emergency due to a toxic water supply.  We give the scoop on what happened, and what is being done.
Ryan Buell and PRS facing increasing heat, now from investigative reporters, over the “ripoff reports” from fans who were not reimbursed when events were canceled.
SFRfingerprint–Update on the Slenderman stabbing case: one of the perpetrators has been found incompetent to stand trial after examination reveals she can’t seem to tell fantasy from reality.
–Two more infants have contracted herpes after undergoing bizarre Jewish circumcision ritual involving oral suction of their genitalia.  When will this stop?
–Pastors and faith healers are facing jail time for falsely claiming to be able to heal victims of Ebola virus through “God’s word” and the laying on of hands.
–Mike Adams of Natural News incites violence against anyone who supports the use of GMO foods, as well as those who do not buy into the anti-GMO hysteria.
–Korbus says Sharknado 2: The Second One was a superior experience to the original.
–Bobby asks, “When is cannibalism acceptable?”

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SFR 295: The Philosophy of Pseudoscience

–Police indicate that self-proclaimed UFO contactee Stan Romanek faked assault against himself in wake of child pornography charges.
–New Age nutter JZ Knight, famous for “channeling” 35,000 year old warrior spirit Ramtha, is suing her ex-students for leaking video of her drunken racist, anti-gay rant.
pigliucci–Ken Ham says the work of NASA is basically pointless because any aliens we may find are going to Hell anyway.
–A new Rasmussen survey indicates that, yes, Americans really do believe a lot of crazy conspiracy theories.
–Would you have sex with a robot?  Poll indicates 1 in 5 would.

In Hour 2, scientist and professor of philosophy Massimo Pigliucci joins us to discuss the recently published “Philosophy of Pseudoscience” essay collection that he co-edited.  Along the way, our conversation covers the “demarcation problem,” how to better tell the difference between sound science and nonsense, and why this issue is as important as ever.

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SFR 294: The Cry of a Hungry Baby

–The Ryan Buell/PRS ripoff story just took a very interesting turn.  PRS members are resigning and Michelle Belanger has released a very powerful statement.
–A photo of Steven Spielberg posing with a dead triceratops causes some people on the internet to lose their minds – but it seems that largely the “scandal” was blown out of proportion.
SFRfingerprint–A woman finds out that the house she is renting was formerly a serial killer’s torture dungeon…and when she tried to get out of her lease, she learned that her landlord was the serial killer’s mother!
–Korbus gives two Netflix documentary picks:  “We Cause Scenes,” about Improv Everywhere and Charlie Todd, and “TV Junkie” about television journalist Rick Kirkham’s drug addiction told through self-made video diaries.
–We look at two media personalities who have recently been canned – Adam Richman and Anthony Cumia – who each got in a whole heap of trouble based on things they said on social media outlets.  Richman, for telling off folks protesting a hashtag he used on Instagram, and Cumia for going on a rant about black people on Twitter.

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SFR 293: A Triumphant Return!

Welcome back!

On today’s episode, we chat about our hiatus, including what kept us busy in the weeks we were away.  Plus, we dug into some great stories that have been bubbling up during our absence.  Included:

SFRfingerprint–The Sykes Yeti study has been published! They found a lot of hair from bears, people, even coyotes…but not a single Yeti among them.
–Paranormal State’s Ryan Buell is being accused of ripping off fans. He hasn’t been doing much talking. But Sergey and Chip Coffey have!
–The Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case is stunning in its illogic. Will those cheering be as thrilled when a corporation imposes Sharia Law?
Facebook performed a psychological experiment on about 700,000 of its users, and they had no idea until now.
–The “KFC girl” story was very likely a hoax, and yet the family is declining KFC’s offer of $30,000 toward her medical expenses.
Anti-vax nut Jenny McCarthy and Flat Earther Sherri Shepherd are OUT of ABC’s “The View.”
–UFOlogist, and former SFR guest Stanton Friedman, has suffered a heart attack.
–In thinking about the 20th anniversary of the OJ murder case, we pose an interesting question to our listeners: Would you convict a defendant you believed was guilty if you also believed police planted some of the evidence?

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